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hello every one.. this is Deeksha . first of all Im a very big fan of manmarziyan . i usually dont comment but deepu di , satya di , giu di, S.V and many more …. i luv all ur FFs and deepu di… i must say u gave me a very big shock making jai attacker…

this is my first FF . it is based on manmarziyan . im jst giving an intro and will continue if u people will lyk it…. so please do comment . and please dont be a silent reader lyk me .
and the main thing please do ignore my grammatical mistakes . woh kya hain ki grammar kuch zyada hi weak hain….. im jst changing the names of charecters for some change…. no rotten tomatoes please…. and all suggetions are happily accepted

moving on to my FF


Akhil singh oberoi: a big buisiness tycoon . very rude person to the world but very few know that rudeness is jst mask on his face…founder of deetya designers and co. has a best friend Aradhya . he can go to any extent for his mom and his friend…..he has a pat which troubles him so much.. and that is the only thing which aradhya does’nt know about him…

Aradhya : co founder of DDC . she is an orphan . she faced so much in her lyf. did so much hardwork to come to this position. as said she has best friend akhil. she love him more than anything in this world . and she have another best friend suhani from her child hood . she is working some where else right now…. she know akhil has some past and she even know he will surely tell if she force him… but she belives every one need their space … so she doesnt ask him….

Suhani joshi : she was in the same orphanage where aradhay used to be . she us also a designer and works in some company in delhi… aradhya is her best friend

Aryan Malhotra: cousin of akhil who is staying in U.S.A . a full attitude person… his charecter will be introduced more in the story…

Prerana malhotra : she is divorcee . she did so much hard work to raise akhil as she was single mother . she loves Aradhya so much…..she was a doctor . but now she is so busy going to holy trips….

aradhya , akhil , prerana live in the same house… aradhya is jst 9 months younger to akhil but prerana pampers her alot… she is preranas little princess… prerana thinks her family is a short and sweet one… aryan left his parents … he lives alone in america … and calls prerana as ma…. he thinks her as mother admires her a lot… though she is a single mother she raised Akhil so well and made Akhil a successful business man….

so they are the main leads… there are many more characters they will be shown later ….

akhil is played by neil malhotra of dym
aradhya is played by radika of dym
aryan is played by arjun of dym
suhani is played by samaira khanna of dym

so guys hows this… the story track will be mainly based on the friendship of aradhya and akhil and their respective love stories…. how they met…? how did they become friends….? all this will be shown in story…

so guys this is the intro part… please do comment
frankly speaking im so much tensed whether u will lyk it or not… please dont hesitate to comment… each and every comment means a lot to me…

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  1. Sathya

    Hey deeksha… Is the same deeksha who comments on my swasan ff? Well OK I m coming to intro now… Intro is good dear but it’s little confusing with the names…itvwill be used once we start reading it…al d best.

    Just curious to know y u didn’t use the same… Y am saying is we used for that names n easily able to imagine the characters n actors… That’s y I asked.

    Well nice job… Post soon the next episode.. Al d very best ?????

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank you so much Di… shall I keep their names only…???? From episode 1 I’ll use their names… I jst thought it would be some change… and yaa I comment on ur swasann ff … and I’m a very big fan of jst two of us…..

  2. Awesome 🙂

  3. Jessie

    Hi deeksha.. its nice.. Hmm.. I have a doubt.. u are a manmarzIyan fan right.. then y u have changed d character names.. I feel it wud be better if u have same names.. Those names have a gr8 impact u know? well.. jus shared my thought.. will be der even if u continue with names of ur choice..eager 4 1St chapter.. when is tat??

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thank you so much Jessie… as u said I’ll continue my ff with manmarziyan names it’s self… first I’ll repost this on manmarziyan page with the first chapter… luv u … tha k you again for commenting…it means a lot… I thought it would be a change but may be ur right … thanks again…

      1. Sathya

        Deeksha I ll suggest u one thing now… Better write episode one with the mmz title n give this prologue link n post it. That should be fine I guess

  4. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  5. Intro is nyc…but i prefer old names that will make it easy to connect with the characters ..just my openinon…its ur wish to use which one..afterall its ur story 🙂

  6. […] guys..… so here is the first episode link for prologue Prologue I’m continuing the episode with the same names .. arjun radhika neil and sam… soryy for the […]

  7. Rossy

    Jus a request dear …can u use real names of mmz…

  8. I can’t believe this is u, am so excited. I like this introduction and will be waiting for your story. Love u loads

  9. S.v

    Nice start dear and im happy to know that you follow the ff i write. One suggestion if you dont feel bad…. can you pls keep the name so that it will be easy for us to relate dear as the charterer is perfectly suiting them. Good start dear. Waiting for the first episode

  10. _Ritu

    Nyc start dear…bt if possible den plz use mmz character’s name coz it will be easy for us to connect wid Dem…waiting for nxt..

    1. Sree_deeksha

      Thanks rithu… but I changed it already… and thank-you for ur suggestion…??

  11. Awesome, lovely intro. …but if you change the names to mmz ppl…then it will be not confusing….loved the plot. …keep it up honeyyy love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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