thankuuuu to swasan readers and writers (OS) by rabia

Guys I know I said no more updates from my side but as its my last day… shizuka I’ll try to be online on Monday but I can’t promise dear.. soo plz accept my sorry in advance…and soo im dedicating this OS to all who are my readers and to whom I am the reader… I hope u will like this stupid idea… but plz forgive mee in advance 😉

A girl is shown setting the multimedia…. For a movie… later she settle down herself after grabbing the bucket of popcorn…..

Movie starts:-

One girl is walking but her getup is not less than a detective… she is wearing a hat with long coat and having a binoculars.. she is seeing around with the help off binocular….
Suddenly she bumped into someone…

Both shouts:oooouuuchhhhh

First girl : can’t u see im bzy u have to walk while looking around..

2nd girl : oo hello can’t u see im having a book that’s why I can’t be able to look around…

2nd : btw who r u?? and what r u doing with these binoculars??

1st girl : ooo hiii im kakalii the kabhri laal (news reporter) u know hemanshii dii and rabia di gave me this name.. said by pulling her collars proudly…

2nd girl : ooo is that sooo?? Hii im shreeyuuu….

Kakalii : nice to meet u btw what r u studing??

Shreeyuu : ooo im studing history… u know I loveee history rabia dii gave me the name of history queennn..

Kakali : twitching her noseee eeeuuu historyyy I just hate this subject…

Shreeyu : I know everybody hates… but im reading the history of all the readers and writers of TU 😛

Kakali : ooooo…

Please guys get a side… a voice cameee…. Both looks towards the voice direction and saw one girl is standing by having a tab in her hand…

Kakali,shreeyu peeps in her tab and saw she is doing the editing of pics…

Shreeyu : roseyy don’t u have any other work except doing this editing??

Yes the tab girl is rosey 😉

Rosey : ooo dearr u know naa I have to post many stories not only minee but I have to post stories of rabia also…

Kakali : that’s why u sometimes wrote her name instead of yours in confusion…

Rosey : yess but u know rabia is very much chalak ( wise) she always points out the mistake 😉

Shreeyu : ooooooo….

Rosey : okay guys I have to goo…

Kakali: mee tooo

Shreeyu: mee too…

Trio starts going but forgot to change the direction and bumped into each other and fall down…

Suddenly one laughing voice cameee… trio turns their heads and saw one girl is laughing while laying on the floor madly… and one other girl is checking her with stethoscope

Kakali while laughing : hemanshii diiii stopppp

Yes the girl who is checking the girl is hemanshii…

Hemanshii worriedly : why kakali look naa how madly she is laughing…

Rosey : hehehehhe hemanshii she is shrinjal she always laughs after seeing such scenes..

Shreeyu : she even laugh like this when got beaten by her mom in childhood…

Hemanshiiii : ooooo okay then fine I become worried what if she is suffering from any deseasee..

Shrinjal with a pout : u all di’s aree very badd… huuhh go im not talking to u all….

But why r u not talking to aal shrinjal?? A voice camee

Hemanshi : look who is come

All turns and saw arsha is standing …

Shreeyu : arshaaa u know rabia di gave u a name of best critic..

Arsha with open mouth : whyyyyy???

Kakali : because u always talks like a best critic …. (sorry arsshhha don’t take it as negative but I really wants to tell u that u r the best critic… u know your comments helped me a
lot while writing the next epis… please don’t stop your this habbit 😉 and sorry if u didn’t liked)

Arsha : I love to doo this work especially on rabia’s stories 😉

Suddenly rosey eyes goes towards one direction and she saw one girl is sitting and doing something

Rosey : who is she?? She points towards the sitting girl..

Shreeyu : oo this girl… she is anniyaa…

Kakali : but what is she doing?? While looking towards us??

Hemanshi : let’s see…

All goes and peeps upon her… and saw that she is drawing stickers on the reply of everyone’s dailouge…

Rosey : what r u doing???

Anniya again draws a sticker..

