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Chapter 16

Twinj room
The episode start with kunj taking kriya from twinkle’s arm and make her sit on bed and Twinj also sit beside her.
K- kriya papa wants to talk something imp. To u. Will u answer papa.
Kr- ok papa
K- i want to ask u that….. you want to stay with ur mom or with me.
Kriya looks at her face but kept quiet.
T- baby answer papa. We will not force u.
Kr- i want to stay with papa.
Kunj gets happy.
K- kriya but there is a problem. Papa had left mom. So papa get married again. Papa’s new wife is twinkle aunty.
Kriya sits straight but doesn’t give any reaction.
K- so kriya if u will stay with papa u also have to stay with aunty.
Again no reaction
K- kriya are u listening me?
Kriya nods in yes.
K- kriya if u want u can accept twinkle as ur mother but if u don’t want u will only call her aunty.
T- kriya u accept or not we will live the way we were living from past days. Like happy friends.
Kr- i don’t want to stay with u papa.
Both Twinj got shocked.
K- butttt why… baby?
Kr- i want to stay with mumma.
They got double shock.
After a pause i want to stay with twinkle Mumma.
K and T -what?
T- what u said kriya? Say again
Kr- i want to stay with u mumma n kisses her cheek.
Kunj was smiling all the while.
K- okay if ur mother daughter r done. Can i say something .
T- see kriya he is jealous of is.
Kriya giggles
K- kriya i have applied to ur custody so today we are going there n what u said here u have to tell the same there also.
Kr- okay papa.

In court room
Judge(J)- order order
Kunj’s lawyer – My lord at the time of divorce of my client and Ms maanvi u said that their daughter can’t stay with my client kunj sarna because she is just 3 years old but now she is 6 years old n second thing she is ready to accept Mrs.Twinkle Taneja Sarna as her mother. I want to request u to give my clients daughter back to him. That’s it my lord.
( sorry guys i don’t know court processor so just telling the imp. Lines.)
Like this judge listen to both the lawyers n now its time to judge ment.
J- court has come to the conclusion that kriya sarna will stay with her father kunj srna and her mother who she readily accept Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna. The court is adjourn for the day.
There were no boundaries of Twinj and kriya’s happiness. But maanvi was hurt and in anger she fired her lawyer.

Precap – kriya’s first day at school in india.

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