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Episode 2
Scene 1
taneja mansion
Sarnas arrive at tanejas leela greet tanejas and kunj sit in the mandap. Twinkle came down and was looking stunning she was wearing golden and red lehanga. Kunj was mesmerized to see her. She come and sit beside kunj. Pundit ji started chanting mantra then they take 7 vows and kunj make her wear mangulsutra and sindoor. Pandit announce that they are married now and they take blessings of all.

Scene 2
Sarna mansion
Usha welcome twinkle and do her grahpravesh they do a game of finding ring in the big bowl full of milk and rose petals were their and bebe drop a ring in that twinkle started ti find but kunj was sitting numb then usha signs him he also started finding ring unwillingly and won and make twinkle wear the ring.
B- kunj twinkle go and take rest as u both are seems to be very tired.
Twinj nods and leaves.

Scene 3
Twinj’s room
Twinj enter the room and made twinkle sit on the bed
K- i want to talk to u twinkle
T- yes kunj
K- twinkle i think u dont know that i have done this marriage unwillingly inly for my mother’s sake as this is her last wish.
T- last wish what do u mean by that?
K- mom has blood cancer and it is on last stage tomorrow she is going to bangalore for the best treatment . After losing mannvi & kriya i dont want to lose my mom. U r my friend and u will be my friend. I know u r hurted but i cant give u that place and leaves.

Twinkle was shattered to listen this but this much she knows that kunj will never give that place in his life.kunj come out of bathroom and pick up her pillow and Blanket and goes to sleep on couch.
But twinkle holds are hand- u can sleep on the bed kunj
K- but where will u sleep
T- i will sleep on the bed also but we will have a wall of pillow between us.
K- smilea and said ok

Next morning
Twinkle was sleeping peacefully and then she wake after sometime yawnung n shouting for coffee just then she realized she is at Sarnas not in tanejas.
She sees the time and it was 9:30 and a maid come to her and tell her that usha has gone with manohar to bangalore and kunj gone to office and bebe is waiting for her at dining table for breakfast.
Twinkle rush to the bathroom and come downstairs running and just then his dupatta come under her sandal and she was about to fall but our hero cam on time and saves her. They have a short eyelock which was broken by kunj.
K- Cant u see and walk twinkle be careful.
T- ok. But u here.
K- ya vo i have to take a file.

T- u should said to me i havd sended it to u.
K- u dont know becausecu r new here dont worry when u will know i will tell to u with a smile and goes

Precap-Twinj romantic dance & kunj drunk.

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