Thapki Bihaan OS……………… Mission S for Sorry

Hi guys back wd another os… I am so happy that it is my 5th os… and this is possible only because of your love and support… thanks for tolerating my stupid OSs and liking them… I am really obliged to you all..kindly ignore mistake
This os is about when bihaan was angry from thapki because she deceived him to know marriage truth and she was trying to say sorry… hope you like it and sorry in advance if I disappoint you..
Thapki: how long I have to bear bihaan’s anger. God please help me….. please show me some path… give me some idea.
She switch on the tv and starts changing the channel… suddenly some program catches her idea..
Hello everyone I am your host with a show “”How to Tie your husband with Pinky finger”…
Thapki: what is this??????
Host: Is your husband angry from you??
Thapki: han..
Host: Is he not talking to you????
Thapki::: Yes…
Host: Is he ordered you to stay away from him?????
Thapki: Yes…..
Host: so don’t worry dear….. I am here to give the solution of all problems… Just note down my tricks and apply these on your husband… within few days your husband will be in your feet….. ahhhh I mean everything will be normal …
Thapki note down all the tips.
Thapki: now be prepare mr bihaan pandey I ll show you the power of a wife….
Mission S for Seduction and S for Sorry starts.
Next morning after taking bath thapki comes near to bihaan, who was sleeping peacefully on bed…
Thapki: countdown starts bihaan pandey,
She stands near the mirror and intentionally throw water from her wet hair on bihaan and pretends as she is drying her hair… bihaan wakes up with water and mesmerized by her image in mirror.. hers hairs on one side with water dripping down… her white tempt ting skin… bihaan was constantly looking at her..
Thapki(mindvoice): now my plan is working. Bihaan is attracting towards me…
Thapki (ignoring bihaan) : my god what happens with this dori now… I am not able to tie it… ahhh my hands are paining.. why this stupid blouse always have this annoying dori.. from tomorrow I ll wear backless blouse..

Bihaan gulp the lump stuck in this throat and goes to washroom…
Thapki (mouth in O shape): how rude he is?? A beautiful girl is asking for help and he is avoiding her,, really bad… but no worries bihaan pandey.. I have many other tricks…..
Thapki comes down stairs and saw bihaan at dining table… she sits next to him.. bihaan was busy in his breakfast and thapki intentionally brushes her fingers with him… bihaan feels a current in his body and moves his hands back with a jerk… thapki hides her smile…
Thapki: mmm bihaan there is something on your face…
Preeti: I know… I know…. I ll answer..
All family member start looking at preeti…
Preeti: thapki U ll say na.. there is a nose on bihaan devarji face…. Hai na…
All family members brust into laughter..
Thapki: nah bhabi I don’t have that intention… actually I am saying ke bihaan has some marks on his face..
Bihaan starts moving his hand on his face… where???
Thapki:: let me do it..
she turns her face towards bihaan closes the gap between them and (intentionally) places her one hand on his shoulder and other hand on his face… bihaan holds his breath for some time.. she softly moves her thumb near his lips….that gives 220 volts jerk to bihaan..
Thapki: its done..(hides her smile)
Bihaan stands up and said I have an important work and leaves.
Bihaan: what this girl is doing me..but bihaan pandey you have to control your emotions…..remember she is a cheater..
Thapi: (to herself): its just a start bihaan pandey….

In afternoon
Thapki was in her room holding a stool…
Thapki: now this plan will definitely work..i ll pretend to fall from the stool and bihaan ll catch me.. and if I falls from this stool that not hurt much… but why I ll fall.. bihaan is there to catch me… but if bihaan won’t catch me.. no bad thoughts.. focus thapki
She saw bihaan coming towards room… she stands on stool and keeps one foot air for imbalance… as bihaan reaches near room thapki tries to fall down.. bihaan hears the voice of rampiyari and he moves back to catch rampiyari.. at the same time thapki falls down…
Thapki: what is this bagwan ji… you are on my side or not.. and this bihaan rampiyari is more important than me.. stupid..
Bihaan enters in room holding rampiyari..
Bihaan: what are doing on floor..
Thapki: playing cricket… you want to play..
Bihaan: no.. keep it to yourself…

