thank u destiny….twinj ff(part 6)

Thank u…dear destiny
Sorry guys….a big sorrrryyy.
I know m very late but I really couldn’t write the whole thing.i was hell busy….u know tutions….bcoz its 9th std na…very important. I donno how many of u r still interested in reading this but still ….
Sorry I know mai thodi jhalli hu…
Don’t be angry…..abhi ke liye meri bakbak kafi hai…

Here is the part six.

Its almost six months now.
Twinkle is well settled in office. She was very hard working hence she got appreciation from higher ups.
Kunj to was doing his best and he had already got his promotion.
Their project rcity was a huge success.

Twinj friendship was also going on very well.they had bcame close and best friends.
They went on small outings.

Twinkle’s POV
Kunj I have kept all my feelings in deep inside my heart.i will never let them surface again bcoz I don’t wanna lose u r friendship. That is enough 4 me 2 live.

Kunj’s POV
Twinkle I will give u ur best b’day gift on this b’day. I luv u twinkle and soon u will know will be our best day ever.

One day in office.
Tw-kunj sir this is my resignation. Pls sir I have 2 leave this job .the reason is in the letter.thank u sir .pls accept it
Ku-was heartbroken .he culd just manage a yes.
Kunj read the letter and the reason was…..jer mother had ordered her to do so bcoz they were gonna fix her marry she was needed 2 be in amritsar.kunj was hell shocked.
He called twinkle .

Ku-ok I have signed it. (Sorry if anything wrong in the procedure as I donno how it goes on)
But listen 2day i want u at my place at 8 pm.ok.he said sternly which he regretted at same time and twinkle was confused but said a yes and said that she will b leaving this job after 2 days and she will be going 2 amritsar again.and she left.
Kunj was sad, angry, and what not.
But he calmed himself sumhow.

In the evening….at his residence
Twinkle arrives and rings the bell but seeing the door open she enters and say …babaji ye kunj bhi kitna laparva hai …aise door koyi khula rakh deta hai kya?
She hears a voice
Voice-kya karu yaad nahi rehta abhi koyi kaam share karne wala nahi hai na.hello
Tw-hi kunj.
Yes it was kunj.
Tw-u called me here 4?
Ku-just like that, wanted to talk with u.
They went to his balcony.
Ku-twinkle do u believe in luv?

Tw-why r u asking me?
Ku-bcoz u r my bestie.u know what I waited 4 her 4 8 yrs aur ab jab vo mili na to she is going again,
Hearing this twinkle’s heart broke into 100 pieces .her eyes were moist.still she composed herself and said then.kunj had noticed everything.
Ku-what shuld I do?
Tw-sorry kunj I don’t about these things and think I should leave now .
She started walking but kunj got her wrist and pulled her back and asked
Ku-don’t u want 2 know who she is I have called her too .
Twinkle was at the verge of crying now but she said , kunj its ur personal time now I think and I should leave.
Ku-no just u have to see her okay and he takes her 2 the mirror and says …see there in the the mirror she is the love of my life…4 whom I m pinning 4 last 8 yrs and now again she will be leaving me again .

Tw was hell shocked , she had broke down already.
Tw-again tum mera majakh bana rahe ho na.i knew it.sorry lekin ab me yaha se sachi me jaa rahi hu.maine kaha tha ki mera majakh mat banana .kunj me insaan hu koi khel nahi ki chaha khela aur nahi chaha rakh diya side

Ku-now couldn’t control himself .he fell down on his knees and he was literally crying
Ku-twinkle I m not joking mai tumhare liye pichale 8 sallo se tadap raha hu.
Tum us din college se chali gayi,mere dil se nahi gayi lekin.maine tum se kitni baar baat karni chahi par tum kabhi sunti nahi.tumhara photo mere pas hai kyuki tum nahi ho mere should I tell 7 that I luv u dammit.he was crying tears of anger evident.he continued…
Meri ek galti ki saja mujhe mat do.maine khud ko sambhala tha lekin tumhe vapas milkar ab tumhe nahi khone chahta.mai jee nahi paunga yaar.i luv u twinkle mujhe tumhara saath chahiye sirf .I want u mujhe chodkar mat jao pls.
Twinkle was trying 2 digest it all. She sat down on the ground crying.
Ku-twinkle don’t dare 2 say that u don’t love me bcoz I have seen my photo in u r purse , I have seen u crying bcoz of me, 4 me.

Twinkle couldn’t bear it any longer. She just went 2 kunj and engulfed him in a bone crushing hug.the entire world had come 2 an stand still 4 them.the pain of 8 yrs was vanishing. Kunj engulfed his arms around her tightly as if she is gonna go sum here . Twinkle was crying endlessly .4 her she had got her whole world. Kunj loved her.this was like a life giver.
Tw-I luved u kunj always and will always.
But will u leave me again?….

She was stopped in middle…she culd feel hard lips on her.she was shocked but slowly carried their yearning 4 each other.kunj broke it and said ….I will never ever leave can I leave my life..
This was enough 4 her 2 hear.
Tw-kunj but I have 2 leave 4 is gonna fix my marriage. She said it with tears in her eyes.
Ku-don’t worry.leave it upto me.

The next day.

Kunj took 1week holiday and cancelled twinkle’s resignation and instead gave her a week’s holiday. They both went 2 amritsar by plane.

Amritsar airport.
Girl-kunj bhai where r u and where is my twinkle bhabhi.
Ku-bhabhi ki bacchi …I m behind u.
Girl hugged him and said welcum back.
Ku-anushka tune vo kaam kiya?
Yes she is anushka sarna his sissy back in india 4 a month.
Tw-hi anu.gud 2 see u.
Btw tune aur tere sadu bhai ne kya plan kiya hai?

Kunj called his mom and told everything about him and twinkle.first she was not at all accepting it.he then called anu and asked her help.
She said an instant yes.with her buttering and then she told usha 2 contact leela 4 twinkle’s hand, she gave usha twinkle’s every detail. Usha 2 accepted it atlast .She knew that twinkle was perfect 4 kunj.
Usha and leela turned out to be childhood besties.and leela hadn’t selected anyone 4 twinkle but was searching. She was just 2 glad 2 accept the proposal.
Flashback ends….
Anu continued and said-and so my bhabhi and bhai aaj aap dono ki engagement hai.its a surprise 4 u….so fast….I know par ab jaldhi chalo.
Twinj were just like what?
But they were 2 happy

Twinj-thank u anu.tu to great hai
Anu with attitude-I know.aakhir mai anu, the great hu and they broke into laughter

The screen freezes on their happy faces.

Guys u know today m gonna give my intro…
My name is arundhati.
Bas itna aaj ke liye kafi hai.

Sorry 4 the delay but can’t help it.
And I m gonna end this ff as school gonna start soon.
So only 1 or 2 more episodes.
But pls aaj ke liye mujhe maaf karo aur pls comment karo
Silent readers too.

I promise I will visit tu page often and will write some os too.
But I need u r motivation.

So pls friends comment

Again a big soorryy for being late.

A request 2 roshini if u r reading…pls continue u r ff pyar ki roshni….pls and also other ff writers pls continue bcoz we r waiting eagerly 4 it.

Sorry 4 the mistakes.
Luv u all
Thanks 4 reading.

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  12. Ritzi and everyone sorry but now I m sure I m not ending this ff …..but pls u all have 2 bear with me as I would not be able 2 update daily…I will try my best 2 do it soon.
    Luv u guys.
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