Helloo drr friends.. iam very thankfull to you all for your valueble comments … pls say your suggesions to me so that i can improve ..
So here our story begins….

Vasu takes the phone to call
someone .Thapki enters the house…
Vasu: arey kaha tha tum ?? Kyo itni late
Thapki: maa vooo…

Vasu: teekey no prblm drr.. notices water drops on her face and dress. Beta it
raining outside ? Thapki says it is dizziling
outside … vasu tells her that everything happend according to your plan.

Vasu: but i forget to say this to bihan . Dhruv comes there cleaning his face using
a towel and says
Dhruv: tu bach gai thapki..agar usko patachala to… he smiles…
Vasu: haa ha voo bhi sach hei
Thapki: maa im hearing about bihan since
i come to this house so i thought it will be nice to give some surprize to him
Suman: ossum wali idea tha thapki… we enjoyed it a lot…by the way bihan kaha hei
Vasu: let me look before that thapki you just dry your head otherwise you will get flu.. thapki nodes her head and smiles
dhruv gives her towel vasu smiles secretly.. she goes ..
Sumen: thapki you dont even seen our
bihan right? Thapki says yes

Sumen: soo i will show you some photos in my phone that we just took now..

Thapki: but … before i have to wish the birthday boy right?

Sumen: right thapki u just go upstairs..
Thapki reaches on bihans room .
Vasu was standing there

Vasu: he is not here thapki..
Thapki: where did he gone?
Vasu: who knows … even now he is just
like a child.. goes some where and wents back on his wish… it is bavuji giving him this unneccessory freedom.. being a good
day i wanted him to go to mandir first…

who heares …gone without saying a single word..

Thapki: maa just cool down she taps on vasu s shoulder..
Vasu: when will he become matured my

Thapki: dont worry maa he will change one day..
Dhruv calls thapki she reaches the halldhruv says you have an important job today .
Thapki: sir i will go to office now .
Dhruv: it is not in office thapki..
Dhruv says something to thapki she leaves the house..
Bihan was waiting on the junction .. his friend comes

Bihan: y did you come? You said that you r going to meet someone naa?
Frnd: dont irritate mee..

Bihan: no no you go .. i will not say anything..
Frnd: how can i leave my friend alone..
Bihan: iam serious you go yaar
Frnd: is this mr bihan pandey… am i dreaming…
Bihan: no yaar you go…

Frnd: sooo ok you come with me ..
Bihan: r u mad ? It will be disturbance for
Frnd : is it ? I like disturbance come..
Frnd rides the bike they reaches the temple..
Bihan: do she is coming here?
Frnd says yes
Bihan looks him with doubt
Frind: u do one thing go inside and prey i
will be back now..
Bihan: i smells something wrong
Frnd:no no it is the smell of agarbatti
Bihan: i told u thousand times not to tell
this type of irritating jokes…
Frnd:smiles .. bihan says him to go
He enter into the temple.. he realise that he have nt told any one about he leave the house . He takes the phone and call vasu..
He says sorry to vasu .she feels happy..
Frnd also inform vasu that he brought bihan to temple..
Bihan comes out of the temple.. frnd and
lover comes they enters the temple bihan wait on out side. A gentle breeze comes he remembers she..he feels something inside him.
Thapki passes through his aside he doesnt noticed it .. she enters the temple
His friend comes they took the bike… on the way bihan s cell ring ..he takes it
Bihan: kyaa sachh ohhh ….okk okk..
Stop the bike yaar.. friend ask him who called and what happened. Bihan rubs his head walks zigzag on the road.. frnd ask him whats happening.. bihan comes closer to him and hugs him he says that his project had got approval from authoritis bihan jumbs with happiness…
Bihan : bleady 3 years i was before this project…. but everytime it went wrong and disappointed me… but suddenly today every thing become ok. I cant belive this how does it happend.!!!!
Frnd: sab matarani ki chamatkar hei bihan.. ab tu milker ayyi naa isiliye … ye sab huva..
Bihan thinks about her on backgound frnd says iswarya dayini he …voo .. tumhari sindigi.. me uski ashirvad diya isiliye huva ee sab.. bihan comes to reality..
Bihan : ha sach hei bhai..
Friend says it is amazing fact that on your birthday itself all your dreams full filled.. we have to celebrate it bihan says ok they go to beach side restorant where bihan meets all his friends they wishes him ..every one enjoys the party time become evening.. bihan walks to the sea shore where the waves touched his feet he looked on the horizon where sun is about to set …he says to himself
Bihan: today was the most beautiful day in my life… i dont know who you are but the first day at which you entered in my life gave me huge happiness . if you can make a single day in my life this much beautiful how beautiful my life become if you come to my life as my…… he closes his eyes and smiles….

Precap- bihan touches thapki’s forhead she gets irritated…

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  2. Nice story

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      Thanks abida drr

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    I like it and your imagination is good so I no need to give any opinion to you but if you want so I help you and best of luck.

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  4. I have to say that its a awesome ff…I really like it.keep going dear.

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    Interesting story I like it keep writing

  6. Nice episode….keep writing

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  8. Quite intrstng…. bt try to avoid hindi words dear… bcz sme of the wrds i dnt undrstnd… bt awsme dear luv u….

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    Thank u so much crazy girl…suerly i try my drr..i was just using hindi words for to feel reality … i will suerly try my dear….

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