thank u destiny….twinj ff(part 7)

Thank u…dear destiny.

I know I had said I m not gonna end this ff but really I can’t help it.., I can’t prolong it and dears frm 2morro school gonna start so I wouldn’t b able to write at intervals also so I m ending this ff but ii promise I m gonna come with season 2…it wouldn’t be continuation but a new start.i have that story revolving for quite long time.plzz do support me and encourage me. I will try my best 2 be fast but still.i need ur support. I m sorry 4 disappointing u all.

And as this is my last epi…

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Enough of my bak bak
Here is the part 7

Yes…now 1 month has passed…a big hall is shown. Beautiful arrangements 4 marriage r done. Yes its marriage of our sadu sarna and siyaapa queen.
All the family members had agreed.
So with everyone’s consent they got married.
The same night they leave from amritsar 4 mumbai as they had 2 resume their work.
They reach mumbai. Now they head 2wards kunj’s….no…theirs home.
They enter the house .kunj takes twinkle 2 his room and said
Ku-my lovely siyaapa queen welcome to your new room.
Tw-thanks a lot mr.sadu sarna.
Ku-twinkle u know how much i pinned 4 u 4 last 8 yrs.plz don’t ever leave me again.
Tw was moved bcoz she could sense the true luv in his eyes and voice.
She said-I promise u kunj that I would never ever leave u.but u 2 have 2 promise me that u would never ever leave me.
Ku-haaye mai apni jindagi ko kaise chodunga.
Btw bohot bhuk lagi hai.
Tw-why worry when twinky, the chief is here.
Order what u want?
Ku-winks amd says U.
Tw-what? U r just impossible. Now tell fast.
Ku-kk . mujhe kuch bhi Chale ga…usme tera jo mitha pyaar hogana.
Twinkle went 2 the kitchen and searched everything but got only kellogs, maggie and biscuits.
She thought and made maggie and bought a bowl of kellogs.
She took it and went in their room.
After tasting…
Ku-itna acche noodles maine jindagi mai nahi khaye…luv it biwi.
As soon as he said the word biwi….twinkle’s face fell down.she was on the verge of crying. But 2 hide s
he went 2 the kitchen on the pretext of bringing water. Kunj noticed all this.
He was confused but thought to rest the matter there 4 now. He knew that sumthing was fishy but he didn’t want 2 hurt twinkle 4 anything. He went and back hugged twinkle but she shouted loudly as if she had seen a ghost…but when she turned back….she hugged kunj tightly….now kunj was preety sure that sumthing is haunting her.but he knew that she was scared now so he took her to the bed and made her eat a little bit and then made her sleep. She slept like a baby and catched kunj’s hand very tightly as if he is running sumwhere.kunj kept staring at her and said
Ku-my lovely twinkle I promise that whatever is troubling u , I will make it vanish with my love.
And so he himself didn’t knew when felt asleep that too in sitting position, with his hand in twinkle’s hand.

Kunj got…he saw that twinkle was still in deep sleep so he didn’t wake her up but yesterday night’s happenings were revolving in his head…
So he thought of checking her belongings if he culd get any clue.
He checked and he got her personal diary , he took with a hope of finding something….he kept the diary in his bag and and went and make a cup of coffee and brought it to their bedroom and kept it besides twinkle, with a note

My love,
I m going 4 office..u r very tired, so have a day off…no probs…take rest

Yours sadu sarna.

He eyed twinkle lovingly and then bcame ready and went 4 office

Twinkle got up after sumtime…and saw the coffee mug with a note
A big twinky smile automatically made way to her eyes.
She read the note and drank the coffee.
4 her this was the most awaited day of her life.
After this she busied herself with household chores snd unpacking her bag.

Kunj’s office
As soon as kunj entered….everyone congratulated him.
He went to his cabin and kept staring at the empty chair of twinkle….he remembered the diary and he started reading it..when he read it whole….he was shocked was an understatement.

Lets peep in the diary.
Jan-1 , 2014
I m getting married to uvi
Kunj I miss u
Plz come back.

Jan-2, 2014-today he slapped me 1st time
Its hurting
Kunj where r u?

Jan-3, 2014
He has locked me in my room.
Frm yesterday I haven’t eaten anything
Kunj when will u come?

Jan-4, 2014
Today he bate me black n blue.
I can’t bear it
Kunj I need u.

Jan-5, 2014
Today he came home with his frnds and insulted me and went with other girl
How much will b my pain prolonged
Kunj….I need u…plz cum back…I will never trouble u…just take me away frm this hell.

It just went on and on….

Dec-5, 2014
Today when I tried to save myself, he burnt my hand and throwed me out of the house.i m homeless now but atleast away frm that hell.
I hate this word biwi. He called me biwi.
Kunj plz eek baar mujhe yaad karna.


Jan-12, 2014
Today at last I got the divorce.
I promise to myself that I will not become a burden to my mom.i will get on with my life
Kunj I love u forever.

He was just controlling his tears.
He couldn’t believe that his twinkle had 2 go through this much pain.
He was now clear that why twinkle was so scared with the word biwi.