Shreeyu: dii when she don’t have any word to say na then she always snd stickers 😛 (guys anniya in actual doo this if u r talking on chat she only snd stickers 😛 )

Kakalii : heyy guysss u knowwwww…

All said : u we dontt knowwww..

Kakali stamps her foot and said : just listen to mee..

All : ookaayyy…

Kakali : u know u raglak stories writer is reading our stories…

Arsha : who is sheee….

I will tell u… a voice camee… all again turns and saw… our shan is standing there…

Hemanshi : look guessing queen camee…

Shreeyu : ya rabia di gave shan di this name..

Kakali : okay shann tell us.. then I will tell u that rabia di gave u a correct name or nott…

Shan happily : uummmmmm its fairy naa??

Kakali : wwooowww u guessed right…

Shan : hehehehhee I know I know that’s why rabia di said me to zip my mouth in her stories… because I always guessed right…

Suddenly they heard a flash sound…. They turn and sw one girl is having a camera in her hand and taking the pictures…

Shrinjal : aliya u will definitely become a best photographer one day…

Aliyaa : heyyy how do u know did I only told this to rabia api…

All while giving her a tight smile…

We also don’t knowwwwww 😉 this dailouge is given to us by the writer only…

Aliya : okay okay then fine…

Aliya : kakalii rabia dii gave u the title of news reporter.. have u get any news or not??

Kakali : hehehehhee yup I got many newss…

All : tell us naaa…

Kakali : first I will tell u a horror news…

Noooooooooooo…. Again a voice cameee… they look towards the voice direction and saw one person is hiding under the blanket and shivering badly…

Shan goes and make a space in the blanket on which that person peeps out and it is revealed to be vyshuuu…

Vyshuu : pleaseee kakali no horror newsss rabia already made me scared due to her new os…

But I want to listen horror newss voice came from behind and that voice is revealed to be s voice..

S : I already told rabia to write horror os but due to this vyshuu she didn’t gave a proper horror os.. huhhh..

Vyshu : becauseee rabia love me more..

S : knowww she loves mee more im also her regular reader…

Vyshuu : noo meeee

S : noo meeee….

All other who is seeing this badminton fight by moving their head between s and vyshu shoutttsss….

All : stoppppppppp

All : she loves all  ( ya guys I loves u all ;))

Nooo shee didn’t loves uss she is only a lady don….

Without turning kakali said : this must be navi…. Because she loves to call rabia di a lady don…

Navi : its only meeeee (hehehehehhee)

Shan : why u calls her lady don??

Navi : because I loved her that ts 😉

Rosey : but u missed many of her stories..

Navii : ooo I was bzy naa and lady don also didn’t said me anything on thiss…

Because rabia di is very sweet naaa (hehehehe self-praising)

Aliya : look simin also camee..

Kakali : siminn u think everyone as sweet only…

But I heard rabia do a lot of emotional black mailing… someone said

Hemanshii : mirnaaa why r u soo late??

Mirna : heheheheh actually im always latee 😉

Simin : rabia di do black mailing but only in a fun…. (hehehehhee)

All : ya ya wee knowww thisss…

Hey guys whatss uppp.. a voice camee again…

All : kaynattttt

Kaynatt : helloo guys how r u all…

Rosey : we all r fine…. Howz u feeling now??

Kaynatt : much better guys (I hope u r fine now kaynatt)

Simin : rabia di is asking for u because she came to know about u very latee naa..

Kaynatt : ya I know she said this too mee…

Roseyyyy dii whoz your allergy now?? Rabia di is asking about u… nagamansa said from behind…

Rosey : im fine dear that’s why wrote 2 epis yesterday 😉

All : oo woowww

Shan : guys lets have some with a twist…

Nagamansa : giving twists is the dept of rabia di.. only…

Ya yaaa we knowww a voice of younger rabia camee…

Younger rabia : u know I wanted to kill rabia for her yesterday’s os…

All : hehehehhehehe we alsooo…

Arshaa : but she changed the complete plot 😉

Uma : that’s why I was very happyyyy yupppiiiiii…..

