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Here we goo……

Bihan come back from the beach side restorant.he reaches home. He enteres into home without being noticed by any one. Vasu calls him from behind .behan stops he turns back and come closer to her .she raises her hand towards his ear to pinch him
Bihan: nooo maaa plzzzz …. dont .. i have already said that you sorry and u accepted it now what?
Vasu: this is for coming late
Bihan: noooo i ..was…
Vasu:’dont think new lies.ok.
Bihan: no ma …..kkk galti meri hei sorryy ..plzzz iam feeling so hungry maa
Vasu:dont change subject…mmm ok get fresh and come back.. i ill take the food..
Bihan eats the food with every one and reaches the balcony..he thinks about her.. how can i see her one more time…??

He looks on the road .. his eyes get widen due to exitement… she was coming…he reaches downstairs… opens the gate and reaches on the road.. he walks closer to her
Bihan: hai.. iam.. my name is… i …
She: excuse me i have to go
Bihan : ofcorse..but please hear me for 1 minute..i.. dont want to lose you ..i hope you understand what iam trying to convey…if you dont mind plz tell me your name…
She: iam not intrested in talking with strangers.. let me go she looks at him with anger
Bihan: you angery face is also soo cute you know.. he see a mosquito on her forhead and he touches on her forhead . She gets irritated…
She: how dare you? Bihan interrepts…
Bihan: no madam a mosquito was there..i was supposed to beat that but how can i beat my love… he blushes… ( the pleasent vertion of theme music plays).. she looks on his eyes…he says atleast say your name that will be enough for me…
She: dont play more drama..and dont be too smart.. how can you touch mee ehhh?? I know how to handle gays like you….

She takes a safety pin and pricks on his hand.
Bihan comes to reality.. he looks around he was on the balcony.. he looks on his hand but shockingly it was bleeding…!!!! He looked on the wound and find out a thorn of rose plant which was in his side….
What a fool iam… iam was not like this can i become this much silly?? Nooo noway……..i dont belive in this stupid love..nonsence… now its my hand is only bleeding ..this love will some times make bleed the mind tooo..this small wound will be healed in 2/3 days but the wound given by love.. it will take a lifetime to heal…. so mr bihan pandey dont be a stupid like other boys… dont live in imagination …. he wipes the blood and goes to his room..

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  1. Vinolin.d

    its so funny.bihaan is very naughty .I enjoyed it navami.waiting for next part dear navami

  2. Wow…Bihaans imagination part is really nice…I wish he will meet her dream girl soon…

  3. Nice episode keep writing

  4. Nice episode… but too short… waiting fr nxt one…

    1. Navami

      Sorry crazy girl… u have already said me to write much long …but … actually i was in a hurry while typing this epi so that i even forgot to put a precap too… please forgive mee drrr…. plzz

  5. Garima

    I like it.

  6. Fitrhoh

    Nice eps….i wish more funny part for next eps

  7. Very good episode. . Wish u all the best

  8. Nice,, waiting for next episode

  9. Navami

    Thanks pooja prabha.. bihan wil meet his thapki… and it will be a twist plz wait drrr…

  10. Navami

    Thanks vinolin darllll……

  11. Navami

    Thanks anchal garima fitrhoh priya m and fitri… pls do comment drr ones..

  12. Tats really cute n tq for gv tat naughty bihaan back

  13. plz give long updates….niece episode….

  14. Navami

    Thanks drr rifa thenkani sadia….

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