Thapki Bihaan OS— Sequel of Mistake and Realization. (part 2)

hello people. Almas here. How r u all. I hope u remember me nd if not so its not ur fault. actually I am back here after long time. actually i super busy wd my studies so i have to compromise this forum.. but i always remember u all. this is my 10 th OS nd probably last one nd big thanku guys for all ur love nd support. btw this OS is the sequel of my Os ” mistake and Realization” on huge demand of kudrat. coz kudrat z bechna impossible hai. sorry for being so late but u knw my hectic routine. i hope u like it. if not so u all are allowed to throw chappals on me. i won’t mind. plz do remember me in ur prayer.. Sorry for mistake

next morning
sharp sun rays disturbs thapki’s sleep. she opens her eyes nd finds herself laying on bihaan’s chest who is sleeping calmly with a sweet smile lingering on his face. she recalls the beautiful moments of last night a small smile curves her lips. she wants to remain in same posture but these cruel sun rays are not allowing her to inhale more fragernace nd love of her husband. she removes bihaan’s hand griping her waist nd tries to get up but suddenly lands back coz of her hairs tht were stuck. this disturbs bihaan’s sleep. Bihaan wakes up and sees her. They have an eyelock. He moves her hair off her face to get a clear view of his beautiful wife. this turns thapki cheeks red. bihaan comes closer to kiss her but a sound brings her back to reality. omg its an alarm sound that stops her from further dreaming. she finds herself on top of bihaan but his eyes are still closed. he is still enjoying deep slumber. she needs to quiet this unwanted thing, her dream destroyer. but bihaan’s strong grip around her waist makes it so difficult . after some struggle finally her finger pressed the right button and stoped the alarm.
thapki: fooooooo.
she breathes a sigh of relief but unfortunately all her efforts to keep bihaan sleeping were in vain. she sees bihaan. who was staring her with some unkown expressions. suddenly his expession changes to an angry one and he pushes thapki aside. her back touches the bed.
bihaan: what are u doing here, on my bed, so close to me. (he looks down) nd where.. where is my shirt. what (he screams) ahh my head.
thapki who was totally numb bcz of bihaan’s sudden reaction comes to reality wd his scream.
she runs to him.
Thapki: bih. bihaan are u ok.
Bihaan: don’t touch me. what have u done with me. why u have removed my shirt? did anything happen bewteen us last night.
bihaan’s words turn thapki world upside down. tears roll down her cheeks.
BIhaan: Tell me chuk chuk gadi. why are u quiet now.
Thapki:(with tears) seriously you don’t remember anything. I mean about last night. plz try to remember (bihaan interrupts)
Bihaan: ahhh my head is paing alot.

Thapki: bihaan don’t think much. i ll bring lemonade for u.
bihaan: (confusingly) lemonade???. u mean i was drunk last night. but as far as i remember we went to a party and in party i only took juice .when returned back we both drenched n rain nd u gave khaara.
thapki: yes bihaan. i made tht for you. but i don’t know how alcohol came in tht glass instead of khaara. and coz of tht effect of alcohol u nd me..
bihaan(angrily); So u gave alcohol not kahra. u made me drunk nd took advantage of me.
thapki: no bihaan. its not like that. i too. I mean.
Bihaan looks at her angrily.
Bihaan: O stop it. you did not do this right, you cheated me.. i was not expecting this from you even in my worst nightmare i can’t think tht to change our relationship you can go to that much extent.
thapki (nods her head in no): bihaan listen to me. its not my fault.
Bihaan: so whose fault it is. whoelse will pour alcohol instead of khaara in my glass.
thapki(thinks): shraddha.. shradha was wd me in kitchen at tht time. So She..
bihaan: oh stop blaming others. accept your mistake tht u wanted to get closer to me.
thapki: mr bihaan pandey it was you who came closer to me not I.
Bihaan: i was forced actually. you mixed something in my drink. btw i was drunk nd lost my senses but u were normal na so why did u allow me to come closer to you. why didn’t you stop me.
thapki: i tried hard but you were not listening to me nd you.
bihaan: (angrily) you mean I had forced you. you were compelled to do this.
thapki: no bihaan. you are taking me wrong. I didn’t mean tht.
BIhaan: so what do you mean? if i didn’t force you. you didn’t not intentionally mix alcohol n my drink then why the hell you allowed me to take our relation to next level.
thapki: coz bihaan I L
suman knocks the door. Thapki bihaan devar ji come fast for breakfast everyone z waiting.
thapki: Ok Bhabi.
bihaan angrily goes to washroom.
thapki(to herself): bihaan why don’t u understand me tht I love you. thts why i allowed you to come closer to me. once you told me tht u can read my eyes then why u r reading them now. why u are seeing love it for u. she wipesher tears nd goes for breakfast.
throughout the day thapki remains sad coz of bihaan’s rude behavior nd waits for her encounter wd him so tht she can confess her love. but to light her heart he takes out her dairy and write everything in it. writing always gives her relaxations. she On the radio on her phone so to listen some music tht s always a mood boosters for her.