Goldie : guysss butt I didn’t read her complete stories and I came to know that she is going (said with a pout)

Rosey : don’t worry I will give a summary (roseyy give her plzz hehehehehe just kidding)

Deekshaa : butt guysssss… but before she said any thing…

All : u goo and beat sanky with a broomstick…

Deeksha gave them a tight smile and sai : ookay okaaay that’s why im saying rabia im in hurry because I have to decide more punishment for sankyy okay guys byee 😉

Manasvi : OMGGGG guys u all r doing here meeting and nobody told mee…

Alll : rabia di is here naa to told u…

Manasvi : yaaa u all r righttt… 😛

SRSL : guys u know rabiaa di also said me thankuuuu…

Kakalii : I knowww she include your name also…

all : where is sanjana??

someone reply : she is may be bzy in studies

all : okayyy

Anniya draw another sticker ;)… aliyaa click the pic…. Arshaaa writing her pov being a critic… vyshuu is peeping from the blanket because if someone start doing scary talks she will hides herself again….

Shan isss guessing all the time… rosey is bzyy in doing editing…. Deeshaaa is having broom stick in her hand….younger rabiaa is again being a lazy not posting her next update… s is searching some horror movie….mirna is again came latee… kaynatt is thinking about her next epi ……navii is giving speech on lady don… uma is seeing all for giving a comment… simin is talking to rabia di ;)… hemanshii is again chcking shrinjal…. While shrinjal is jumping here and there…. Shreeyu is reading the history of swasan ff’s now….nagamansa iss typing comments…. Manasvi iss seeing all by putting hands on her cheeks… goldie is writing her new ff…….and the naughty kakali is storing all the newss inside her mind because she have to tell all this to rabia di 😉

Suddenly all camee… readers also came… manvi…poojaa….romansia…asmaara…soujanya…riyanjli…simi…fairy… shizukaaa….dharani…stg…balaji…rizna…chandu…., saheli…….shiksha……Afra96……Mahjabeen……. Nive…….. Dharani……..Xavia……..Jessie……Mou….dharshani…prakirti….tharu…..vidhi….priyanshii… (guys I wrote the names after seeing my last os update soo if I missed anyone I will compensate after coming 😉 luv u all)
All : here we are talking about rabiaa dii but where is shee??

Kakalii : arrey dumboosss..

All glare her and said : what did u just said??

Roseyyy: she said correct…..

Shan : becauseeeeee she is the only one who is the writer of this whole story…

All : oooooooo…

Aliyaa : look there… points one direction….

All looks and saw one camera..

Shreeyu : rabia di is behind the camera…

Hemanshii : and seeing all of uss while eating pop corns….

All shouts : all the bestttt rabia/rabiaa diii…

Movie ends…

Rabia completes her popcorn and got up… turns and winks towards her reader and saiddd I luv u too all 😉 ;*

Guysss thankuu soooo much for all your luv… and prayers… I will be back and gave u all a good news.. InshaAllah this is just a thanku gift to u all.. I know I didn’t include all in the story… and didn’t gave dialogues to all because I don’t knw all completely… but after coming I will interact with all to know about u all  I know this topic is just a blunder but I don’t want to dedicate some twisty or suspense story.. I just want to include all of u… because swasan are not doing prayers for me or wishing me its only u….soo u only have the right naa 😉 sorry again if u didn’t liked it… and also sorry if u didnt like your dailougess (pout) and ill try to give u all reply but cant promise 🙂


  1. Anniya

    |Registered Member

    You know reading whole part I was 9nly searching my name…
    See tu is so bad, they doesn’t have stickers….
    Now wat to do??
    I love you very much and I will also miss you…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    See I don’t what I am commenting just typing whatever is coming in my mind…
    Take care and come back with more shocking ff

    • Rabia


      annniyaaa myy sweet dearr dont worry after coming back i will mail tu to introduce stickers also….
      and i didnt gave to any dialogue because i wants to show everyones that habit which is different from otherss and how can i forgot u… 😉 and thankkkuu soo much dear 🙂

