thank u destiny…. twinj ff (part 3)


Thank u…. dear destiny
Thank u guys for u r support
Thanks to all those who commented and silent readers too…u all made my day again.

Here is the part 3.
The episode starts with kunj seeing twinkle weeping on the terrace.
She was speaking to herself,….babaji us din ke bad mai jisse apna muh nahi dikhaana chahti thi vo kyu mujhe mila….ab me yaha kaise kam kar sakti hu, mai har roj us dard ke sath nahi ji sakti lekin ab mujhe jina hoga apne parivaar ke liye….mai kabhi use yad nahi dilaungi ki mai vo idiot hu, vo nerd hu lekin use yaad hoga phir bhi vo mujhe sabke samne nahi pehchanega…so eek kam hogaya lekin ab mujhe vo din har roj yad ayega…she is crying,….
Kunj now couldn’t control himself.. He went frm there 2wards twinkle and but before he culd say anything…. Twinkle turned around and again she was shocked to see him. And to the utter disappointment of kunj she started speaking, kunj…. I mean sir, u here? I m sorry its u r office building so u can b here, i m only a candidate, sorry…. Sorry may be i disturbed u, i didn’t see u so…. I will go frm here, sorry sir. She was just about 2 leave….but kunj caught her wrist and pinned her to the wall…
Kunj-so miss taneja u, urself said that i m the senior so now just listen 2 me…… After a long pause….. See twinkle i still remember u, that day and my mistake. I m sorry taneja for that day n i wanted to say this 4 last eight yrs, u never gave me chance…so I think u now know I m guilty for that day…so now u should have no problem to work here…and stop this game of sir, I think u remember me enough to know my name so now is it fine….saying this he took his hands back.
Tw-ok sir thank u 4 atleast remembering that day.i think I shoulder leave now as our break is getting over.
And before kunj says anything, she leaves frm there.

Scene 2
In the office building
The interviewers announced the names of selected ones…
Int-actually v needed only 1 person but now one employ left so v selected 2 candidates
1st is miss maya, , Congrats u r the manager of project r-city and 2nd is miss twinkle , congrats u r the senior manager of the same project with kunj sarna as u r project head.

U both have to join frm 2morro …morning 9 to evening 5…hpe to see the best of u all..
Saying this the interviewers left…slowly all the candidates left.kunj was taking his files so he came out last…he came down in the parking lot and was about to leave when he saw twinkle going 2wards a rickshaw , he called her but she didn’t heard or rather ignored..but again god knows why he followed her….after sum time the rickshaw stopped at Little isolated spot of the road…the rickshawala came out and went at the backside…kunj became a little restless,..just then he heard a shouting a help….now the scenario was clear..he got out and headed 2wards the rickshaw with anger very evident on his face…he reached just at the nick of time, with one tight slap the man ran away and now with anger he took twinkle with him towards his car….
Tw who was already crying started talking
Tw-just leave my hand sir …I will manage , buton my own…no one is needed to look after me…just leave me…but her pleas were falling on deaf ear, he just pushed her in his car…still she was going on and on…kunj had had enough of it now…he went near her…and with blood red eyes….said…twinkle I respect womens a lot, I don’t allow anyone to misbehave with any girl…and with u never ever…and from tomorrow u r coming with me 2 office and back…and I hope its understod and its an order.
Twinkle was hell confused as why was he being like this …o fish whats the word, ya why was he being possesive…with great courage she asked…
Tw-sir u r not needed 2 do this, but if its order I have to accept it as u r my head…
Kunj-stop it dammit…right now v r out of our office and not friends then atleast ex-competitors ke naate mujhe maaf karo aur sir mat kaho… aur sidhe muh baat kar yaar..
Twinkle was surprised with this sudden outburst….she was just about 2 speak when she saw darkness in front of her and the next moment she was unconscious….due to sudden tension , fear, anxiety and what not .
Kunj was shocked and he didn’t knew where she lived so he took her 2 his home….
He made her sleep on his bed and made glucon-d for her and kept it on the near by table and went for a wash….after 5 mins or so twinkle bcame conscious and looked on this familiar place…slowly she got it by looking at the photos of kunj with aditya and his family and friends and then she remembered that she had lost her senses but a small thing got her attention …a small paper , someone’s photo half out of the drawer and the locket on it looked liked hers old and dear one…
She got up with great difficulty and slowly went towards the drawer and took the photo and a great shock came her way….
It was her photo…

The screen freezes on her confused and shocked face…

Pls readers do comment…
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I wanna know , whether should I continue or no?
I know I m not a good writer…but pls tell whether I m boring u all?
Sorry for the mistakes.

Thanks 4 reading.

Credit to: dreamer

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