thapki Bihaan OS- Beauty with Boldness


Hi guyz I am back with another OS. Thanks for your love and support for last one. Kindly omit the mistakes. Hope you ll like it.
Bihaan was driving his car and talking with a girl.
Bihaan: O sweetheart I am saying sorry na… please forgive me. I ll be there in ten minutes.
Girl: no bihaan. How can you forget this special day? No need to come now. I won’t talk to you.
Bihaan: baby I was busy. Actually my friend was hospitalized and I was with me. So tell me that medical help was important or your party?
Girl : o bihaan baby. I was totally unaware. How much you show care for others. I love you soooo much.

Bihaan: I love you too (making annoying face). You know I have a special gift for you. I bought a diamond ring for you. Just coming to give you.
Girl: I am waiting honey. Bye
Bihaan cuts the call.
Bihaan (to himself): o my God these girls are so irritating. Always demands expensive gifts, requires sweet and caring attitude, unnecessary praising and attention, and celebrates stupid occasions. I am tired of saying I love to them. (By looking upwards) this is not my fault. This is yours fault (pointing towards God). O God why you have made me so handsome. Girls stop breathing whenever they saw me, waiting for mine one glimpse. They are always after me. Need excuses for being around me. Of course I am B for bihaan pandey the most handsome, the hottest, the cutest and s*xiest man on this earth. Naina, my 99th girlfriend,so close to century.Waiting for 100th . Let’s see who’s that special girl who gets the honor of being my 100th girlfriend.
Then bihaan saw a nicely figured girl wearing pink anarkali and having beautiful black hair which she left open on her back. Bihaan was facing her back.
Bihaan(to himself): poor girl waiting for help. Why God you have made me so soft hearted for girls?
He stopped his car.
Bihaan: madam needs help?
Thapki turned and shook his head as no
Bihaan: beautyyyyy….
Thapki: what?
Bihaan: (embarrassed) woo actually…… are you waiting for someone? Need lift? I ll drop you.

Thapki: no thanks. I ll manage.
Bihaan: madam this road is safe for girls so let me help you. Come I ll drop you.(innocently) Actually I love to help people. It makes God happy.
Thapki hesitated first but when bihaan insisted more so she accepted his offer. Thapki was looking out from window.
Bihaan(to himself): what a beautiful girl…so bye bye naina. Now she is gonna my 100th girlfriend. Yipppeeeeeeeeeee (loudly).
Thapki: what happened?
Bihaan: Nothing and smiles.
Again (to himself): first time in my life I have seen such a beautiful girl. But why this girl is showing attitude to me. Strange .Why my awesomeness is not affecting her. But no worries. Let me do it in my style.
Bihaan : Hi. I am bihaan.
Thapki: Hi

Bihaan: your name?
Thapki: Thapki. She again ignored him.
Bihaan(with more smile): thapki. What a beautiful name. Seriously it’s really a unique name. I haven’t heard it before.
Thapki: hmmmmm. (Ignored him)
Bihaan(to himself): yar this girl is not at all bothered by me. Showing no attention towards me. First time I meet with such a different girl. But don’t lose hope bihaan pandey. Continue flirting.
Bihaan: you are so innocent, your face has a natural glow, your eyes o my God what can I say about them; are really beautiful. Your hairs, your hands, your smile and the way you speak make everyone crazy around you.
By listening this thapki raises her hand and place it on bihaan’s hand. She intertwined her fingers with bihaan. Bihaan was totally shock by her this move. (in mind) so fast. Finally fall in my trap. All girls are same.

Thapki placed her head on bihaan shoulder. She placed her hand on his heart and started moving her finger over his jacket. She started caressing his face he closed his eyes.(Bihaan slowed down the car).
She moved closer to his ear bihaan heart beat increased.
Thapki: Stop the car. I am done.
Bihaan( opened his eyes): what??
Thapki: I mean thanks for your help. From here onward I ll go by bus,
Bihaan insisted but she refused and moved out of the car.
Bihaan: Miss thapki. Can I get your phone number?
Thapki(smiles): no. after this you will never wish to even think about me.
Bihaan: but
Thapki said bye and she left.

Bihaan (to himself): God I have never seen such a beautiful, innocent girl and bold girl. She has done a magic on me. But why she hasn’t given me her number. O shit how fool I am I should take a selfie with her. Where is my phone? Let me call Naina, my time pass. He searched his phone on dashboard and saw its missing. Then he looked on his wrist his wrist watch is also missing. Then he put his hand in pocket and to his ultimate shock he find out that his wallet is also not there.
He suddenly pressed break.
Then he recalled every moment. When she was intertwining her fingers actually she was removing his watch, when she placed hand on his jacket she removed wallet and when she caressed his face actually she was picking his phone. O my God she was doing all these tricks to………that’s why she was saying I am done…….. she was not all innocent she was a………………..

Bihaan pandey(making crying face) tu to loot gaya, wo be ek larki se.

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  1. Alia919

    OMG …..
    its too good…
    Lovely OS…
    Bihaan handsome…..s…y…
    I am laughing badly…
    What Thapki done with him….
    Make this OS as FF …

  2. Sulbi

    OMG.. innocent thapki is a robbery.. quite intresting… waiting fr nxt part… update soon…

  3. rafay don kon

    Hahahahaha???zabardast..ff write karo na

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  5. When I read this I cant control my laugh…Thapki in a new avatar.INCREDIBLE OS….

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  8. Jacqueline Nicole

    Hahahahahhah im still laughing yaar ! Thank u fr ths os !! Its made my day …. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Heheh once again thank u ji. Keep writing . Waiting fr ur next os… try to write ff dear.

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  10. Manish ki deewani

    Oh now T for thapki became T for thief I’m still laughing .

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  13. i read 5 times C 4 chor C 4 chuk chuk gadi made my day too lovely very nice

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