After some time..
Thapki was at corner of hall and saw bihaan coming from outside.. she moves with speed and collides intentionally with bihaan and pretends to fall but bihaan catches her by her waist… both have an eyelock…
Thapki(mindvoice): o my godddd. Such a beautiful eyes he has.. having lot of love… I am unable to stay away from you bihaan..
Bihaan(mindvoice): such a innocent girl she is and beautiful too…that is why I fall in love with her..but she is the same girl who cheated me…bihaan’s expressions changes from love to anger and makes her to stand straight… he tries to leave but realizes that his bracelet stuck in her waist chain….
In order to pull his hand he pulls thapki towards him. thapki’s nose touches bihaan’s nose .both have an eyelock..
Bihaan: ahhhnnn actually my bracelet…
Thapki: wait…. She wraps her hands around his neck and hugs him… her cheeks touches his cheeks..bihaan places his other hand on her bare waist…a current passes through her spine…. She breathes heavily and bihaan can feel her chest moving up and down ..…he deepens her nails in bihaan’s hairs and her head on his shoulder.. her lips touches his neck that makes bihaan breathless..he removes his bracelet..
Preeti , suman: (laughs)ahmmm ahmmm
Both thapki and bihaan break the hug and start looking here and there because of shyness and embarrassment..
Suman: look preeti some people are so romantic that they cannot even see the place..
Preeti: if you guys have mood to romance and you can’t wait for night so for your kind information you both have a room… kindly go there and please lock the room before doing romance..
Thapki: no bhabi its not like that… actually bihaan..
Suman: han han thapki,, now put whole blame on bihaan devarji that he pulls you…
Thapki: no bhabi
Bihaan goes outside and thapki into kitchen..
Preeeti: (laughs)where you both are going? Your room is upstairs….
Thapki: what happened to me outside… its my plan to attract bihaan… and now I am feeling shy…but that was a really unique feeling…. touched by my husband…
Bihaan: what happened to me…why cann’t I show anger to her…whenever I am close to her I forgot everything. no no I cann’t let this happen… I have to ignore her..
At night bihaan was doing some file work given by bauji… thapki enters in the room… and saw bihaan completely engrossed in his work.. she goes to washroom…thapki moves out from washroom and sees that bihaan is not in room..
Thapki: where bihaan is gone now… I am doing all this for him and look he is not here..she turns back and sees bihaan standing there..
Bihaan was totally shock to see thapki in nighty…. She was looking extremely beautiful and it is so difficult for bihaan to control his emotions. Thapki smiles to bihaan.. bihaan ignores her and goes to sofa and again starts his work..
Thapki: (mind voice) never mind…how long ll you control your emotions..

