thankuu swara for coming in my life (OS) by rabia

guys i just got this idea soo i wrote it down…. and the other 2 TS i will post soon 🙂 i hope u will like it and if nottt then also okay 😉 because i was in a mood to convert this OS into TS for providing twists and turnss soo bear thiss 😛 sometimes i also wants to give just a simple story 😉 hehehehehe

Sanskar maheswari : age 29 businessman but from last 3 yrs didn’t goes to office…

Kavitha: sanskar’s wife age 27… cunning women… handling sanky’s business from last 3 yrs…

Swara Gadodia: age 19…. Daughter of sanky’s care taker sharmistha Gadodia… … lives in other city doing studies and doing part time job in parlor for her studies expenses… cute, sweet and intelligent girl…

Sharmishta Gadodia: Widow of Shekhar Gadodia care taker of sanky from 15 yrs… shekhar was his driver…

Sanky lives in big mansion with kavitha and sumi and few servants… he was a very fun loving guy but when 4 yrs back.. his parents died in car accident with shekhar he becomes quite… kavitha was his long time gf… soo kavitha supported him and 3 yrs back marry him…. But after marriage sanky becomes kavitha’s puppet… she emotionally blackmails him and sanky who didn’t get out from his parent’s death… start accepting all her demands… and kavithaa manipulated him like this and broke down his confidenceee in such a way that sanky didn’t get any doubt on kavitha but now he starts fearing facing the media.. and stopped going office… soo from last 3 yrss kavitha is handling business… she was also having many affairs.. but sanky was now that old sanky who confidently punish the culprits and cheaters… now he was just became like a puppet how bileves on every single word of kavithaa…

Sharmishta knows kavitha’s reality but she can’t do anything because she is not having any other sources from which she can run her home….

In these 3 yrss… kavithaa 2 times abort her child because she said she don’t want to destroy her figure… sanky also didn’t said anything he remains silent…. After 1 month
kavitha again becomes pregnant and this time also she was going to abort her child butt….. this time sanky pleads and said..

Sanky : kavithaa please I didn’t said anything before but please don’t abort our childdd.. pleaseee…

Kavitha : r u out of your mind sanky?? How can I destroy my figure due to this useless thing?? (cheap woman)

Sanky : please don’t do thiss I asking u a favor first and last time plzzz….

Kavitha : this is not possible…

Sumi who was seeing all this feels bad for sanky and speaks

Sumi : mam,sir iff u don’t mind can I say something??

Kavitha signs to her..

Sumii : mamm actuallyyy I heard about surrogate mother why don’t u both go for that process?? She said all this while looking down…

Sanky : whattttt??

Kavitha who was thinking something said: okay done..

Sanky : but kavithaa how can we?? Destroy someone’s life like this??

Kavitha : u wants to destroy my figure but not anyone’s life??? If u wants this child then we will do surrogacy otherwise I will abort this child…

Sanky was not in the favor of surrogacy but on the other side he wants his child soo he hesitantly agreed…

Kavithaa : great but I don’t have any time to search a girl for this process…

Sumi : mam if u don’t mind I have one girl..

Sanky : whoo??

Sumi : sir my daughter swara…

Kavitha : okay good call her and we will go to hospital…

Sumi nodes… and goess… kavitha also goess…

Sanky is sitting and he became teary eyes….. sorry my child I become selfish for uu and for this im destroying someone’s life…

On the other side sumi called swara…

Swara knows about sanky because of sumi.. she also knows about his condition.. but becoming a surrogate mother… she first hesitant butt.. later agreed becauseee due to dp
sanky’s father she will be able to study… soo she said she will come tomorrow…

Next day swara camee…

Swasan didn’t know eachother by face… because sanky is 10 yrs elder than swara… swara also only knows him due to his name not by face…

Kavsan talked with swara…

Sanky : but u r very young.. then why r u doing this??

Swara : sir dp sir helped us a lot.. he makes me to get education… im doing this soo that I can be able to return a little expense of favors which dp sir done on us…

Sanky got impressed by her loyalty and to the point answer.. while kavitha didn’t pain any heed…

After 1 week…

All the test has done and swara is announced as healthy but due to she is young to doctor said all to take care of her….

And after few days swara finally becomes the surrogate mother.. and kavithaa goes to her old habits…

Weeks are passing and sanky is taking good care of swara…

They both became best frnds…. As kavitha was not at home most of the time soo swara decided to talk with sanky about his under confidence and handling business… but before she can say anything kavitha camee…

And she said sanky while making an excuse..

Kavitha to swara with rude and dangerous tone : u r only here for giving birth to a child.. don’t u dare to brainwash sanky against mee… otherwise u have to lose your mother understand??

Swara nodes in fear….

Kavithha goes out after threatening her…

Swara wipes sweat and said to herself : kavithaa I will surely show your true clr to sanskar.. and suddenly someone put hand on her shoulder she looks up and find sumi..