  2. SHAN

    |Registered Member

    Di its very nice….. U remembered us and wrote this….. Very nice di….. will miss u sure….. Will be waiting for ur return…. Love u di….. 😃

  3. chanu

    sooo nice os..
    rly lvly..
    I think all r act like dis in reality also..
    soo cute 1 dr..
    and im sure kakali , simim anniya , deeksha ect ect.. all r like dis nly..
    im laughing like anything.
    We gonna miss u dr.
    all the best dr..
    Be happy always
    keep writing

  4. Fairy

    |Registered Member

    Hahahahaha rabi yaaaaar……m coming to ur place r8 now ….i reallllly wannna hug u yaaaar vo bhi tight vala!!!uff!!!!its such a sweeeet story!!!😄😄😄😄in dis one story nly i got to know about so my swasan writerrrsss😂😂😂😂 aur meri dialogue queen (kakali) khabri hai..heheheheh kya baaaaat h!!!😂😂 dey alll r so unique 😄😊loved to read about dem…n thnx for rememberng me 😛 hehehehe yes a raglak writer is readng dis😄😄 n kakali u called us dumbo😈😈 humhhh!!! I thnk now i have to start taking almonds😁 ….wl surelllly missss u soo sooo soooooo much rabi ….u r such a sweeeetheart…love u dheeeeer sara…..wl wait for u jst lyk ragini waited for laksh ( bt jst as sis yaaar,dnt take my words wrongly 😂😂)…keeep rockng n stay blesssed dear…😄😄😄allah is always dere for u😄😄😄😆😆😆😆

    • Rabia


      hahahahhahaa fairyy yee louuu a tight hugg from my side alsoooo ;)… i will surely be backk and InshaAllah will give u all a good news and kakali is very naughty and sweety…. luv u tooo dearrr and thankuuuu sooooo much for all your wishes 🙂

    • Rabia


      im not leaving tu dear im just going for a break till feb because i want to achieve my goal… and after coming back the first thing will be the whole detail which i will give too all of u 🙂

  5. xavia

    thnx dear fo d supriz……
    it wz osm……i thought uh vl fgrt my name cz i wz nt d regular cmntr …bt thankfully uh remember….odrwiz i wz ready wid rotten eggs n tomatoes….😂😂😉😉
    vl miss uh dear…..
    Keep smiling alwyz…
    Take care of uaslf….

    • Rabia


      thankuu sooo much dearr and maybe i will forgot your name but as u commented on my last update soo thats whyy i was able to write your name 😉 hehehehe

  6. Hemanshi

    |Registered Member

    Awww such a cuteee concept yarrr😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    I love u a lotttt😘😘😘😘😘
    Will miss u and ur stories…..😘😘😘
    Come back soon….with a positive result😘😘😘
    Muahhhhhh muahhhhhh muahhhhhh


    • Rabia


      heheheheh hemanshii i didnt get any other idea for your character rather than your original personality 😉 hehehe thats whyy i make u doc here also 😉 thankuuu soo much for likingg and luv u tooooooooooo :* :* 🙂

  7. Vyshu10

    |Registered Member


    I m having tears now…kushi ki ya gham ke nahin pata. I admire ur, kaku, shreyu, hemanshi’s (i m sry if i missed out anyone’s name) bonding very much.

    I was in awe when all the names started appearing……Oh god! Now i seriously want to hide my face under a blanket after reading about myself🙈🙈🙈😛 Hope S won’t start fighting with me now.

