thank u destiny…. twinj ff (part 2)


Thank u…. dear destiny
Thank u guys for u r support
Thanks to all those who commented and silent readers too…u all made my day again.
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Here is the part 2.

After all the interviews the candidates had to wait in the waiting area.
The interviewers had got a break of 1 hr.kunj quietly went from there to the terrace. He was in deep thoughts…. All the incidents came to him again.
Flashback… Kunj’s POV
that day only if I had been more careful I could have made a better friend atleast. Why i had to be so hopeless? Why I had to hurt her feelings. And now babaji she is here again.
That day I had got a rejection frm Alisha. I needed to take out the frustration and why did i do it on twinkle… Why i became so sarcastic… She hadn’t told me, i just heard it so why…. I still regret it. I went to say her sorry but instead of stopping her and saying sorry , i followed her.

She went running directly to the gurudhwara and sat at a corner, she was crying helplessly… She started talking to herself…
Tw-babaji, hamesha main kyu? Maine kya bigaada hai kisika? Mujhe kunj ka answer pata tha isiliye mai use kya kisiko bhi apne feelings nahi batati. Mai kisiko bhi apne feelings nahi batati. Aur aaj jab himmat se bola to mera aur mere feelings ka majak bana ke rakha.lekin usme kunj ki koi galti nahi hai. Mai uski kya kisike bhi layak nahi hu. Aakhir main sabki nazaro mai bookworm without any feelings hoon.lekin at last i m also human mujhe bhi dukh hota hai. But babaji mai meri puri zindagi sirf or sirf kunj se pyaar karti rahungi, lekin vo mujhe accept na kare lekin vo meri zindagi hai.. Aur thode dinno me yaha se,is jagah or kunj ki life se
Chali jaungi or vaise bhi uski jindagi me thi kab.

These words unknown to her were going like arrows on kunj. After crying her heart she started again and went to the library, collected sum bks and then from a shopee took chocolates and went 2 a children’s ashram. She gave them the chocolates and started playing woth them with her specs off and hair open till now. The sight mesmerized me. It felt as if only these people loved her and cared for her without any conditions.

Ater sum time she went to park with books and birds for her company .after an hour or so she went frm there 2 a bazaar and took veggies and other home articles and then headed towards a building…. I think her house was on the 5th flr bcoz i culd see her there in the balcony. She was looking simply beautiful with open flying hair and ghagra and knee length top…wait, sumthing is wrng with me i m saying her beautiful… I couldn’t say her sorry…. And days went by but why i dunno the incidents of that day were still afresh 4 me. Nothing had changed but still a lot had changed. I tried talking to her 2ice but she wuld ignore me and say, i know i m nerd, and not of u r level… So sorry for that day, if i knew u were around, i wouldn’t have removed my voice. U would never hear my idiotic opinions 4 u. I m sorry. But now i had changed, i had started liking her simple ways. Unwantedly but still my eyes now searched her everywhere. Slowly it struck me that i had fallen for her but i think it was too late. The next day was the result. I decided to tell her 2morrow but destiny had other plans bcoz she didn’t arrived. I asked Aditya and Chinki.

They told that actually as she had topped she got her result from the principal a little early and she has left Amritsar for futher studies. I asked him her number but didn’t got as her no. as it was changed .atleast i wanted to say her sorry but now i donno when v will meet or will meet also or not? But now the realization struck me… How much she mattered for me and i wouldn’t be able to see her least talk to her. The feeling itself was very horrible but i had to move with it now… Wherever destiny takes me. Days, months and years passes… But still sumwhere i felt the guilt, her crying and her words. Still i knew i wuld meet her… But when? I was missing her….

Flashback ends…..
Kunj in mind-why god, she had to meet me like this? Now i know her, my love is in front of me but i can’t show her…. I have to be composed… I can’t let her know. .
But this time I will be fair enough.

His chain of thought was broken by a small yet pain filled sniffs and weeping sounds…. He turned and went to the other side.
There he saw….

She was weeping with her her hands tightly on her mouth.
Camera freezes on kunj’s shocked face.

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Thank u 4 reading.

Credit to: dreamer

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  1. It’s really awesome yr…Nice

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  5. Awesome and interesting

  6. 100 out of 100
    awesome epi
    keep it up
    and did u read that sid is quitting the tei

    1. Yes I have read it….and m really feeling like crying….if our hero is not there I dont what will happen but surely kunj was made to come live by sid and no one culd have done better but lets see what happens and v should wish sid all the best and may he get more success.. but really sad after hearing this news…lets hope to see him more on tv…

  7. Thank u everyone for the comments…for motivating me

  8. Sorry for commenting late ….
    it was too good yrrr really ur a superb writer ….
    I know dreamer ur also hurt wid Sid leaving the show but plz don’t get to upset that u end ur ff plzzzzzzz its a request after biding adieu to TEI u people r the source of our smile.

    1. Of course sayeeda I m sad but twinj always rocked and will always rock…I m not stopping this ff as I too enjoy writing about and remembering twinj and getting to connect with you all.thank u dear 4 motivating me.

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