thank u tei


Guys many of u may r may not know me..let introduce my self…myself varshini…I used to read most of the ff. ..
Today as it is the last day of tei I thought of sharing some of my thoughts with u guys…I am really a big fan of tei..the story really connects with this generation now girls fall in love with the wrong person and many of them gets hurt as it is against to their parents decision same as twinkle many girls r there in present situation but from twinkle we need to learn one thing is we need to accept our mistake and try to rectify it…twinkle made her mom hurt a lot but later she made her mom proud her..she accepted kunj as her husband the moment she got married and later on slowly she started liking him and finally fallen in love with him…there will always fights in love despite of all the fights we need to remember all the memomarable moments…
I used to watch tei daily …I used feel sad on Sat and Sun as there will be no tei. ..
I need to thank telly updates…which have frnds names by aakanksha,roshini,jerlydii,krysti,Maryam ,sana
Thanks to atiba for all d daily updates even I saw the episode for sure I would read ur update and I need to thank tashaneishq fc who does a fantastic job by updating all the news about tei
And finally THANK YOU THE ENTIRE TEAM OF TASHAN E ISHQ…we would surely miss u all..

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  1. SidMin

    Missing Tei So much just feel like crying 🙁

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Varshini……really a big thnx to Tashan-e-Ishq fc for always updating us with the news …..a big thnx atiba di ……a big thnx to Tashan-e-Ishq coz if it was not there so we won’t be here ……..I will miss my Tashan-e-Ishq but why to think negative though I know that jazz is coming on another show n don’t even know that it will be hit one or flop one but let’s think positive …..positive that Tashan-e-Ishq season 2 will also come soon ….with that same entire cast only ……even u won’t believe that in craze of wanting season 2 i also provide a track or can say script to rakesh urf raka sir on instagram ….hope he read that ……..but really gonna miss season 1 n waiting for season 2 …..thnx for reminding of these morals which do happens in every girls’ life …..????

  3. Yaar seriously tei fc admin was the best.. she provided everything related to tei in the best way possible.. really thankful to her for that.. and thnx to atiba as well who provides daily written updates.. hope we get tei season 2 with the entire cast again with sid in it..

  4. Yaa gonna miss tei …. Especially sidmin jodi…..

  5. I will miss tei… I hope they wil come back soon with tashan e ishq season 2… With our lovely twinj/sidmin, uv/zain and all the cast of our beloved tei…

  6. Baby

    yr soooooo sweet really true i m crying actually on d verge of crying miss u tei n miss u sidmin…

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