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Hello everyone… I m so much happy to have such a good response from u all…
Thank u everyone… And sorry for not commenting to all bcoz but thanks to all my supporters and silent readers… Love u all…
As u were asking about the role played by maanvi – Anita hassanandani (shagun of the hai mohabbatein) &kriya – ruhanika dhawan (pihu of yeh hai mohabbatein)
Note:- I want to tell u all that twinkle &kunj are friends from school time.

Episode 1 scene 1
A big mansion is shown.Nameplate was of Sarna Mansion. The mansion was decorated like a new wedded bride. All workers and family members were roaming here and there.
Next scene
A room is shown which is full of sad thoughts and a family photo in which a man,a lady and a kid of 5 years… A boy enters the room and was very sad. His eyes were swallow looking like he was crying from few days. He pic up the single pic of kid and kiss it and said ‘I love u my baccha… Plzzz comeback to Papa. I m missing u a lot. Please please and start crying.( means the kid is boy’s daughter) then just he hears the knock on the door. He wipes his tears and kept the photo on the side table and open the door. There was an old lady
Boy- Ji bebe. What happen.
Bebe(B)- nothing kunj.(so the boy is kunj)u r not ready. Go and get ready beta we have to go to taneja mansion in half an hour.
Kunj(K)- ya sure bebe. And goes to change.

Scene 2
Taneja mansion is shown where a girl was playing and dancing with her friend chinki(sry not revealed yesterday she is girl’s best friend)and saying I m going to get marrying to kunj. To love of my life. I m so happy chinki. But sad too
Chinki(C)-I understand u r happy but y r u sad twinkle.(so the girl is our twinkle taneja Punjabi pataka beauty with brain ????)
Twinkle (T)- becoz I will leave u all??
C- OK twinkls but get ready as sarnas and kunj will come at any time.
T- OK and leaves.

Scene 3
Kunj enters the room and was looking so handsome and stunning he was wearing red sherwani.kunj camedown with a sad face and heavy heart bcoz it is his second marriage so he is least interested in it.he is only doing marriage for his mother’s sake. They all move to taneja mansion. Screen freezes on kunj’s sad face.

Precap-twinj marriage and related to kunj’s past.

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  1. Sohi

    Hey the episode was emotional why kunj was crying waiting for the next update do continue

    1. Kunj was crying because he is missing his daughter… he loves his daughter a lot…

  2. Chiku

    Woaaah loved it??????post next soon
    Loads of love

    1. Thanks☺

    2. Asna

      Thanks chiku

  3. Hlw asna….. M new cmnting of ur ff…….the episode is to emotional…. Kunj was married to manvi and having a daughter….. Urrggghhh….this is just disgusting…. But no problem now my twinj marriage will happen….yeppyyyy….. M happy…plsss post next epi soon dear…waitingggg…..

    1. Asna

      Dont worry manvi part is only of 1-2 episode but kriya u will get to know…

  4. Simiyy

    Hey Asna
    It really enjoyed it
    please post soon

    1. Asna

      Sure simiyy

  5. SidMin23

    It was awesome episode and want to know kunj past and waiting for twinj marriage and I hope soon kunj got to known that twinkle love him but it seem like kunj don’t love twinkle cant wait for next update do post ASAP.

    1. Asna

      Kunj’s past will be revealed in upto 7th episode… n ya kunj dont know that twinkle love her it is also a suspense related to past… thanks?

  6. Ramya

    Ohoooo awesome nice episode

    Plsssdss asap

    1. Asna


    1. Asna


  7. Aanya_pandey

    Auper dooper episode

  8. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Feeling sad for Kunj he needs his child back 🙂

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