Hello guyz again m back with an one shot….so please tell me do u like it or not..

Swara was smiling seeing sanskar playing with his 4 year old little princess….she looks satisfied and looks at them rembering that day….
” i wonder what will u do to urself if i wouldnt met u….i still rember that sanskar who hate ladies …who has lust in his eyes…who only crave for a female’s body…..but this sanskar is my sanskar..who respects everyone who now respect ladies…m happy to see him happy m blessed to hv him in my life”…

Sanky was a brat a rich brat who uses girls like a tissue..everything has a reason behind this n ya his this behaviour is a result of some painful moments….frm childhood he has never experience good females…wethrr his aunt or his so call first love…one day his mum(sujata) called me n ask for help…she was cryng she cant saw her son lyk this she knows that he needs paychetric assestance so she called me…
Sujata:hello swara.
Swara: ji aunty namastey
Sujata: beta i need ur help…i hv listen that u r in australia so can u meet me…??
Swara: ya aunty just text me ur address n i ll be there in an hour
Sujata: no swara we cant meet here i along with my hubby will come to ur place…is it ok??
Swara: ya for sure m stayng in hotel blue moon room no 609…
After an hour sujata n rp arrived….
Swara:yes aunty tell me how can i help u?
Sujata: beta my son..(cries)

Rp: sujata dont loose hope..
“Rp explained everything …how sanskar has bitter experience in chlid hood…he use to live with his aunt (sujata’s Cousin)….she use to live in mumbai n sanskar was there fir his vaccations..she was mentally unstable she was suffering frm split personality…her one side is very calm n campossed n other side was just to fill her lust…her lust to sleep with someone….sanskar stayed there for 2 months n those 2 months changed little sanskar alot….she also use to beat him whenever he tries to tell this to sujata or rp…..then he came back to his house where he is safe or he believes he is safe….but for how long…soon his aunt got shifted to his place after her husband’s sudden death…she here also use to torcher him mentally..physically…n s*xually ….one day rp came to kno about her deeds…n throw her out..after that 12year old sanskar was sent for councelling…n smhow recovers….he was 21 now he loves a girl he wants to marry her….he was madly in love with her but again life plays its game…one day he saw her sleeping with his best friend…he was shatterd…he ask her reason behind thiz n she says “cm on sanky u are rich but vinay is more rich than u n most importantly he fullfill my demands both materialistc n….physical he is nt lyk u….u never even touched me damm it…if u hv spnd a night with me u wouldnt ….ahhh leave yr n please lockthe door properly baby”

“This breaks sanskar….he turned into a devil a playboy who only use to sleep with girls….rp n sujata when comes to kno they contacted swara”
I was sure that he is serious so i decides to meet him…i hv shifted to their house….i observed him for a week then strted my covo. With him…
Swara:good morning sanskar(with a smile)
Sanskar: very bad morning
Swara: what happend sanskat??
Sanskar: (evely) last night i dont get any girl to sleep with…
Rp aujata n swara were shocked….
Swara:so what u can sleep with someone tonight…
(Rp n sujata widens their eyes bt they kno that i will make him old sanskar )
Sanskar was shocked to listen this..

Days passes n i n sanskar strted talking with each other n i hv completly fallen for his caring side his care for his family…
Itz been two months now n sanskar has stopped bringing girls everyday he still bring girls bt not daily rp n sujata were relieved now….
6 monthes late
Me n sanskar both loves eath other n with the hard work at last after 8 months the old loving n caring sanskar is back…..
Sanskar decides to propose me bt then he herd me n sujata aunty’s talk she was thanking me…for making him old sanskar…
He again got shatterd to kno that i was his doctor n was treating him….sujata went n he took md with him….throws me on bed n shouts…” tum b vaisi he nikli jhootha pyr ka dikhawa kia …tumhe kya lgta hmai pagal hoon…if yes then let me show u hw mental i am….”
He pins me on bed n throws my dupatta…n strted to lean tiward me i was scared lyk hell n was pleading…but all in vain….aftr kissing me on forhead he left me…
…Next day everyone was shockd as i said that i wanted to marry sanskar…
Sanskar hold my hand tightly that mh bangles broke…”what u want…u just want to sleep with me na…then i will sleep with u…bt y all this marriage n all”
Swara: cz i dont want to sleep with stranger i want to be with my hubby i want to feel safe in his arms….i want to ses love for me in his eyes…(smiles)
Sanskar was numb…

We got married…
After marriage our frst night…
Swara: m urs sanskar now u hv ryt to hurt me…do what ever u can to hurt me i also want to see how much”my sanskar” can hurt me(says with teary eyes)
Sanskar: so u want to see na cool now i will show u…
He throw my dupatta…i was shocked bt i knew that if sanskar had lost this tym i cant get him back…sanskar again left me without doing anything…n took his pillow n sleeps on couch n i was happy seeing him …”in mind i kno now u hv chngef””

2mnths latr
Swara use to serve him breakfast but today she was not here….she was no where he asked rp n he told that she has left for india…. sanskar in mind”u hv to be with her sanky she needs u..she always stand beside u ….she might be broken now after listening to ur harsh words…yes u hv to go”
Sanskar: u claim that u luv me ryt?
Swara: i dont claim dam it i do..
Sanskar: then if i ask u smthng will u give me that?
Swara:bol k to dekho
Sanskar:hamesha hamesha k lye meri zindagi se chli jao…kahi b door bs meri aankbo k smne mt ana
Swara while cryng”i promise i will never meet u again…u wont see my facd until i die”(left roomwhile crying)