bihaan z contionusly dailing someone’s no. but on other side phone was getting engaged.
Paan: bahi kis ko call kar rahi ho.
Bihaan: radio station.
Paan: uaaaa.. Radio station but why
Bihaan(anoyingly): nothing. leave it.
he moves to some distance away from paan nd keeps calling the station until RJ picked up
RJ: hello, you’ re on air, who do you want to give a shout out?
Bihaan:(bitting his lip) hi this is Bihaan.. Bihaan Pandey.
on hearing bihaan’s voice thapki opens her eyes and starting listening the radio keenly
Bihaan: I want… i want to share some lines .
ek ladki the deewani se
ek ladky pe wo marti the
nazari jukha ke, sharma ke galliyo se guzarti the
chori chori chupke chupke
chithiya likha karti the
kuch kehna tha shayed us ko
jab bi milti thi muj se pocha karti the
pyaar kaise hota hai ye pyaar kaise hota hai
RJ: ho gaya hai tuj ko tu pyaar sajna. lakh kar l to inkar sajna. Ye piyaar hai bihaan Ji
Bihaan: kuch kuch hota hai RJ shab ap nah samjy gy.
RJ: to ap samjhy na.. mjy nah un ko. or ho sakhta hai ap ke ye lines sun ke uny be kuch samj a gai ho. mere mani to aj he kar djy apny piyaar ka izhar ku ke Kal ho na ho.
bihaan:(collects some courage nd speaks) thapki i know u r listening me now nd these all dialgoues sound so filmy nd wierd but there are alot of things which we have to sort out. I want to meet you. plz .i can’t wait more i want to confess something. i have texted you place nd time. See u soon.
this whole conversation of bihaan on radio station makes thapki shocked. she is totally unable to understand the suitation. in morning villain avtar of bihaan nd now this romantic one this makes her totally confused. but as per bihaan’s order Opps request she gets ready into a nice outfit nd reaches at the mentioned place.

the place has no signs of light. total dark. thapki can’t find bihaan there. firstly darkness nd then bihaan z not here wd her tht scares her more. she moves forward nd shouts bihaan.. bihaan.
as she moves forward a bunch of lights arranged in a semi circle covering the both sides of pavement get ON. she takes another step and more lights get On remove the whole darkness nd leaves thapki completely spellbound and astonished. she feels the rose petals under her feet. she z busy n praising the beautiful arrangement then bihaan comes there. he holds her hand.
Thapki: bihaan . this (he interrupts)
Bihaan: shhh Don’t speak. come wd me.
he takes her wd him. As she enters in the place she gets mesmerized seeing the beautiful decoration. whole area is decorated wd fairy lights, in center there is a fountain wd under water LED lights, busy n throwing water as well as beautiful lights n all directions. on ground a heart z made wd red rose petals and in middle of it I LOVE YOU is written wd white flowers. a table for two amazingly decorated wd flower z also placed on the side of fountain. white and red ballons are also dispersed around the table covering the ground.
a broad smile appears on thapki face.
thapki: bihaan its so beautiful. why did you do this.
Bihaan: for you, I have to say something and this was necessary. I got happiness twice in life, when Maa and Bau ji came in my life, and when I got you. I want to say that
she asks him to say
BIhaan: I will say, first come. (He holds her hand and takes her to the table and show flowers )thapki u know flowers add colors to life. make our surrounding beautiful relax us from anixety, help to get relief from pains. They are symbols of love, concern, care, attachment, relationship, bonding. their fragerance give us beautiful flavors. you are surprised tht why I am telling you these things but actually i just wanted to say tht u r like flower. I mean tht way different colored flowers wipe the dryness of autumn u have removed the roughness from my life. U have added colors in my life. Ur presenec ur fragernece everything has made my life like heaven. u have given me the reason to live, to smile and most importantly to love others.I see you everywhere and keep talking to myself.
thapki tries to speak but bihaan makes her quiet.
Bihaan: thapki first let me complete. then u ll say.
then He shows a Taj mahal miniature..