    Aww…i love u so much. I ll miss u and ur ffs a lot. Wish u success and come back soon to us. Intezaar rahega😘😘😘😘

    • Kakali

      |Registered Member

      And i admire My Dii n My Vyshuu’s friendship…
      haaaa it’s become a mini family…. *AJJAB TU KI GAZAB FAMILY…
      *pull Vyshuu’s cheek n twist dii’s nose n run… ;0;0

      • Rabia


        kakali u r succhh a naughty sweet heart who can create humor within a minute.. i pray that u always will be like thiss… and i future your children will be like u also but having triple naughtiness 😉 hehehehehe :*

      • Kakali

        |Registered Member

        Haaaa dekhti huu naaaa !!! Mahine mei ekk dafa wo bhi agar kishmat saath de tohhh…

        Shhhh !!! cutieee don’t say that…
        huhhh POPATLAL n Di’s children will be same… *DUNIYA HILLA DUNGA…

    • Rabia


      vyshuu u r the first oneee who start demanding soo thoroughly…. and u knowww i loved your this habit… because u demand with full rightt… i was very happy that i will be able to create such bond that anyone can demand freely with full right 😉
      and i wish s will read this.. because u both are just opposite one wants horror and one wants no horror 😉 and u should be in the blanket because weather is changing naa 🙂 luv u toooo sooo much :*

      • Kakali

        |Registered Member

        Mere baccho ke bare mai choro… apni khud ke bare mei sochooo…
        appp aise shocks dete hooo….
        tohhhhh Baccheeee hayyyyyy rammmmm !!!!
        ur children will say”DUNIYA HILLA DUNGA”….
        huhhh !!!! ayiiii mere baccho ke bare mei sochne wali…
        don’t know what will happen to this generation…*allle leee leee leeee…

      • Rabia


        i will snd my children to their kakali massi for training to participate in laughter show 😉 and next generation will be an atom bomb for the world 😉 hehehhehe

      • Kakali

        |Registered Member

        huhhhh hehehehe queen….
        18 sall se pehle VISA milne wala toh hai nehiiii ,,, toh 18 sal baache appke aaath rahenge… rit…. tohhhh sochooo *duniya barbaddddd….

      • Vyshu10

        |Registered Member

        Aww Rabiiiii….that’s so sweet. I m sorry if i haunted you in ur dreams for updates….i feel connected with some of u guys and i love u all.

        Haha…kids ka tho pata nahin lekin aap dono kaafi ho hilaane ke liye

      • Kakali

        |Registered Member

        Haaaa !!! m enough to shake the world… even i can destroy d world… wannna seee !!! *taking a imaginary globe n thudddd !!!!!
        *Duniya barbad…. ;0;0;0;0….
        *99 saal ki saja …
        *rotiyan tod rahi huu jail mai…
        *no noooo,,, bad dream..
        *huhhh!!! subhhh subbhhh !!!!

      • Rabia


        Vyshuuuu dont u dare to say sorryyyy…. 😆😆😆😆 i liked your dis habit and kakaliii im planning samoething big for uu…..
        U just wait and watch when u will comeee u will have to facee it 😆😆😆😆 and ya before going do an announcement for your arrival date alsoo 😆😆😆😆 we will first welcome u with water balloons and i will take all revenge of my childrens because they will be here till 18 yrs naa soo i will take revenge of 18 yrs from u 😆😆😆😆

    • Kakali

      |Registered Member

      Waaaahhh !!! big surprise for me that tooo with water balloons… waaaa !!!
      huhhh !!! Rabia Dii r u not a social worker toh wasting water is not good okkiii !!!! soooo *dreaming Rabia Di doing sit ups…

      Awwww !!! Vyshuuuu gimme HiFi… !!! *mad me. ;0;0

    • Kakali

      |Registered Member

      Awwww !!! Vyshuuuu !!! ur cheeks n nose is paining…
      wait a minute m calling fire brigade… *phuuu phuuuu !!! :0:0:0:0

      • Vyshu10

        |Registered Member

        Hifi kaku…yeh 99 tumhara lucky number hai kya? Heart breaks into 99 pieces?? 99 saal ki saza???