she goes to dressing table and picks moisturizer and sits on bed… she lifts the nighty from her legs and starts applying it very softly…
Bihaan(mindvoice): o God this lady is a huge distraction.. her legs…. but bihaan pandey you have to resist…. control bihaan pandey control. don’t pay any attention..
Thapki(mindvoice): o God such a stubborn man he is…a beautiful girl itself seducing him and he is ignore her… he has a stone instead of heart…
She throws the moisturizer and moves towards dressing table…
Thapki(mindvoice): am I really beautiful.. she moves her hands on cheeks my cheeks are so chubby… and my nose(places finger on nose) is not straight and so weird…and my eyes….(starts crying) that’s why bihaan is not attracted towards me.. bihaan gives wired expression by looking her at mirror…
Bihaan(mindvoice): … what she is doing with her face now… this girls is totally mad.. and made me mad too..
Thapki moves from dressing table suddenly his foot twists and she falls on floor… bihaan runs towards her…
Bihaan: thapki are you ok…are you crazy… what are doing… cann’t you see…
Thapki looks at bihaan without blink… wo actually bihaan..
Thapki(mindvoice): finally this trick is working… bihaan starts talking to me…
Thapki(tries to stand straight) Bihaan I cann’t stand… its paining a lot..
Bihaan: let me call the doctor…
thapkI;;; no no doctor is not required… I ll fine…
bihaan lifts her in his arm and places her on bed… he tries to move back and then realizes that this time thapki’s bracelet stuck in his tshirt…
bihaan: not again…
Thapki: let me do it bihaan..
Thapki(mindvoice): thank you God… I am doing one trick and you are providing me another chance again..thankss…she winks to god..
Bihaan was in partially standing position…
Thapki: Bihaan I am getting access to it.. please move closer…
he moves closer to her and hugs her… thapki closes her eyes and smells his beautiful fragrance..
Bihaan: thapki how much time it ll take… my back is paining..
Thapki opens her eyes…han han bihaan doing…
Thapki removes her bracelet and bihaan stands straight hurriedly and leaves the room..
Thapki (starts jumping)yiiipppeeee… I am so happy… bihaan is melting now…
Bihaan enters in the room and sees thapki..
Bihaan: what are you doing… take this cream and apply it on your foot.
Thapki .. just trying to walk.. to check that my foot bone is alright or not..
Bihaan(mindvoice): she has a serious mental problem…
Thapki smiles..
Next moring thapki wakes up and finds bihaan absent in room.. she goes down stair..
Thapki: good morning bauji..
Bauji: good morning…
Thapki starts looking here and there..
Preeti: whom you are finding thapki..
Thapki: no one bhabi..
Preeti: bihaaan devarji?????
Bauji: thapki bitiya I have sent bihaan to some important work.. he ll be back in evening..
Thapki smiles to bauji…. God I have to wait for bihaan for whole day…

At evening bihaan is back from work and goes to bauji..
Bihaan: bauji I have completed the work..
Bauji: that’s like my good son… I know bihaan you can do everything.. but my son some times in life decision have to be taken by heart not brain…
Bihaan: I cann’t understand bauji..
Bauji: whenever you are in relationship with someone you have to accept him/her with all strengths and weaknesses… you have to give space to him/her… for a better life you have to ignore the mistakes and accept the good deeds… I hope you can understand..
Bihaan leaves bauji rooma and thinks about him and thapki relationship… then thapki’s good nature.. her support…her good deeds.. he enters in his room… he finds the whole room decorated with candles.. he sees the SORRy written on bed with petals…then he see thapki wearing a short dress standing infront of him..she holds her ears.. and gestures sorry..
Bihaan smiles… is this the way to say sorry..
Thapki: this is my style of saying sorry…
Bihaan pulls thapki to him by her waist.
Thapki: bihaan what are you doing??? Door is open… if someone ll come..
Bihaan twists thapki and now her back is towards the door… bihaan moves towards thapki and she moves back…as he reaches near the door he places both his hands on door and close it… he raises his hand thapki closes her eyes… but bihaan moves his hand up and lock the door…
Bihaan: now your problem is solved… door is locked… where were we????
Bihaan moves closer to her. He places both his hands on her side and blocks her path to move…. Bihaan brings his lips closer to thapki’s lips… thapki sits down quickly and bihaan kisses the door… thapki starts laughing and bihaan opens his eyes… she tries to escape but bihaan catches her hand(both are near the bed now).
Thapki: bihaan please leave… I have to change… if someone will come…
Thapki tries to make her hand free and she falls on bed… bihaan comes closer to him and again block her from both side(he is in partial standing position)..
Bihaan: how will you escape now… my dear wife…
He moves over her and she leans down more… suddenly she pushes bihaan on one side and again runs… bihaan holds her hands and pulls her on him… thapki is on top of bihaan
Thapki: bihaan please leave na…
Bihaan pulls her more closer…. No first I need confession… three magical words… after that you are free
Thapki: (closes her eyes) i… love… you..
Bihaan: such a dry confession… do it in my style…
Thapki: bihaan please..
Bihaan: thapki……
Thapki: I (kisses on right cheek)… Love(kisses on left cheek)…You(kisses on forehead..).. now ok… leave me..
Bihaan takes a turn and now bihaan is over thapki..
Bihaan: now its my turn… I (kisses on right cheek)… Love(kisses on left cheek)…You(kisses on forehead..).. too (gestures to kiss her lips)… as he moves closer to grab her lips… someone knocks the door..
Both are separated ..
Bihaan: who the hell is disturbing us now..
Bihaan opens the doors and peeps his head out..
Servant: bihaan bahi bauji is calling you..
Bihaan: now?? Ok tell him.. I ll be there in ten minutes..
Servant: no bihaan bahi.. he ordered you to come now…
Bihaan: (making sad face) OK coming..
Bihaan( turns Towards Thapki): you cannt escape from me mrs thapki bihaan pandey.. I ll be back soon..
Bihaan (open the door) ek to ye pandey nivas wale humesha se thahaan romance ke dushman rahy hai…

