THAHAN the real love episode7

Dear friends,
Iam really sorry for this long gap….i was tottaly busy with my exams… Pls do forgive me….my friends,silent readers ,and new readers pls do support….
Our story was like this..bihan loves thapki..he thinks that she is his dream fixes marrage bw thapki and dhruv.dhruv says to thapki that he loves sraddha and is waitig for her.Thapki comes to meet bihan to seek help in dhruvs issue..but thapki forgets to talk about the real matter …bihan on seeing her understands she is the girl family wants to unite with dhruv..even after the realisation he feels free to talk with her..talking to each other they both forgets their problems…the magical love wraps them unknowingly..
So here we goo…..

Thapki return back to home.. she thinks of something…aditi comes near her she asks her that did she meet bihan..but she was stillnthinking something …aditi shookes thapkis shoulder.. she comes to reality …
Thapki: wha..what..?
Aditi; dii where did you lost yourself…she smiles at her…i was asking you that did you meet bihan?
Thapki:(on mind voice) oh no what will i say to aditi…i dont know how i forgot to say the matter to bihan…….
Aditi: diii iam asking you something….
Thapki: ye yes i met him…he said..he will suerly help us…
Aditi looks at her….she took a handkerchif and wipes the sweat from thapkis forhead
Aditi: dii you dont even know to lie.
Thapki: li lie..who..
Aditi: iam your sister dii… I can understand you..say what happend…
Thapki explains everything to aditi..
Aditi: i cant belive ..forgot this….you know its your life diii …its serious matter….any way ..we have tofind a solution..
Thapki: i dont know aditi…how can papa bear his daughters marrage proposal broken on second time tooo…but …dhruv sir… He cant marry me..
Aditi hugs thapki..dont worry diii..some thing will happen ….i do belive in miracles…
Poonam comes there they behaves normally..

Bihan reaches paan,s house( friend)
Bihan : bhai…say.. the info about sraddha.. where is she now…we haave to contact her…now itself
Paan: relax bhai she is now in US..the situvation is quiet different ..there is some one to meet you
A handsome man appears…he comes and shake hands with bihan
Paan: meet mr john..
John: let me introduce my self..iam john sraddha’s husbant..
Bihan gets shocked
John: mr bihan i know everything about sraddha..we r now settled in us..i just come india for a bussiness meet..then i come to know dhruv is still waiting for her…so i came to meet you ..pls make him understand …
Bihan: sraddha…never ….i want to talk with her..
John; mr bihan pandey i think you r a sensible person…we are happy in our life..and i dont want anything in this world to interupt our personal life..because of her a man is still on struggle..thats why iam saying this to its time to leave..
John goes to airport..they accompany him..he gives his cell no to bihan
John: pls inform me dhruvs marrage…he is suerly a goodhearted person…only because of that he is waiting for her love..i wish he ill get a good life.. he goes

On night at thapkis room…she is sitting on the side of window wearing red night dress…her hairstrands flew on the cool breeze she remembers..the first moment she met bihan..his words…the way in which he teased her ..she smiles unknowingly…she looks at the cut on her hand and remembers they fell down..the eyelock…Small rain drops..touched her face…she comes to reality…
Thapki: on the midst of these huge problem why these silly thoughts are coming to me…the problem that iam facing now is the greatest problem of my life…now tooo…why iam thinking of this bihan…i dont undrestand anything…..she gets confused…

Bihan comes back to home…he comes out of the bike and slowly walks towards the house…it starts raining…on mind voice..thapki…When i see you first time…love starts raining on my heart…onthis rain my love is draining from me……i have to forget my feelings…i have to burry everything on my mind itself…He stands still on the rain… …

Temple bells rang…bihan makes thapki wear the mangalsutra..he holds her hands.. they both surrounds the holly fire…vasu gets up shockingly….oh it was a bad dream ….she sighs…

Precap: thapki and bihan dance romantically


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