        Rabia..ok meri maa i won’t say sorry. Once u come back na see how i ll demand upadates

  8. Rosey

    |Registered Member

    Wow Rabi what an story
    And you give me right work editing pics and you always notice my mistake in name which I myself don’t notice I’m saying true I only notice my mistakes when you said me
    I’m sad as walk as happy
    Sad because you are leaving us and happy because it’s for your better future so I’m more happy than sad as I know you will be back with a big wala Dhamaka till than I will time pass by reading your old ffs and os and my fav is my pink little kitten I love you so much😍😘😘😘
    And all the very best for you opportunity Rabi and I love calling you Rabi it’s a gift from me to you as a Nick name which I love to call you and you know this as well so bye bye till we meet next time 😇🌹🎈

    • Rabia


      luv u toooo roseyyyy… not as a writer or my frnd but also as my closet neighbor among all… 😉
      and loved to called as rabi because i never said any one to call me that but my close frnds like u calls me automatically with my nick name which i lovess alott… this name is only given by my few frnds becasue at home im having noo nick namee…… thankkkuuuu sooo much roseyy for all the love and especially the way u posted my stories beautifully… i will surely give u more storiess… dont think u can rid from me 😉 hehehehe we will meet soon InshaAllah 🙂

  9. Arshaanya

    |Registered Member

    Who told u dat u made a blunder wid dis topic han tell me 😠😠😠😠
    Hahahhahahaha jus kidding rabia u knw i love u sooo sooo soooo much for dis 😘😘😘😘
    Me as BEST CRITIC thanku thanku 😎😛
    Hahahhahahah i didn’t mind it at all.. i knw i trouble lots of writers n i guess dey all hve d same feeling regarding me dat is— to kill me 😜😜 hahahhahahahahha…
    Rabia m unable to write dis comment bcoz rite nw m ROFL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… its been 15min n i cant stop ma laugh…😆😆😆😆
    As a BEST CRITIC i must say dis is one of ur bstst work rabia 👏👏👏👏👏
    U gve so much love n respct to all ur readers n accptd evry type of comment n today u killed us wid dis laughter… love u dear… all d best for ur future n ve great future ahead 😘😘😘😘

    • Rabia


      thankuuu sooo much arshaaa… and u knoww whenever u raised any pointt… i loved to answer your that points because due to your points i alwas be able to add or remove things from my stories…..
      u dont only points out the confusion of yours u even removes my confusion… please dont stop this work…. i really loves your this work.. and if any writer scold u na for this work… then punch him/her.. by saying thiss that u only gave the right suggestion 😉
      luv u tooo dearrr :* and when i will back naa i will demand biggg comments from u 😉

  10. Rabia0032

    |Registered Member

    Hahahahahahhaha hahahhahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂omg rabia you cant belive After Reading this os i am loughing like MAD Girl even tears are coming…

    Seriosly you areeeeeeeee the Best ohhhh I am gona misssssssss you yaar you became now recently my friend and you are leaving sooooooooooo Bad yaar dont go na I am gona miss seriously your funnY os ts made my day even your ff and ss plzzzz dont goo na…..😢😢😢

    Acha noooo emotional Talk beacuse I dont wana make you cry but seriously you are leaving soooo Bad…😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    You just became my friend and leaving sooo soon….😯😯😯😯

    But you know you said correcti I am lazy girl😂😂😂😂very lazyyyyy😂😂

    Thankyouuuuuuu so much for being my friend and i will miss you come backkkkkkk sooooooooooo😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤

    • Rabia


      hahahahahahhaa rabiaaa yess u r veryyyyyy lazyyy 😉 and yarr if its not necessary i will not goo… today also im commenting because schedule is somehow lights thats whyy otherwise i dont know what will be my condition….
      and kiya howa if we becomes frnd now only we will be frnds naaa….. and i will try my best in free time to snd my os through rosey or shan… but if not be able to snd then samjh jana i become mad 😉 i will come after become full free 🙂

  11. Kaynatk01

    |Registered Member

    rabia am very well now all because of youll prayers and i seriously dont know where are you going as i wasnt active i only came to know you are going somewhere for work plz do tell me what actually happened and i pray heartly for you that wherever you are going you will return with happiness no sadness just take care and your demand of the links will be approve just take care of my dearest sis rabia love u