Sumi : im with u beta…

Swara smiles…

Now swara is in her 7th month…. Both swasan start feeling for each other…

In these months swara came to know that kavitha is giving some medicine to sanskar due to which someone’s confidence level goes down and he becomes a very scary person…
Swara without getting caught by anyone changed sanky’s med… and now sanky is gaining his confidence slowly slowly again….

Sanky who was now completely fit and fine and he also came to know about kavitha.. but infront of her he was doing drama…

Sanky came to know about kavithaa when swara told him and he also heard her while talking to her bf Rahul… who was also his rival in business…

Swara is now in her last month…

Sanky starts planning secretly with the help of swara and sumi but he also take cares of swara….

Both decided to confess their feelings after taking revenge from kavitha…

While planning they came to know about one horrible truth and that was…..

Dp,ap and shekhar died due to kavitha and her bf.. Rahul… they done that accident and kavitha only faked the relation with sanky…

She married to him for grabbing all the property and business…. And she starts giving sanky the medicines due to which he became just like a puppet…

Sanky secretly.. Finds all the property papers.. and there one another shock is waiting for him… kavitha named all the property on her name…

Sanky being a business mann uses his mind and again take the control of all his properties…

Kavitha who was gone for 2 days trip with his bf Rahul came back and saw everything is turned into sanky’s court again…

Kavitha fumes in anger

Kavithaa : how all this happened?? Sanksar how u become fine???

She saw towards swara and said

Kavitha : this must be her work… by saying this she goes towards swara and pushed her hard…

Swara falls down on her stomach…

Swara screams in painnn…

Sanskar and sumi become numb…..

Sanky slaps kavitha hardd and her lips start bleeding.. he was going to slap her again when sumi call him..

Sumii: sanskarr sirrr

Sanky turns and saw swara who was screaming in pain…

He goes and immediately picks her up and said to kavitha while leaving..

Sanky : don’t think u won… I will show u hell.. if something happened to my swara and my child I will burn u alive…

Sanky sumi takes swara to hospital… swara was now got unconscious on which sumi and sanky become panic…

Doctors take swara inside the OT….

Sanky and sumi both crying and consoling eachother….

After 4 hrs doctor came

Sanky : doctor howz swara and child??

Doctor : congrats mr meheswarii u have a baby boy… but sorry mis swara slipped into comaa.. because due to injury she loses much blood and as I said to u that she is young soo
due to weakness and blood lose she slipped into comaa…

Sanky’s world turned around he said with a thud…

Sumi who was also crying saw sanky’s state she knows that both loves each other…

Nurse gave hand overs the baby to sumi..

Sumii while consoling sanky : sir don’t worry my shona will be fine soon look here is your baby…

Sanky saw toward the baby with teary eyes… he picks the baby from sumi arms and stares him for sometimes and later start crying while hugging him…

Sanky to sumi : maaa I want my swaraaa he was crying bitterly..

Sumi while controlling her tears : said sir u have to be strong for your son.. for swara and u also have to give punishment to that kavitha..

On hearing kavitha’s name sanky stop crying and goes out after giving child to sumi…

Sanky reached mm.. their he came to know that kavitha runs away with Rahul..

Sanky calls his ppl and within one hr they came to know about their location…

Sanky is just like an injured lion….

He gave both of them severe punishment (don’t want to drag) for swara’s condition and also for his parents and shekhar’s death… and handed over them to police… and both got death sentenced…

3 weeks have been passed….

Sanky daily came to meet swara with his son… Aryan..

Sanky daily pleads to swara to wake up for him for their son…

Finally one day swara woke up….

Both confessed their feeling to each other… and they both got married after 1 month… and starts living happily with Aryan and sumi…

Now sumi is the mother of both swasan… sanky starts calling sumi as his mother…. All four now life of each other….

Sanky was very happy because after many years he got the real happiness in the form of sumi swara and Aryan… he almost daily say thanks to swara for coming in his life….

The end……


  1. Hemanshi


    |Registered Member

    You know what when I saw your name one think clicked my mind i.e. twists and turns…..but then I read the title and thought that there would be no twists and turns but then I thought that yar this is rabia’s shit so there would ve twists and turns but no …

    There weren’t any😍😍

    • Rabia



      Hehehehehe hemanshii dimagh larana parta hay naaaaaa twists k liye jo mood nai tha 😆😆😆😆 thankuuu soooo muchh 😙😙

  2. Mica


    |Registered Member

    Rabiaaa…sorry i’m confusing… so the baby just moved from Kavita womb to swara womb ?how it possible ?..aahh leave it…happy ending YAY! 😀 😀

    • Rabia



      Hehehhe mica i also didnt knew that but my elder sis told me that shahrukh khan’s last son born like this because his wife dont want to destroy her figure 🙈🙈🙈

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        ohh hahhaha, actually, that must be the embryo not the baby,….
        so, if only Kavita pregnant already, the baby can’t be transferred to Swara’s womb.
        it will so complicated as there is placenta bla bla bla that linked between baby and the mother..
        so, for surrogacy, mostly they planted the embryo,…