BIhaan: thapki for u this s symbol of love. I want to make this for u. I will not let your Taj mahal be incomplete. after ur entrance in my life me too starts believing in this word LOVE nd this TAJ MAHAL, represntation of love.
thapki gives him confused expressions.
Bihaan: i know thapki what are u thinking now. I mean last night happening nd then morning conversation and now this. thapki in normal couples first they confess their love and then they have their first night but in our case everything is in reverse order. I mean first we have our first night and now I am confessing my love. Actually i remembered each nd everything happened between us last night.
thapki opens her mouths but bihaan cuts her
bihaan: trust me previous night was most beautiful night of my life. In morning I remembered each and everything but keeps as behaving as an idoit coz I love to tease you. . So i was continously blaming you for yesterday. i thought if i ll make u angry then u may pull me towards u wd my collars and say tht Mr moti buddhi Bihaan pandey I LOVE You. thts why i allowed you for this. but being Mahan Atma how can u confess ur feelings so easily. so i have to arrange this whole for our confession muft me mera itna karchaa karwa dia.
thapki who was continously listening to bihaan wd equal shock and love finally manages to speak
Thapki: but how u come to know tht I LOVE You.
bihaan: I have told you earlier na tht I can read ur eyes. although ur lips were sealed but eyes ur eyes were loudly screaming tht u love me. nd tht Dairy of yours tht put a confirmation stamp on my thoughts.
thapki: (shockingly) u read my dairy
BIhaan:(holds his ears) sorry. But everything is fair n love and war.
He gets on his knees and takes the ring from his pocket.
Bihaan: I m in love, with you….. I love you thapki.I love U more than anything. me ankhi band karta hon to tmhy dekhta hon. ankhy kholta hon to tmhy dekhna chahte hon. tum pass nah hoti to tmy charro taraf mahsoos karta hon. har pal. har karhi, mere naina sirf tmy he he dondhty hai. isy piyaar kaho ya pagalpan ya mere dil ke darkhan, mere ly ek he baat hai. piyaar to bht log karty hai. lekin mere jasa piyaar koi nah kar sakhta, ku ke kesi ke pass tum jo nah ho. me tmy bhol nah sakhta thapki, me tmy bholna he nah chahta. tum mere ho me tmy zindagi bar piyaar karo ga or marty dam tak karta raho ga or us ke baad be
( i love you thapki. when I close my eyes, I see u. when I open my eyes, I wish to see u. when u r not around I can feel ur presence around. every second every moment. My eyes searh for u. call it love, craziness or beat of my heart, it is the same thing for me. many people fall in love. but no one can love like me. coz there is not anyone like you. I can’t forget u thapki.i don’t want to forget u. u r mine. I ll love u forever, even after death and even after that)
I want to make ur all dreams mine nd ll try best to fulfill ur dreams. I want whenever we recall our marriage, we have smile on our face, so will you marry me again, will you accept me again, will you become Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey again.
thapki jerks his hand
Thapki: are u out of ur mind bihaan pandey. come out from ur world of imaginations, how can me nd u be together. who told u tht I love u. some times I pass a smile to you or try to befriend wd u tht does not mean tht I m in love wd you. btw you have read my eyes wrong there z only hatred for u in them. understand.
bihaan gets most devasted shock of his life. he is totally clueless how to behave in this suitation. tears roll down his cheeks
bihaan: but th..
thapki: no more discussion bihaan.
bihaan collects all his strength and get up. he tries to leave the place. but thapki loud sound of laughter makes him stop. he turns nd sees thapki laughing nd holding her stomach.
thapki: look at ur face bihaan. buhahaahahaaa. b for babar Sheer is turned into B for bekhi billi.
bihaan: thapki what..
thapki: ku acting sirf tum he kar sakhty ho. (she pulls his cheeks) i love to tease u baby.
bihaan: acting?? ye acting the..
Thapki: yes.. to phir kesa dia…
before bihaan could figure out anything. she grabs his jacket and pulls him towards her.
Thapki: Mr Bihaan Pandey.. U r truly a Moti Boodhi. How you can not undertsand tht if a girl allow a man to touch her then it means she places him in her heart. I love u mr moti budhi bihaan pandey. nd I would love to be Mr Bihaan Pandey again. will you marry me (she winks)
Bihaan (nods his head in yes nd hugs her): tumhri is mazak ne mere jaan le li. dont do this thing again to me. i ll die
thapki(stops him): shhhh… don’t u dare to speak this again. otherwise I ll kill you. both laughs
Bihaan: hh thapki I have one more thing for you.
thapki: what
Bihaan: come.. he takes her to the corner where a white board z placed.
thapki: bihan what is this.
bihaan: see thapki (he points on date and then function) on 28 August we got married. then (he points) 16 novemeber when we become friends nd now (he takes the marker nd writes today date )when we confessed our love.
thapki: nd after tht we ll always be togther..they both smile nd hug each other.
kudrat I have added my dialogues of SRK coz I knw u r big fan of him.i knw this os is not gud enough.. but u knw to write a gud OS one have to think nd for this one must have time.. which i dont have.. u knw.. . stay blessed.. love u all

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