He completed his work faster and returned home.
He saw twinkle at window with deep in he was gonna clear the doubts 4 sure.
He went to twinkle and swapped his fingers in front of her.
She came out of her chain of thoughts
Tw-tum aa gaye….bo bhi itni jaldi.,, ruko mai pani lati hun
Ku-twinkle sit down I wanna talk to u first.
Tw-okay baba, say what?
Ku-twinkle do u trust me, do u trust u r love?
Tw-of course I do.
Ku-his anger and disappointment had taken a toll over his care.
So he shouted with blood red eyes.
Then what the hell is this?
He threw the diary on he floor.
Twinkle on seeing the diary bcame pale and with a great difficulty said
Tw-so u got know. Means now u too will go again…its better I die rather than being alone .by kunj.i knew I always do siyaapa. I m always a bad luck 4 ppl near me.sorry.
If possible plz forgive me,
Ku-again twinkle again….don’t u have fsith in me.he catched her by her shoulders and said…I luv u dammit . Twinkle u r my present and future. U r past doesn’t affects our relationship. It was that idiot’s fault not urs
U should have told me at least. Im sad bcoz I couldn’t help u, save u, share ur grief. Why didn’t u tell me?
Tw-kunj I thought u would go again if I tell u.i loved u 4ever.i was married bcoz of my parents pressure. I didn’t knew if u would believe me or not? Plz I m sorry
Ku-see twinkle I just know that we r soulmates and u r my luv.u r past is nothing 2 me.i will luv u 4ever.
Plzz forget it as a bad dream.i m always there 4 u.i will b always by ur side.u have to move on.
He hugged her.
Twinkle was happy and sad.
Tw-thank u kunj.
I know u would never leave me but still don’t go ever.i luv u 4ever.i promise I would never remember it.
Ku-keep in mind twinkle that now ur MRS. TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA. And now to lighten the mood he said…and that idiot was mad but I m not less I m also gonna torture u with my sweet love.., dear love and he smirked.
On hearing this twinkle nagged his shoulder and smiled a twinky smile.
4 that smile i can do anything thought twinkle.
They had their dinner together and then when twinkle was in kitchen he came and back hugged her and said
Ku-so dear dhadkan of kunj thee great I want my prize 4 clearing ur fear and the morning coffee.
Tw-so what u want?
Tw-haw…very naughty.go I have work.
Ku-but I can see clearly that ur work is finished and now no one can save u frm me.
U have made me wait 4 long…he smirked. (His look is killer one)
Tw pushed him and went running 2wards their room.
Kunj went behind her and closed the door.
Tw-why u bolted the door kunj?
Ku-I want my prize now.
Tw-but I wont give she says with twinkling eyes.
Ku-fine then listen v will play a game and the winner will get what he wants.
Tw-fine.i know I m gonna win.
Ku-overconfidence bad thing bacha.
V will 5 rounds of truth and dare.
First u will ask me than I.
Tw-fine so t or d
Tw-so u never stared me.
Ku-I stared u.
Tw-haw..when? Leave it…abhi vohi kar rahe ho.
Like this twinkle asked kunj 5 times and he completed twinkle’s turn
Ku-don’t take dare twinkle. He knew she would do the opposite
Tw-why I want dare.
Ku-okay then give me my prize ur self
Tw-no ways.
Ku-okay then u lose.
Game over nd I m the winner now I can ask anything.
Tw-this is not fair kunj
Ku-baby everything is fair in love and war.
Tw-tell fast?
Ku-okay I want u.give me my prize plz twinkle.
Saying so he came forward and she went back and back until she hit the bed and felled on it.
But kunj held her by her waist and slowly came near her.they were inches apart…and now their lips met.after sumtime due to lack of breath they broke it.
Now kunj held her in his arms.this was heaven 4 twinkle. And in bridal style placed her on bed.the lights closed now.
They took their marriage to the next level.

Both were complete now.
The days went by with their trust, love growing each day. They were successful on professional front too.

At night v see both of them writing something in a diary.
After sumtime they sleep.
Let’s peep in the diary

Destiny thank u for everything.
Thank you for giving us our soulmates.its like a dream,.
Thank u destiny.
We don’t get what games u play and what moves u plan….but v know that u do everything 4 good.v don’t have any complaints.
V r complete with each other and now again a big thank u for this new coming bundle of happiness. Thank u 4 our little champ who would be here in 8 months.

-from twinj to dear diary

Yes guys its the diary of TWINJ and soon they will get their little tara.

In happiness and luv days went and we get 2 know they have been blessed with a beautiful daughter with twinkling eyes of twinkle and hair and complexion like kunj.they named her tara…yes she was their little tara.their world’s lighting star.

They lived happily ever after in their this small world full of care, , love, happiness.

So this story tells us that love is just not wanting but giving….about caring…about hopes.destiny is unpredictable but if true love exits it gives hope.and destiny is nothing but faith on urself, ur love and ur hopes.

Everyone gets this chance of saying thank u destiny.., bcoz it indirectly gives us the best and the god choosen thing.

I hope I didn’t bore u all with this ff
Do comment
Silent readers too 4 this is my last epi.

Thank u every 1 4 ur shower of love frm starting…all the commentors and silent readers 4 ur motivation. The names r many so I cant list them.but its 4 everyone who took out to read my crap.

I hope u all won’t forget me.
I will be back soon with a season 2-new ff.

Luv u all loads.
Waiting 4 ur response.
Thank u 4 reading

Will miss u all but I will back soon.
Luv u all…my tu family, my di’s, frnds, readers and every1.
Keep smiling, loving twinj and (me too …lol)
Twinj lover and tu lover 4ever.

Remember me ha…lol
Thank u
Luv u all

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