Thank u,thank u for entering in my life… Episode 10

Episode 10
Next Morning in LA
Both Twinj woke up at same time n smile seeing eo.
K- good morning
T- morning
K- so what’s the plan for today my highnees
T- kunj i want to buy gifts for all.
K- ok so lets go to xyz mall
T- ok u go n freshen up till then i order breakfast. Kunj goes to freshen up n twinkle call room service n order bf.

Twinkle again calls someone but the call was muted till then kunj came out n twinkle went to freshen up both have their bf n left for mall.
They brought many gifts n were left to food court kunj ordered their lunch. While having their lunch
K- tw i want to share something with u
T- yaa sure kunj say it
K- will h help me coming out of my past just then kriya back hugs kunj
N says papa
K- kriya u here bacccha
Kr- yes papa i came here to buy dresses n mom is busy in doing her shopping.
K-ok kriya
T- hello my doll
kr- goes n hugs her yes my sweetu aunty

T- u want something baby while picking kriya in her lap.
Kr- yes aunty
They have their lunch n after kunj search for maanvi a lot but he didnt get her anywhere so he thought to take kriya with him.
They went to their room till then kriya was asleep in twinkle’s lap so she lift kriya n make her way to their room. They went to their room n twinkle place kriya on bed.kunj went to change n after he came a smile appear on his lips.
Twinkle was making kriya sleep as a mother do as she woke up after coming to room so she has kept kriya on her chest n was singing some thing.
Kunj come there smiling.

K- twinkle that she has sleeped
But he sees that tw has too slepped while making kriya asleep. Kunj just clicked their pic n cover them with blanket n went to the balcony for fresh air. Kunj gets a call
K- hello maa
U- hello beta
K- kaise ho aap maa n papa kaise h aap kab aa rhe ho wapis aur aap apni medicine time pe le rhe ho na
U- ohhh shant shant mera baccha. I m fine n ur papa too n we r coming tomorrow n yaaa i m taking my medicines on time.
K- ok maa i m feeling sleepy so i will talk u tomorrow n tw is too sleeping
U- ok beta see u tomorrow at amritsar bye.
K- bye maa. He end up the call n went to sleep putting hand on kriya just like hugging twiya( twinkle n kriya)

Precap – bonding of Twinj n twiya.

I know u all are miffed with me but i cant do any thing i m busy in my final exam which are starting from 15th of march n it will end on 31st of march n after that my massi’s wedding is there on 2 nd april n then reception n all. So i m busy till 10 th of april i think next i will post on 10 th april n that’s a promise n if i get time i will surely post my ff. So till then bye gyuz…
Lots of love

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