thank u destiny…. twinj ff (part 1)

Thank u…. dear destiny
Thank u guys for u r support
Thanks to all those who commented and silent readers too…u all made my day.
Here is the part 1.
A girl is shown cleaning the house.then she goes oit helps the dadi there to take the medicines and takes her blessings.
Girl-dadi mujhe aashirwad dena ki aaj mera selection hojaye
Dadi-jindi reh puttar tere jaise sone kudi ko koi kaise mana kar sakta hai.
Girl-jee dadi, by chinki sham ko milte hai.Chinki-ha re , abhi tu ja.all the best.
U all guessed it right, she was our twinkle….she was going for her first interview.
At the venue,

Tw-excuse mam I have come for the interview.
Receptionist-actually! sit there on the sofa pls.and murmured style to hai nahi ayi badi yaha kam karne.
Twinkle heard this but she was
used to it.she knew that from her looks she wad always referred as a nerd.
After sum time…
twinkle taneja go in.
tw-pls may i cummin sir
Interviewer-come in
Tw heard the voice and a small fear creapt in her…this voice is of …but before she could guess she got the shock of her life …her interviewer was kunj sarna.All the haunting memories came back to her.Still she composed herself and went in.

Kunj-so miss taneja why do u want to work in this company?
Tw-sir, first of all I have to help my family so I need to work and about this company I want to start my career asap and this is my first interview.
Kunj-great….how to do u connect style, fashion with science and maths
Twi-without maths and science no work can be done, due to scientific technology v r able to create diff materials and designs and maths od the mother of all sciences.
Thus the interview went on for sum time with twinkle’s confident answers.
Then came maya, she was the daughter of a famous industrialist so she got the so called sifarish…she knew she would be selected so she just waited…
Tw-in mind after coming out….I know ab mujhe yaha kam milne se raha or yaha to sifarishey chalti hai. But mujhe is job ki jarurat hai babaji aur maim apne past ka saya yaha padne nahi de sakti.

Flasback….twinkle’s pov
Year 2008…T.K.College=0D=0ATwinkle, kunj and aditya were in the same college
Twinkle was Aditya ‘s cousin. Kunj was Aditya’s bestie.kunj and twinkle were competitors but nothing else. Twinkle was a shy and quiet girl. She never shared her feelings with anyone but chinki.
Once at the canteen…
Tw-chinki see na kunj kitna Acha hai na…
Chinki-kuch kuch hota hai ha…and smirks
Twi was hell embarrassed for her comment but
Tw-shut up …pagal hai tu
Chi-sach bata twinkle tu jhe wo aacha lagta hai na..
Twi was not at all good at saying lies replied a meek yes.

Kunj also heard this thing as he was sitting at the table behind.he started laughing aloud and twinkle was hell shocked.
Kunj-really miss.nerd .I reject it! U like me? Ha ha ha
Twinkle who couldn’t bear it any longer..said sorry mr.sarna I didn’t knew that people don’t care for feelings that too unsaid ones and she from there running.
Chinki-really kunj is this u.she was a good person.shd din’t asked u because she knew u r ans and gave him a death glare before going

Kunj by now regretted his words…he called adi to ask what he should do now
He went to say sorry…but he never did…This was their last meet for last 8 yrs
Twinkle had made it sure that she will never face this person again.
She completed her college and went away for futher studies
Flasback ends….
All the haunting memories came back to twinkle, but she had do it for her dadi, her family.

Lets see if she is selected or no? Does destiny make them meet?

Precap:kunj pov and futher…

Thanks for reading
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  1. Nice dear dreamer

    1. Thanks alot shreya really thanks

  2. Yrr it was a nice beginning ….in ur first episode only u rocked u proved that ur ff is worth reading. Nice yrr waiting for the next to know about Kunj’s POV.

    1. Thank u sayeeda …for u such good words amd sorry for the mistakes as ot was not proofread…I will try to improve…Thanks again

  3. Amazing epi dear loved it eagerly waiting for d nxt epi plz cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

    1. Thanks alot I will try my best for more better ones and will continue to asap

    1. Thank u

  4. its really damn amazing…. so i need a long epi frm such a gr8 writer…. i hope u understand

    1. Thanks a lot …I will surely try to make it longer

  5. your hands will be getting pain because u have to write very long episodes till century

    epi was awesomeeeeeeeeeeee
    loved it
    post next soon

    1. Thanks and yes for sure I will make it longer and will update asap

  6. No need of tomatoes it was nyc episode bt make twinkle bit gud nerd sochte nai sakti

    1. Thank u and imagine twinkle with big , broad glasses and pony tail and a jeans and baggy top cum shirt without matching coloured bag….so sorry for it but in this ff she needs to b like these…and m not that good at describing so pls m really sorry and I will try to make it more intresting and thanks for commenting

  7. Awesomeeeeee…..

  8. Awsm beginning ?

  9. :v not tomatoes but roses !!! U rocked 1st epi !!!! ?

  10. I loooooooove it ? Please post asap

  11. wow twinkle nerd twinkle is osum…the episode was an epic…loved it ….plzzz update asap

  12. Nice but longer next and twinkle nerd funny

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