    • Rabia


      luv u tooo kaynatt and i will give the wholeeee detail after coming back i just need prayers of u all…. and i will be back and u also take care of self 🙂

  12. bresh

    loved it…gonna miss u lots… be successful in whatever ur going for…will be waiting ur comeback…

  13. chandu

    Aaaaa…!!Aaaa…!!Ahaaa…!!!( These are light moans while have having happy ears…!!!) What an os yaar…!!! What you told about everyone exactly correct…!! And ending was superb…!!You eating popcorn…!! 😀 😀 Loved it …!!
    I don’t know much about you…and where you are going…!! But I clearly understood it is your last os…for now..!! 🙁
    All the best dude…!! 😀 We will be waiting for your return with a good news…!!Bye take care..!! 😀 😀

  14. Kakali

    |Registered Member

    I knew it…… u r going to do something like that….. Rabiaa Diiii ,,,,
    m having no words to comment… haaaa !!! kya bolu… my tears r not ready to stop naa !!!
    it’s hurting’s really hurting…
    huahhh haaa haaaa !!! Khabri lallll… soooo cuteee name Diii…
    Take care…

    • Rabia


      hehehehhehe kakalii my mission accomplished because i make u emotional… and u r not having any words 😉 hehehhehee yuppiiiiii :* and all the best to u tooo take it as my gift for your farewell in advance i forgot to mntn in the story 😉

  15. Deeksha

    |Registered Member

    Ahhh rabia…..!!!!!!! Really gonna miss you yaar…..!!!!!!!!

    I was literally laughing after reading this….!!!!!!! And me…. Oh God…. Catching the broomstick in my hand….!!!!!!! ROFL…!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    And if you don’t come faster I will be ready with broom stick to beat u more badly than Sanskaar….!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway all the best dear…..!!!!!!! Lots of love 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  16. Aliya123

    |Registered Member

    oh my god api…..,i just cant believe u add all of us……this is the best os i have ever read…….nw i dont feel nw here……aftes this os…i get to knw all of them…..kakali..khabri laal…shan..gussing queen…..hahahaha i cant control my laughter after reading……i m having tears also by seeing ur love towards all of us,……u make me emotional…(crying)…………..nw i m okkkk……….so all the best fr ur work nd come fast fast at the speed of bullet train….

    • Rabia


      thankuuu soooo much aliyaa and dnont worry i will give to the complete detail of all these 😉 hehehehe and i will surely be back with the speed of light 😉 :*

  17. Navi

    |Registered Member

    Ahhhhh best gift rabi… loved it so much.. superb idea… and rabi i hv read all ur stories :'( :'( thn u made me as orator…. thnk u do much for including me. Through u i came to knw abt all readers and writers… all d bst .. tc…. come soon lady don.. and my self prasing has bcm sensational news.. haha rofl…

    • Rabia


      Thankuuuu soooo muchh dearr i didnt included u and all its all your wishes and love for mee xue to which i thought to write an oss because i dont want to do thats thing on which my heart is not agreeing but u guysss justt throw bundless of loves and wishes on mee thats whyy im here today with thia os 😆😆 a simple thankuu gifttt for u all 😆😆😆😙😙😙

  18. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    I didn’t like it*pout face..
    . BCZ I LOVEDDD ITTTT😁😁😁…It’s amazing di…Oh God, mein apki bina kese rahungi…I am gonna miss you and your 1000 bolt ki jhatka dene wali skill ko😉😔…I wish ki apki challenge jaldi successfully pura ho and app jaldi wapas aao*selfish me, huh…Take care di..A tight hug for you…All the best once again…Love you, muaaah😘😘😘😘

    • Rabia


      Thankuuu sooooo muchhh dearrr and luv u tooooo and i will alsoo miss u all and i will be back soonn InshAllah 😊😊😊😍😍😍😍

