Thapki-Bihaan Romantic Dance

Fans of Colors TV serial Thapki Pyaar Ki
will have to gear up for some interesting drama around Valentines Day in the upcoming episode of the show!

Viewers will get to witness some sweet romantic moments between Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) and Bihaan (Manish Goplani).
According to a latest report, in the upcoming episodes of Thapki Pyaar Ki, Pandey family will be seen celebrating the spirit of Valentine’s Day, where Thapki will be asked to dress up as a teddy bear and welcome the guests. But, one man, who will arrive at her rescue, will be her hubby dear Bihaan. After Bihaan will free Thapki from the given duty, the cute, young couple will have a romantic dance at the party.

Also, before Bihaan steps in to aid Thapki, Vasu will throw a challenge before Thapki that she has to kiss the first guest at the party.
Who will arrive first Bihaan or Dhruv (Ankit Bathla)? Will Thapki kiss Bihaan or Dhruv? We will have to wait and watch!

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  1. very nice waiting for that episode

    1. Nithi, you told, you are from tn. So tamila solren. Hindiyil ellathukkum party panranga, dance adranga. So romantic dance kandippa nadakkum. Aana ellarum edhirpakkura kissing scene lastla sappa scene mudinchidum. Ellarukkum 1 bulb nichayam. Party, dance edhellam pakkaradhukku romba nallavum, interetingavum irukku. Appuram Indhirala Bihaan pesaradha tamila paakradhukku romba aavala wait panikittiuken. Bye

  2. oh…….I cant convey my happiness…..thank you whole TPK team for this fascinating updates,i think it willbe a visual treat for THAHAAN fans.

  3. I hope.. it’s bihaan.

    1. it will be!!!

      1. of cousre it will be bihaan

  4. Bihaan ??

  5. i damn sure Bihaaaaan….

  6. no 1 wil be able to see thapkis face or coz she will be wearing teady bear suit .iwant thapki to kiss bihaan wearing sari

  7. I think this will happen today


    1. Nice to meet you

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