Dear friends…iam really sorry for this long gap..i was really busy with my xams..pls do forgive me. My dear friends,new readers ,sailent readers pls do support me..with your valueble comments…
Our story was like this…bihan loves thapki….he thinks she is his fixes marrage of dhruv and thapki.dhruv says thapki that he loves sraddha and is waiting for her.thapki comes to meet bihan to seek help.but she forgets to tell this matter to bihan .bihan realises thapki is the one family wants to unite with dhruv..talking with eachother they both forgets everything..may the magic of love is behind this …..
So here we goo….

Thapki comes back to home..aditi runs towards her and asks did she meet bihan ..thapki ws on another world..aditi shookes thapkis shoulder…
Aditi: dii where did you lost yourself…she smiles
Thapki comes to reality
Thapki: wh.what?
Aditi: diii did you meet bihan? What does he said??
Thapki(on mind voice)i doesnt talked this marrage issue to bihan i made this fatal mistake?? I dont understand
Aditi: (gets irritated) dii iam asking you some thing…
Thapki: s i meet him..he sa..said he will help us..
Aditi:dii you dont even know how to lie..
Thapki: li.. lie..who??
Aditi: iam your sister dii…i know you..say what happened..
Thapki explains everything to her
Thapki: i dont know aditi i just…yes it is the problem of my life..and am not supposed to make any mistakes..this is so sensitive issue have to handle it gently..i thought bihan can help me..but i forget everything on seeing him..he was the gay i meet on the market..
Aditi: it sounds strange dii….whats happening to you dii..
Thapki: may be due to the tension all these errors are happening..i cant see papa &maa in pain for will they survive the pain if my marrage proposal broken for second time..
Aditi hugs thapki…dont worry dii..i belive in miracles something miraculus will happen..
Poonam comes there they behaves to be normal..

Bihan reaches paans (friend) house..
Bihan: bhaii..tell me..the info about sraddha ..
We will go and bring her back as soon as possible ..tell me …
Paan:bhai relax she is now in US. And the situvation is quite is someone to meet you
A hansome man appears ..
Paan: meet mr john.
John:let me introduce myself im john sraddhas husbent.
Bihan gets shoked..
John:nice to meet you mr bihan pandey..we are setteled in US ..i just come to india for a bussins meet then i come to know that dhruv is still waiting for….anyway i know everything about sraddha..i hope you make him understand..
Bihan : i cant belive this.. sraddha nevar do this..i want to talk with her..
John:see mr bihan pandey..we are living a happy life i just dont want anything to interupt our personal life and happiness..i dont want a single event which makes my sraddha sad..i hope you are a sensible person..pls let all the old things go..pls make dhruv to understand this…bcoz of my wife a man is still on stuggle..thats why iam saying this.. he leavs to airport..they accompany him
John:pls inform me dhruvs marrage ..i will prey for his goodnes ..he is truely a goodhearted person thats why he is waiting for his love for this long time…some times faith is so cruel towards somebody…life is not about getting everything we begins when we learn to live with what we have got….he leaves..

On night thapki sitting on the windowside..she thinks the first time she met bihan..they fell down…she smiles unknowingly..raindrops touches her face…on mind voice…oh whats silly thoughts are over me in misdist of my life’s big problem why these thoughts are interupting…she gets confused…

Bihan reaches home and comes out of the starts raining heavily on mind voice ..
Thapki…..why did you come to my life? When i saw you first time..the love rain falled on my heart…but now…( Bihan tune sad vertion plays) on this love is draining from mee..everything is over.. i have to burry my feelings inside me…noone will not come to know this..even you too…i just need every ones happines…this marrage have to take place..for protecting maa’s promise to ur family…for my dhruvs good life… I have to forget every thing.. all those beautiful momments come across him..he closes his eyes and stands still

Temple bells ring..bihan make thapki wear the mangalsutra..he holds her hands…!!!!
Vasu gets up shokingly..oh its a bad dream… She sighs…..

Precap:bihan and thapki dance romantically
Friends pls read early epis if you have any confusions….iam really sorry for this…..
And thanks for all your support ….

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