    • Arshaanya


      |Registered Member

      Oh thankgod micu u asked d same que 😜😜 i was sooo confused na was feeling lyk fainting 😵😵😵 thinking hoez dat possible 😛😛😛😛
      I was asking same dat may b embryo..
      If she is prgnant dat cnt b possible it will lead to abortion…
      2things possible
      1.. kavita aborted d child n dan swara bcme prgnt wid kavitaz egg n sankyz sp*rm
      2.. swara bcme prgnt wid her own egg n sankyz sp*rm

      • Scooby


        |Registered Member

        Actually i will give u the answer. U first option is correct. Kavitha egg and sanskar sperm are allowed to fuse in laboratatory condition. Early the cell will be in 2 cell stage after it has reached 72 they embryo will be implanted inside swara uterus. A single embryo cant survive so nearly 10 embryos will be implanted and may b 1 survive and grow into fetus.
        u cn explain all and further doubts you can ask me.

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        hahaha Arshuu.. i prefer option 2 but in normal way 😀 😀
        well Rabia, at least we learn something rite ?
        Kakuu kiddooo…. piiuuutt puuttt..
        yeah Navi.. in my country it’s called test-tube babies since the fertilization of egg cell and sperm cell happened in tube, after that, they can planted to the mother uterus or the surrogate mother uterus..
        yeah and sometime few of them survive and gave the mother twin or more,

  3. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    awwww…..cute love story….cheapo kavita nd rohit…aaj suraj kaha se nikala…aapki story or no twist no shocks…..aaj ka din tu ki history mein likha jayega….,…….jayada bak bak ho gayi na….

  4. Kakali

    Waaaaa RabiAaaaa diiii !!!
    what is surrogacy ?? huhh i have heard this word many times in serial? but dun know what it means? hehhh !!!
    but my SWASAN awwww !!!! love it.. Thnk u… ;-*

    • Rabia



      Kakss now what can i tell u?? 😆😆😆😆 okay chalo bta he daiti hn its a process in which a baby is transfers to other woman womb sometimes due to some somplications which one woman had and she will not be able to carry baby its of diff kindd like this and like other one whih is shown in tv etcc 🙈🙈🙈🙈 hehehehehe bss abhi itnaa he bta saktiii 😆😆😆😆

      • Rabia



        waisay i alsoo didnt know much naa after all im a business student (hehehehehe) soo we should ask hemanshiii about the correct thingg bakii chadddooo fiction he hay naaaa point to samjh aa giya naaa 😛

      • Kakali

        Waise toh kuch bhi samajh mai nehi ayyyaa.. !!! bas i know SWASAN r my SWASAN… hehhh !!!
        alle llle lle leeee *cute baby…
        *copy paste 😉

    • Simin


      |Registered Member

      Kaku surrogacy or test tube baby mein its like the mother’s uterus is unable to carry child or some other problem
      So if the couple wants baby they select another woman who can carry the foetus
      So the male and female ova and sperm are taken out and in lab conditions they are fused and then morula,blastula is formed and then its implanted in surrogate mother’s uterus

      • Kakali

        Simmmuuuu !! Finally thoda samajh mei ayya !!! thnk h haa !! u was searching it here n there…
        gosh it’s so complicated.. huhhh !!! m also kinda arts( business) student na… soo …. puuut puuuut !!!

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Yapiee, bach gayi*taking a deep breath.. No twists and turns😁😁…
    Diiiiiiii, it’s beyond awsm… It’s simple,cute and sweet love story… Loved it to the core.. Keep writing like this di..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  6. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Loved it rabia bt i hve a que–
    Kavita was 1 month prgnant wen sumi suggstd for surrogacy so i want to knw something as i ve cnfsn…
    Kavita aborted dat child?? Dan swara bcme prgnant wid kavitaz egg n sankyz sp*rm or with swaraz egg n sankyz sp*rm??
    In both cases kavita again abortd d child??
    Plz clr my cnfsn

    • Rabia



      hehehehe arshaaa actually kavithaaa aborted 2 child beforee soo this was the 3rd onee and i am not having much info because i actually i know much about test tube baby surrogacy i only heard and saw in tv… actually i ve heard about shahrukh khan’s childd that his wife done like this but i think i miss some pointss soo i just took the main concept and other thing mica explainss correctly that it must be embryo not a childdd soooo i just wrote randomlyy (hehehehe)

  7. myna

    amazing no words
    di u always manage to surprise me
    sorry for not reading ur ts i’m very busy literally drowning in projects
    pls forgive me
    all the best

    • Rabia



      noo i will not forgive u i will sue uu 😛 hehehhehe dear its totally okayyy dont need be to say sorryy… studies is more imp… :*

  8. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    Waah dii!!
    Congratulations for your first sweet and simple story!!
    I was waiting for the shock till last but no shock🙁
    But loved this os..

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