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Here is the part 5.

The episode starts with kunj and twinkle reaching their office. Twinkle gets down and without saying anything heads ahead. Kunj gets a little frustrated due to her this behaviour but tells himself that its his mistake.he parks the car and enters the building when he spots twinkle still there…luking at her baffled face , he decided to have some fun.?
Ku-twinkle mil gaya na tumhara cabin?
Tw-I hope aapki aakhein thik ho sir bcoz I think that u can see I m still here so sir pls will u help me to reach my place?
Ku-why not, MISS TANEJA.comon keep up with me and he started walking.
Twinkle without speaking followed him like a student who follows his teacher.
After 5 mins they were in north wing , 20th flr which had a board “project r-city”
He took her in there but he was shocked to see that her cubicle was in his cabin.
Ku-guys what the hell is this? Why is her cubicle in my cabin?
One of the worker-sir actually as u both r on the same project with u as project head and mam as senior manager u both have to work 2gether and as she is new, sir u have 2 guide her so bade saheeb as told us to do so, I m sorry but v can’t help it.
Saying so he went ahead with his work.
Twinkle was just like dammit hamesha mere saath aisa hi hoona hota hai na babaji? She was so lost that she didn’t maya cum.
Maya-is that cubicle 4 me in ur cabin?
Ku-excuse me miss …first of all I m u r sir and this cubicle is 4 the senior manager not u so I hope you know u r place.
Maya-twinkle kyu itna khoyi hai, kam pe dyan nahi hai , I u don’t wanto I will sit there.
She said angrily.
Ku-stop it guys back to work.
In 15 mins every1 in my cabin.
Twinkle come .lets go
Tw in mind
Its so awkard 2 sit here, gods knows how will work?
Kunj in mind
Thanks babaji mujhe mauka dene ke liye.
Now I can see whole day.8 saal ki kasar bharunga mai jarur.
Tw-sir plz explain me the project and how m I about 2 go about with it?
Ku-listen v r doing this project and its our biggest venture…v have 2 be best.
We have 2 make designer clothes and pieces for the rcity grp with their given budget and u r to make financial decisions 2 it with u giving different designs 4 the cloth pieces.
Tw-understood sir.
Till the all had arrived.
Ku-cum In guys
So now with 2 new and important crew members v have to take our project 2 new heights. Twinkle tell the capital amount v have
Tw-max v have 180crores with 1.75 crore for 4 each mall and still v will be left with 5 crores 4 safety matters
Ku-gud so now as assigned to each one start the designs and I want it finalised in next 3 weeks.

All went 2 their respective places.
Tw got up
Ku-wher r u going?
Tw-afcourse 2 my cubicle
Ku in small voice-pls don’t go frm my life again.
Tw-sir u said something ?
Ku-nothing (bal bal bach gaya in mind)
Tw did her work her with deligience till lunch break.
At lunchtime
Tw-excuse me sir, may I know the break is 4 how much time?
Ku-1 hr, ,why?
Tw-nothing.thank u and she went out .
Kunj culd see sum expression on her face but couldn’t figure out so he started following her.
She went to a small shop took sum cadburies and went hurriedly 2 a small had a board which said, welcum 2 good samaritan .
He went inside and saw that all bacha party had surrounded her.lets name them palak, yashraj, ,elenco, faisal.
Elenco-didi, v missed u and humari cabby?
Palak-cabby nahi Cadbury yaar
Tw-here it is but first I need a kiss frm my dear chotus
Palak and elenco gave peck on her cheeks
Tw-thats my bachese , here is u cadburies.
Now I have 2 leave bacha, tell karuna kaki I visited, I will cum soon.
Bache-by didi
She came outside and went 2 bus stand and in 15 mins she back 2 office. Kunj also returned back but instead of going in the cabin he waited outside and watched her as she had just sat.

Kunj’s POV
I saw that she just took a little diary out and started writing something , while sum silent tears made their way frm her eyes.
I just wanted 2 read the damn book in what she was writing that was making her cry.
Then 2 my surprise she took a photo of mine and saw here and there if anybody was luking, with no one around she catched the photo tightly in her hands as if sumone is gonna take it,and she started speaking with it.kunj wanted to hear it so he pressed himself on the grills, he heard her say
Tw-why kunj u r doing this? Why u kept my photo? U donno maine apne app ko kaise sambhalla hai, agar is bar mera dil tootana mai nahi sambhal paungi aur mujhe sambhall ne walla koi hai bhi nahi…I know u will never like me but jo feelings mai daba chuki hu , unhe mai vapas nahi jagne de sakti? Mujhe apna majakh vapas nahi banana? Babaji help me plz,.
Saying so she kept the photo amd and started with work without eating.
Kunj entered
Ku-twinkle had lunch?
Tw-sir not necessary 2 ask or answer
Ku-jitna rona hai pehle rolo, har roj thoda thoda kyu, and lunch tum abhi khaogi.
Tumhara photo mere ghar mai hai aur hamesha rahega.U R IMPORTANT 4 ME.but u wouldn’t understand. Let the topic rest.
Twinkle was hell shocked. She was digesting what he said.
She came to his table. She had broke down now.
Tw-kunj what u said just now? Arent u in u r senses…mai koi khel hu kya jab chaha pheka aur jab chaha favourite bana diya ha? What r u upto?…..
She was stop midway by kunj.
He stood up and went 2wards her, she moved back until she hit the wall.
Kunj pinned her 2 the wall and said,
Ku-tu kitna bolti hai yaar, dusro ko bhi chance de and I mean what I say, its upto u how u take it.get back 2 work.
Tw was shooked 2 the core.
She completed her work and waited in the parking lot.
After that break the day had went in silence and smoothly.
Kunj came at 6.00 in the parking lot.he sat in the car and opened the other side 4 twinkle.
She sat without saying anything.
Kunj decided 2 break the silence atlast
Ku-so siyaapa queen, friends? He forwarded his hand
Tw-she thought 4 sumtime and said, tum mera vapas majakh nahi banauge? She asked with a child’s innocence.
Kunj came forward and said-I promise twinkle i wuld never ….that was my biggest mistake…pls accept…u really matter….
She culd see the frankness in his eyes and she forwarded her hand and said, friends.
They both now carried a 5000 watt , killer smile , god knows why?
Tw-why u called me siyaapa queen?
Kunj gave his killer, marjawa one eyebrow up look.
Ku-matlab u create that siyaapa in college wasn’t that enough to call u that. (Beware u pricked the wrong nerve)
He culd see her disappointment evident on her face.
He said sorry at once.
Tw-its okay .

She culd see the tension build up in the air and 2day sh had a good day after years she didn’t want to mess it.she culd see kunj trying his best so to lighten up she said,
Tw-okay fine mr. Sadu sarna apology accepted.
She was delighted to see kunj’s killer smile.
Kunj thought atlast I have seen a smile on her face though a small one I swear one day I will be the reason of her smile.
Ku-why sadu sarna?
Tw-bcoz I don’t know just liked it, suits u.
Her house had arrived. She said a quick bye and said meet u @2morro 8am.
It gave a different contentment to kunj.
He went home 2day and had a good sleep after many months.
On other side twinkle got a different feeling, kuch aisa jo baya na ho.she too first time in 8 yrs she slept a peaceful sleep.
The whole world was sleeping now but the air was a witness to their new friendship, contenment.

Lets see what happens.
Day 1 brought such a drastic change, what will happen guys will they be successful in expressing themselves?

Thanks 4 reading

Credit to: dreamer

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