Thank u,thank u for entering in my life… Episode 5

Sry everyond n u cant post daily so i m sry for irregular n thank h for commenting but ur comments r decreasing plzz do comments special note no comedy is there in the episide my mind changes.
Recap- twinkle n kunj wild cat n greedy bussiness man fight. Episode 5
Next morning
Kunj went to his office early without having breakfast n twinkle thought to make kunj’s favourite lunch. Twinkle make kunj’s favourite chole sabji n poori(it’s my fav. So I written this)n she went to kunj’s office too.
T- where is kunj sarna’s cabin.

R- mam who r u?
T- I m his wife twinkle.
R- OK but mam sir is busy.
T- OK no problem I will wait. Where is waiting area.
R- mam y will u wait in waiting area
T- then where I should wait.
R- mam maanvi mam only waits in sir’s cabin. U can also wait there.
T-ok where it is.
R- mam that way

T- thank u
Twinkle went to kunj’s cabin.
T- wow too beautiful
R- this cabin is decorated by maanvi mam only.
T- ohh I see. U go
R- OK mam. Receptionist went n twinkle get in a deep thought about maanvi n kunj.just. then her chain of thoughts broke when kunj enter the cabin. He was surprised to see the there.
K- u here
T- yeah I brought lunch for u ur favourite one.
K- OK let’s have lunch. I think u also didn’t eaten it yet.
T- yes I m starving
K- come.
They have their lunch twinkle feed kunj as kunj was busy in his work n kunj bites twinkles fingure.
T- ouch! U bit my fingure kunj.

K- oh I m so sorry twinkle. He said while holding his ears.
T- OK n now kunj feed her with her hands.

Next scene
Twinj were returning home the journey was so silent so twinkle thought to play radio she plays n the song was wajah tum ho. Kunj hears this song n gets angry his eyes were red twinkle dosent look it as she was enjoying the weather. Kunj turn off the radio.
T- y u turn off the radio kunj.

K- this song is not good
T- y
K- tw it’s not so not Na
T- but y any reasoning
K- bcoz this is the fav. Song of maanvi dam it n gets teary eyes.
T- so what. By the time they reach home n kunj walks to her room tw follows him.
T- kunj tell Na what’s the problem with u
K- tw try to understand I have prblm with my past. I can’t tell u.
T- kunj plzz tell Na see I m ur best friend Na plzzzzplzzz
K- tw not now I will tell u tomorrow have rest u must be tired.
T- nonnononononono not at all kunj right now

K- tw me n maanvi used to dance romantically on this song only. N we last dance on the same day before Christmas day.n u know what we love eo a lot but I don’t know maanvi will do so cheap thing. N he started crying
T- consoles her n kunj hugs her tightly. Kunj I have never seen a man crying but today I saw u to change kunj’s mood she sad this to him n kunj’s smile at her sentence as he know tw is doing this for him.
They have some time together n went to sleep.
At night 2 o clock
Kunj in sleeping started shouting – don’t leave me plzz don’t leave me.
Plzzz I love u a lot plzzz

By this tw sleep was disturb she wakes up kunj but in vain she hugged kunj while sleeping n kunj tighten his grip n he sleeps after getting tw in his arms.

Precap- dont know…

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    Awesome episode yaar
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    Amazing n precap don’t know ?‍♀️ ??????

  3. Hey asna.. Epi is too good. Love it..
    Aww kunj is to hurt.. But kunj abhi tak us manvi se pyar kartahe..and where is kunj daughter..? I wanna see kunjs dghtr and twinkis bond.. Plz post next soon..
    Love you..

  4. Presha

    Hey asna its awesome u really well portrayed kunj hurt and his feelings ..twinj feeding each other was cute plz show kunj daughter nd yes post soon..greedy me???????

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    Awesome episode ??

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