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Hey m back…. Here neither i will talk about helly/tejaswi  nor Swara/ragini.!
Today i will talk about the people in TU.! Yay… M gonna talk about you guys! U all must be wondering… Im mad!
This is the one site where i see less negativity… Be it raglak/swasan swalak /ragsan fans! (compared to other site).
I love you guys..! First i wana thank.. TU admins for posting my articles and for maintaining this site!
Secondly here i will thank daily updater of swaragini written update H Hasan and MA (old writer in this site) without any complaints they had given written update even though its not their story! Thank you! ❤️?
Thirdly…  I will thank ol the ff writers…. U guys are doing best job! Writing a story is not easy job! It takes our most precious time! I know most of them will think i haven’t commented on most of the ff!  I rarely get time to read n comment(some other reason is there which i cannot reveal) … Thats why m not commenting!  Sorry for not commenting!  Love you guys for writing ff and entertaining us!
I really wana thank those people who daily updating the ffs! Ur dedication… I dont have enough words to express it!
To the ff writers dont get disheartened by not getting enough comments… Write till u get satification… Fight against all odd things! Be successful!
There is one girl mica here… She is the best commentor over here.. The way she  commenting is worth to read❤️..! Mica be like this…! (if u want to know why i wrote like this then check all the written updates of swaragini u will understand!)
There are some swasan and raglak fans taking stands for other fandom is also superb!  Be like this in TU!
Here i want to thank shazi for making me love ragini that character i hated the most… Seeing your edits i started loving ragini!! Swasan the heavenly couple i love that page too… ?? admins i have huge respect for u guys! Swara and sanskar – swasan page with 10000likes i like that page too! But by seeing the fights btw both fanpage i had deleted my two accounts

Most probably this will be my last post on TU… As m leaving TU at the end of this month! (m getting married on next month…i really need break from this virtual world) i had 2 accounts on fb(Heltej Hj and Heltej HT) i have deleted it! I have twitter account too! I don’t know how to use it! I will delete that too!
I thought of writing second part for a letter to cvs… I dropped that idea!
Then i thought of writing os on swaragini! I dropped that idea too! I had many other ideas too! I dropped that also
M just adding something which comes into my mind!
(One more things guys… To all helly/tejaswi fans who hate tejaswi/helly… After this show go off air… If they maintain their friendship like this… The same person who hated them will write an essay on their friendship! Trust me that will happen! Dont get over obessed with our favorites! Nothing gonna lose for them! Lose will be only for us!
Coming to instagram’s comments… I will give u example… U r standing away from crowd… In that crowd everyone is wearing dull color dress except one person he is wearing bright color dress… Whom will u notice bright color dress… Right? Why we are not noticing dull color dress?
Same happening… There will be 100+ positive comments still we will continue or go around the negative comments! Why didnt we continue or go around positive comments?
Just avoid negative comments!)

This ol are my work
Note: m mad…  I just wrote something… I dont know what i wrote! I didnt mean to hurt anyone over here!
Tada…. Bye bye

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  1. Sally_blr

    All the best for your next phase of life. Well said. One bashing comment on a social media burnt one city, worsened the ties between two states and claimed two lives. People should really understand that negativity in pinch amount is enough to create chaos. And an ocean of positivity is also not sufficient to get back to normal.

    1. Heltej

      Thank u dear! 🙂 what u said is correct! If u know shazi in fb can u inform her what i told abt her!

      1. Sally_blr

        I have seen her work. But I don’t know her. I will send her a text tomorrow.

  2. Nidhi

    Thanq so much Heltej your post brought a smile on my face, I have not read your earlier posts but I am sure you might be awesome in writing them too Thank you 🙂

    1. Heltej

      Thank u dear!

  3. awesome post yaar I will miss u happy married life to u in advace

    1. Heltej

      Thank u dear

  4. Mica

    HelTej!!! Omg.. why me ? overwhelmed me to read your compliment about me..
    but actually, it’s you, your wise comment encourage us to end the hatred between us.
    You should become a motivator, or you are a motivator ? your wise thought spread positively among us you know!
    Agree with you…1 spot of our badness will ruin 1 lake of our goodness,…
    And you will married ? Wow congrat Dear! wish you have happy marriage forever
    love you so much..

    1. Heltej

      No dear! What i told is correct! Thank u dear! M really sensitive person plus stubborn person! I wont become motivator! I will end up in crying and anger issue!
      Including me… Everyone attracts to negativity! Hehe

      1. Mica

        aahh let it be then.. but i’m sure you’ll become a good wife and a good mother with your wise thought..

  5. Silent_writer

    Thnk u soo much for this post n all the best for ur happy marriage life….. Stay blessed n u r not mad u r an awsme prsonality love u ??????

    1. Heltej

      Thank u dear!

  6. Sanjanaagrawal

    Hello heltej I mean di I should call u di ….. first of all HAPPY MARRIED LIFE …. MAY GOD BLESS U AND GIVE U ALL THE HAPPINESS …. and all the best for ur next phase of life …. and about mica … u r right she is really the best commenter here … u r absolutely right ….. LOVE U DI … AND HAPPY MARRIED LIFE … hope u will be back soon …

    1. Heltej

      Thank you dear!,
      Yeah… I used to check mica’s comments in every post!

  7. U think u mad!!!! ahhhhh let me think once,,, *thinking* but i dont think soo…

    coz i find u a girl with different personality,,which encourages us,motivate us… ur words always have positive vibes,, after reading ur articles i feel like **Kakali now wrap up ur negativity n throw it in dustbin**…
    this is ur effect on mine…thnk u this much *opening my arms* for this….
    wish u a very happy married life ahead…God bless u…last but not d least u said rit about Mica… she is such a XOXO girl…*pulling her check* u r soo cute Mica… hahaha..

    1. Heltej

      Thank u dear! Yeah.. Mica is such a XOXO girl! Sometimes i used to imagine her as chottu from swaragini! ???

  8. Raina_Riz

    whatever u said is correct and happy married life.U mentioned that mica is the best commentor,yes it’s 100 percent correct and mica used to encourage writers also

    1. Heltej

      Thank u dear! Yeah…

  9. Happy married life Dr….Every words r correct Dr…haha Mica she is a good commenter I’ve noticed her in many updates.. Loved her is
    I’ve read ur is heroines ….
    All the best

  10. Mica

    aahh ty for all love from you friends ! feel blessed to know people like you all..

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