  19. Shreeyu

    |Registered Member

    Awwww Rabia Di…. Aap kitni cute ho… Seriously will miss u soooooooooooo much … Even I don’t know how much… Hehe…
    Aur aapne mujhe kya smjh kr rkha hai Han… M not historian diii itni history thodi na padti hoon… M lauging like anything ….. Hehe aur anniya Di ka sticker bazar … Aur kaku Di ka getup was sooo funny ….. Lov uh loads dii

  20. Sanjanaagrawal

    |Registered Member


    Di again u forgot me …. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 … u are very bad … I commenting on last part of ur os then also its v.vad ….
    But its ok…. will be waiting for ur come back … keep writing keep smiling and stay blessed

    • Rabia


      Aarrrayyyyy sanjana i mentioned your nameee naa look i didnt get your dailouge thats why i said that u were bzy in studies and i posted this os before your comment on my os look na i remembered isi kiye tou mntn kiyaa your namee sanjana is u only i didnt told your full name but pink promise its u only 😢😢😢 and i said naa k when i qill back i will compensate actually u r not regular these days naa tthata why i didnt remember your dailouge any choorrryyyyy 😢😢😢😢

      • Sanjanaagrawal

        |Registered Member

        I didn’t found my name till now 😟😟😟😟 but its ok …. no need to so sry again and again …. keep smiling stay blessed !!!! 😊😊😊

        I don’t know whether I will remain here till feb bcoz my interest in TU is decreasing day by day and I am more concentrating on wattapad plus I am busy in my studies also … I am here just bcoz of my frnds that I made here …

      • Rabia


        sanjana it means u didnt read the os properly i mentioned about u just one line below the SRSL name just above the where i wrote some lengthy paragraphs before ending….

    • Rabia


      And i didnt forgot u u r the only onee qho was very exicted for posting my os on wattpad but seriously i didnt get any dailouge for u thats why i make u bzy in studiess 😭 but i promise i will give u a bigggggg surprize after coming backk till then plzzz soorrryyy look even im holding my earsss 🙉🙉🙉🙉😍😍

  21. Afra96

    |Registered Member

    Thank you di for this os..
    Will miss u..
    Come back soon with another ff..
    Though I don’t interact much on this site, I really like u’r bond with others here..
    If u r their on fb tell me, I will send u a frnd request..
    And finally all the best for your future..
    Inshahallah u will definitely succeed and achieve u’r goal..:-)

    • Rabia


      thankuuu sooo dearr and yup im on fb and here is my id….
      rabia.m.sayyed or u can search from rabia sayyed 🙂
      and actually i start interacting with all after my first ff which i wrote in end of aug or sep… soo now from that day everyone becomes just like a true family 😉
      and i will be back InshaAllah 🙂

  22. Nive..

    |Registered Member

    aww Rabia this os shows ur love towards ur readers cum tu frnds… ty.. all the best dr…☺☺ take care… come back soon.. 🙂 🙂

    • Rabia


      Mirnaaa u knowww the one who born late after the datee told by doc that ppl mostly reaches late 😆😆😆 and tell me if u born after date or before datee 😆😆😆😆

  23. Priyanshi💕💕💕

    First of all it was a big suprise for me
    Actually to say the truth
    I feel like floating in the air
    Thank u for the suprise
    I never thought u will add my name
    And u just gave me jerk at last
    U just know me from ur last os
    And still u r thinking me as ur frnd
    Thiz shows our frndship
    Hope it isn’t anyother priyanshi
    Or else my baashan thru comment wud be wasted
    Will miss u
    With love in loads( i think u will be needing somewhat 100 lorries to carry this)
    A tight hug to u my dearest sisssy
    I think i wrote a big comment by now
    Bye di

    • Priyanshi💕💕💕

      And sry for late reply di
      Was busy like hell
      With my project
      Or else i wud hav been the first

    • Rabia


      Yes dear its only u whose name i mntioned becausd there is no other priyanshi here uptil noww 😊😊 and thankuu soo muchhh dear 😊😊

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