thank u destiny…. twinj ff (intro)

Thank u dear destiny…. Twinj ff
Hello guys

Actually i came across some ffs here just some days ago and now I have become a very bigwali fan of it.
I just adore our twinj
So here is my first ff
I m just trying it first time
So sorry for mistakes and your comments will be my fuel..
Sorry for my bag bag
Here is the intro

Twinkle taneja-a nerd and quiet girl. In search of job in mumbai.
Has many cousins in mumbai but only chinki her neighbour is her bestie.

Chinki-bestie of twinkle and her neighbor and works at a near by hotel as a chief.

Kunj sarna-manager of style co in foundation, Mumbai. A kind hearted person, very frank.

Mahi-employ in style foundation.
A good person and wellwisher of twinkle.

Maya-another candidate for a post in the company.

Uv-brother of twinkle. Is in America for further studies.

Leela taneja-a friendly lady, mother of twinkle and uv. A single mother. Owns 5 shops in Amritsar.

Rt taneja-father of twinkle and uv. Is dead.

Manohar sarna-a simple man. Is a business man in Amritsar. Father of kunj

Usha sarna -mom of kunj

Bebe -head of sarna. Respected lady and kunj ‘s favourite.

Anushka sarna-sister of kunj, childhood friend of twinkle. Is doing job in NY.

Aditya -a cousin of twinkle and friend of kunj.

Ek jhalak
A silent girl with bad memories and a jolly boy with caring behavior…..
They know but still don’t know each other.
Will destiny bring them together? If yes in which way?

Thanks for reading

Credit to: dreamer


    • dreamer

      Thanks alot sayeeda….u r words r fuel for me I will try my best to make the story interesting…

  1. Shreya

    Nice.. Its different coz of twinkle’s totally opposite characters… Keep going???????

  2. Twinju(bhavika)

    nice yaar keep up u r a good writer

    try to read my ff dilon ki dastan hope u will like it if yes please comment

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