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So here we go…
The episode starts with vasundhara doing aarthi..everyone preys and takes the prasad..vasu on mind voice.. hei matarani pls bring happines to my home everyday..everyone is about to go.. vasu looks on bihan and he stay back there..
Vasu:beta ..i want to say something to you.
Bihan:yes ma pls say…
Vasu;beta are you really happy..?
Bihan:why maa why are you asking like this..
Vasu:nothing bihan..i can see you smiling and behaving casual but ..dont know y l feel like this..
Bihan:see ma iam totally fine…perfect…he smiles…(on mind voice…how did you felt my pain maa… its really..amusing me..)
Vasu:ok beta … but iam more tensed about another subject..
Bihan:dhruvs marriage???
Vasu looks bihan with a smile and nodes her head..he notices tears in her eyes.
Bihan:no maa don’t cry …I cant see that… I promise your wish thapki will come to this house as your bahu… dhruv will agree suerly…maa he is going through the most hardest time of his life…we have to be with him to over come it…
Bihan holds vasus hands and look at the idol…today I made a promise to maa …and I will full fill it…

Thapki comes to office..she comes to dhruvs cabin ..they talk about something..while writing his pen gets stuck he shakes it for the ink to come..but it cap accidently flew and it strikes on thapkis forhead..dhruv gets shocked and comes near to her.
Dhruv:iam sorry thapki..r you fine..
Thapki: s sir iam..
Dhruv:let me check..
He walks more closer to her..
Bihan opens the door and sees them very close..he closes the door before they see him..
Dhruv:you will not say anything even if you got injured.. so I came closer don’t feel bad.. sir..ok let me go..
Thapki leave..she saw bihan wandering here and there ..
Thapki:hello sir..iam here..

Bihan walks near to her
Bihan:give it.
Thapki:give what?
Bihan:I said you my jacket..
Thapki:ohh yes yes….but where is it now?
Bihan:I said you I forget it on your room
Thapki:see bihan that which is on my room is only mine..and iam not ready to give it to anybody..
Bihan; pls give it ..i don’t want to argue with you..
Thapki:no…I said..what are on my room are my property..
Bihan:(with a sort of anger)rising his voice..I was also in your room yesterday…iam I yours …?!!!
Thapki gets shoked by his words and behaviour that nevar expected from bihan..she gets silent..
Bihan:I will leave if you give it now.
Thapki:with a wage smile..just for fun I said like that..and actually I forget it..
Bihan: how easily you said it…how …ok…am leaving…you take it..i don’t need it anymore..
Thapki:bii biihan..vo..suno…
He turns back and about to go..

Dhruv calls him from behind..
He comes near to bihan
Dhruv:bai do a help..i forgot an imp file on house pls bring it..thapki will come with you..she knows the file that’s why..i cant go now an urgent meeting is there….
They both start to go in bike..on the way he sees some neighbours and they jesters him to stop ..he stopes near them..
Bihan:hai sushma aunty..where are you going..?
Sushma: just to market..arey who is this girl?
BHABI hei… thapki replied…
Bihan with a shock..looks at her and converts it into a wage smile…
Sushma: vasundara jii ki selection is too nice..perfect match for dhruv…
They leaves ..and reaches the house..thapki goes to dhruvs room..and take the file..

Bihan reaches there..
Bihan:did you get it.
Thapki:yes bihan but some thing is missing..and I couldn’t find it..
Bihan:then search it..
Thapki:tried my level best now only you can help me..
Bihan:say what is it …
Thapki:it is nothing but the glittering on your eyes..your natureality ..pls find it out it is ridiculous to see you with out these..i feel you are mechanically behaving to me…
He gets shoked and not showing it
Bihan:some times we ill loose some things and become unable to let it back..trying to bring those things to back is just waste of time…
Thapki:I don’t understand…
Bihan:if you take the file then come with me I wil sent you to office..
Thapki:I think you are not in a good mood what happened..tumhari girl friend tumhe chod kar chali gai he kya?? ..(does your girlfriend gone..orwhat.).itne saari philosophy bolne kelie(is this the reason for you are sayig such philosophies)
Bihan looks her angrily
Bihan:did youhear me shall we go now?
Thapki nodes head and wonders what happened to him..
Krishnakanth goes to meet the pandit and they fixes marrage date.he informs it to whole pandey family..everyone become happy except dhruv and bihan..

Precap; marrage preprations begin..

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  1. Nice episode di
    thank u so much 4 updating
    di eagrly waiting for next episode
    plz plz plz di try to update soon……
    plz apna dhyen rek na di
    love u so much

    1. Navami

      Hi..kudrat darl..thanks for your lovely comment..i hope you have read what i replied to your comment on last episode…thank you for being with me..for the sucess of this ff…lv you lot drr…take care darl…hugs …and lot of love….pls do encourage with me your comments….like this….llv u?????

  2. Bihaan always like this ,he had to hide her pains in front of everyone and behaving in a happy way.which makes him a great man…I think Thahaan will confess their love very quickly because they don’t want lose each other.
    Anyway its off going in a nice way…you have to focus one thing that is never drop the storyline. As a reader its a suggestion for you.

    1. Navami

      Thanks pooja..i will always value your suggestions..thanks for giving a long comment..i love it..thanx drr??

  3. Vinolin.d

    hai navami darl… its nice.I love thahaan’s every scenes. keep continue dear.

    1. Navami

      Thank you vinolin drr…thanks for support

  4. I can feel a broken heart…poor bihaan.
    Still curious about the way you’ll solved it.
    I think Shraddha will come in the right time. Just guessing….
    I like the way you describe bihaan’s feeling, it’s really touching… please continue writing dear…

  5. Navami

    Thank you leena..its a surprise and..soon it will get disclosed..Pls wait my drr..and sraddha is married..we shall wait what will hppen ..thanks for commenting darll..need your support always…

  6. Nice episode

    1. Navami

      Thanks anchal

  7. lovely….i like it so much….

    1. Navami

      Thanks meli..keep commenting n supporting

  8. It’s so lovely di …❤❤❤ How are u able to write everything so perfectly …. Marvellous di … Bihaan’s anger …. Thahaan convo everything was just perfect …. Loved the way u convey their emotions ….Di love u … ❤?…. Take care ?

    1. Navami

      Hai naitan thanks yaar..thanks for your lovely comment..and i personally love long comments..always feel
      Soo glad to read it…pls support me like this swt heart..

  9. very nice

    1. Navami

      Thanks rifa..keep commenting

  10. Sulbi

    So good dear…

    1. Navami

      Thanks sulbi..keep supporting like this..

  11. Hi dr..i’m a silent reader….very emotional epi..& I love the way that ur narrating the story…ur an amazing writer sis..

    1. Navami

      Thanks sweety..thanks for commenting happy to see silent readers commenting..pls do support like this drr

  12. Loving it.. Curious to know how long Binhaan will control his feelings/emotions for Thapki.

    1. Navami

      Thanks mala….keep commenting dr


    hi navami darling….
    really i love ur ff….
    luv u keep writing dear….

  14. Sorry di mene aap ka reply nehi peda
    Di I’m Delhi girl
    I’m persuing b.a pol.sci. Honors in D.U.

    1. Navami

      Thaks kudrat daarl..dont feel sorry dr…thaks for your reply..iam so happy that you accepted my you dr

  15. nice sory for late coment..

    1. Navami

      Thanks sadia..n dnt feel sry dr..

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