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  1. OMG !!!! How romantic …. ??
    Thapki trying different ways to seduce Bihaan ❤❤ … And when she fell from stool?? … A for Awesome Wala episode …? …You are a great writer …. Plz Plz write another os soon …? Take care

    1. Alm.Abi

      thats so sweeeeeeet of you NaiTan dear… InshAllah whenever i hve time.. i ll definitely post..hope this provides a little bit relief from original tpk torture..

  2. Sulbi

    Outstanding…. loved it to the core…

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot sulbi dear…

  3. Vinolin.d

    hai dear alm.abi congrats for your awesome 5th os.its so romantic and I love this story darl.please come back with another ff.

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot vino darl… it is only possible because of ur love… and its great honor for me that such a splendid writer is commenting on my os..

  4. oh so nice yr….u are an excelent writer….write a ff too….thapki style to convince bihan and also the last dialogue i like th most….ye pndy fmly hmsha thahaan romnce me a jte h and yes the cvs too….

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot sadia dear..

  5. Sri Wahyuni Hatta


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  6. Waow, its very nice… Awesome! thanks a lot for the romantic and fun story… Waiting for your ff too…

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot riska dear…

    2. Alm.Abi

      whenever hve tme ll surly write ff….

  7. Aneesa Kausar

    Awesome update please give us next update to this ff please thank you

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot dear for liking…but this is an os hving only one part…
      hope you hve read my other OSs…

  8. Aww thapki seducing her husband every trick was awesome specially stool scene ??? . So romantic episode

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot arooj dear…

  9. Hello di
    How r u ?
    Thank u
    Thank u so much di for OS
    Mindblowing OS..
    Plz try to post soon anothre os ff ts
    Plz plz plz pl z.. Please … Di
    So v r waiting for next..

    And sorry for late cmt

    Di one request if u can
    29 april 2016 wale epde m
    Bihaan said “kya hoga hum jyeda s jyeda mar hi to jae ge Na”
    So u cntinue this ..
    Means thapki kehegi ..
    Di plz undsnd and try to make romentic story
    Thax for my bak bak
    Plz take care..
    And come again with another thahaan….

    V r waiting….

    1. Alm.Abi

      hi kudrat..
      am fine sweetheart…
      how r u buddy.
      thank u
      thank u
      thank u for your love….
      i love the way u comment…(thts why writing n ur style )
      such a long comment on every thahaan ff or os..
      you are a true thahaan fine…
      nd yes i am planning for two more os…
      inshAllah i ll post whenever i am free…
      nd about ur request…
      if i got an idea … ll definitely try.
      stay blessed… take care….

  10. Vinni7

    So cute episode ? mission s for seduction n s for sorry!! ?? its so nice! Enjoyed reading it ?

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot vinni dear…

  11. Manish ki deewani

    Wow its so romantic awsm os dear

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      thnx alot for liking nd commenting

  12. Di plz write ur another or previous o
    OS name..
    If u can..
    Good night
    Horrel dreams..

    Nehi nehi …
    Romentic dreams..
    Kya pta wehi se kuch idea aa jae..

    plz take care..
    Or ha,
    Waiting for next..

    1. Alm.Abi

      kudrat dear i dont know which os u r talking about so i am writing down all names
      1. Forgiveness
      2. beauty with boldness
      3. triangle love story.
      4.mistake or realization..
      nd btw i have posted a new os named Stranger… hope u hve read that…
      nd thnx alot for wishing me wd romantic dreams….
      take care… inshAllah i ll try to entertain you more sweetheart..

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