**flshback ends**
He left for india n was shocked to kno that swara’s flight got crashed n no one is alive……
His heart breaks into million of picies …he cries his heart out..”swaraaaaaaa i love youuuu…..m sorry i promise i Will never leave u….i need u…i need ur care…ur love…tum mujhe fir se insaan bana k kahi nhi ja skti….tumne mujhe pyr krna sikhaya or tumhi door chli gai…q swara q????”””” Cries loudly….
Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder n a familir voice…”sanskaarr”
Sanskar look back n hold the person from vaist as he was on his knees n cries alot…
Person: sanskar what happend y r u cryng …stop it u r cryng lyk a baby …told me what happend???
Sanskar keeps on cryng n the person cares his hair lyk a child..
That person hold him from sholders n make him stand…”sanskar what happend tell me na ”
Sanskar: swara promise me u will never leave me… u wll scold me..beat will never leave me…
Swara:sanskar y would i leave u…i hv an urgent work thats y i hv come here…
Both share a tight hug n all the broken pieces of sanskar’s heart join together…(you must be thinking how she git saved from crash actully he wax late so she missed her that flight n nxt direct filgh was after 9 hrs do she choose a flight via cape town)….
****flshback ends****
Mumma what are u thinking

Swara: nthng beta what happnd…u hv done with ur plyng?
Girl: mumma papa gets tired ( pouts)
Sanskar: achha ji ma beti mill k meri burai kr re h…
Swara: ji ni mishti bol ri h k tum thak gye..n or ni khl skte
Mishti: ha mumma i will play with my bhai when he’ll cm out of ur tummy
Sanskar:n i will play with both of u…achha mishti hv u choosen a name for ur brother
Mishthi: no papa wait i will choose one..n run frm there..
Sanskar:hmm so swara thnku…for comng in my lyf thnk u for making me a human…thnku fir comepleting my family…(says while putting His hand on swara’s belly who is curently 7 mnthns pregnt…
γ€ŠSanskar has bitter experince ….he was rude …he was monster…but it has a reason behind that..

he turned into a loving n caring person which also hv a reason behind that….it is believed that only girls face s*xuL assult…bt in this story a guy sufferd…both the cause n reason was same”female”…there are million of sanskar who hv face smthng like this but are there enough swara…to hold them? To give them love? Usually we judge ppl by their first impression n we make a judgmnt for them without knowing any reason….rember everything has a reason….BE A SWARA IN ANY SANSKAR’S LIFE….we always want a supportive hubby ,brother or bf…bt make sure that u are a supporting wife,sister,or gf first..》

Guyz m ur meher feel free to critisese me..or to appreciate me..

Credit to: meher

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  1. Rina Sivaguru

    Wow… Nice….. Like the msj u r telling us…. Hope u will come with onether ff again…..

    1. Thankyou n i will definately yr

  2. What to criticise u?? Ur ff is beyond that..a very strong plot…hats off to u…n swara..whu cud bring out sanskar frm his depressed state..complete his world after that..awesum..n yess..his reason of depression ws a female nd his reason of coming out of that is also a female..superb..evry relation needs this constant care n ‘i wl stand for u no matter what happens’ nature..not only the boys but akso d girls must hv ds attitude..thnk u very ur evry ff u gv d readers a lesson..i mn all dse os hv dn dat..awesum

    1. Ya u can criticise me…m ur meher…n thku for so much support…:-D πŸ™‚

  3. Bravoo

    1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. nice yrsomething unique and nice message loved it

  5. i am seriously vry proud of u dear… ur evry os has a special message for evryone….
    u r so true dear….
    v should never judge a book by its cover…..
    luvd it…. keep smiling dear…
    may god bless u…
    i hope u get successful in evry field of ur life….

    1. Thnkyou…so much ur words means alot to me

  6. Hats off to u meher u show the dark side of a boy which in many cases unseen by his parents just loved it yar
    i dnt have words to explain my feelings and i love the the last line u said

    1. Thanku n that last lyn i the line which i believe most….:-)

  7. i was reminded of 50shades of grey

    1. Actully i write this cz of that novel…i hvnt read that bt my frnd told me k guy in that story has sufferrd….so i come up with this…

  8. Thank you ? for this ff..I don’t have any word to admire this….I can’t tell you how much I like not only like..I loved it…..plz keep it on….and yes I would love to be this Swara of any Sanskar’s life…I promise that I will be a good daughter, Sister, friend and wife. But there are few years for my marriage cause I am just 19 when I will complete my duty of daughter and sister then I will think about marriage but I will be this swara in someone’s life I will fill everyone’s life with love…..thank you for giving me hope and reason to be good… ❀ u…..

    1. I hvnt give u a reason to be good …U R GOOD… n thku…n i completly understand…m little younger to u as n 18 πŸ˜›

  9. A very nice ff with a nice n effective n current situational thought meher. Hats off dear

    1. Thankyou πŸ˜€

  10. Superb episode. I just love all ur one shots ur soo good at writing one shots

    1. Thnkyou πŸ˜€

  11. Woww it was fabulous yaar

    1. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  12. Yr all ur oss are the best ones I have ever one beat u in this…u are in the heights of saba only…frm where do u got soo much ideas yr…I mean there must be some inspiration na…

    1. Thnkyou n to be honest…a randon sentence turns out to be a one shot…when i strt writing them i actully dont kno what it turn to be…lyk in my os incomplete saga i dont kno that i will kill both SwaSan… πŸ˜›

    1. Thats so sweet of u dear….n thnx alot

  13. Superb

  14. Awesome just in love with it

  15. wt shud i say ..
    its gud…. no. its nt enough
    i thing this one is best i ever read
    superb msg

  16. wt shud i say ..
    its gud…. no. its nt enough
    i thing this one is best
    superb msg

  17. awsome stry…

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