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So here we go…
Bihan holds thapki’s hands…she turns back and look at him ..
Thapki: bihan what are u doing?bihan pulls her to a corner..
Thapki began to raise her voice
Thapkii: bihann …..what is this…
Bihan place his fingers over thapki’s lips….
Bihan: pls be quiet ..why did you came here..say that first..
Thapki looks on his hand he removes his hand.

Thapki: I came here as part of my job..but why did you come here…?
Bihaan:arey chuk chuk gaadi …why should I say this to you.
Thapki:ok don’t say. Its fine..thapki starts to leave.
Bihan:so you are a dancer..
Bihan; you said u come here as part of your job .. you danced with me and that’s the job I seen..which you were I called you as dancer..
Thapki: I know bii bihan you love teasing me… but this is not the time..
Bihan:yes thapki you are right…. I love you.. bihans eyes widen…
Suddenly a music trak plays in high volume..thapki closes her ear..the music stops
Thapki:what did you said..?i don’t hear
Bihan :yes I said I love teasing you and I enjoy it a lot… then say for what job you arrived here?
Thapki:why should I say this to you??
Bihan: don’t copy my dialogue…
Thapki:pls bihan let me go now..
Bihan(mind voice) pls go away from me thapki..when you come closer my heart never allows me to leave you…
Bihan nodes his head..
Thapki goes…

Mr tripadi announces everyone to assemble on the cake cuttig ceremony his child’s birthday…everyone came there.. on the same time bihan sees some one mischievously coming he follows him secretly ..he enters into a room and closes the door..he comes out after changing the dress..he covered his face with a shawl..and he appear like an old person after changing dress..bihan followed him..he felt some one is behind him..he tooks his pistol and aims..turn fastly was thapki…
Thapki:. Haa kill me..bihan..let it end…
Bihan;what r you doing here ?
Thapki: the same thing you come to do..and iam here to find out the truth and channel..
Bihan:oh all fools ..sent you for this risky job.. I should see them
Thapki:before that we should see where the man is going..
Thapki follows the man.. goes to the crowd of party and disappeared ..
Thapki:lost him where did we find him unluky iam just don’t get any evidences..she looks for bihan but he was not there..
She goes to the room where that man entered. For getting some clues..could not find any thing and come outside.. some goons watches this …one start to follow her..thapki comes back to the office..and says to the staff that don’t got evidence about that criminal.. it became late night when she leave the office after job…
Thapki walks to the taxi stand..some goons follow her ..they stops her and asks what evidence did you give to the channel..thapki gets scared..they harass her..thapki says she didn’t gave any evidences..
X:if you don’t say this …that evidence will reach to us in return of your life..say..
Thapki repats the same ..

One of them make her smell the chloroform and she become unconscious ..they bring her to a unknown place..
Poonams calls vasu to know where thapki is..they searched in office..and called bihan his cell was also switched off.
Thapki become conscious he see a man in front of her it was that criminal..
Shaan:hello dear.. open your eyes and see mee came to see me isn’t it….i am so sorry sweetheart… idont really like some one lie to me..say what evidence did you get …
Thapki become very panic..i.. di..didn’t g et. Any..evi…
STOP he shouted iam very strict this is your last chance..say the truth..
Thapki says the same ..and cries…
Shaan:so sorry dear..for me the punishment for lie is life itself..
He takes the pistal and aims at her thapki cries and closes her eyes
Suddenly a sound hears he turns his head ..bihan kicks on his hand and pistal flew ..
Other goons come to attack bihan. Bihan gets injured on his of them ran towrds thapki..he beats him n holds thapkis hand he hugs her and bear the beats of goons nd protect her…police enters and arrest everyone.bihan and thapki comes out of the building.. media repoters where standing there..
Dhruv on the tv in the hall and shows everyone that they are safe..everyone get relaxed
Bihan : thapki r you fine..?
Thapki :yes bihan..thank you for saving me ……And how did you understand iam here..
Bihan:I saw some one following you ..and I followed them….
Thapki:thank you so much bihan you saved my life…
Bihan:how can l leave you thapki… looking deeply on her eyes ..come I will drop you on home..
Thapki:no bihan I will go ..already you are injured for me…
Bihan:I know chuk chuk gaadi can go without road too but on this nyt it is not safe.. come(on mind voice);no injuries hurt me..if u r with me..thapki..but..the distance we have to keep for this whole lifetime is hurting me…its not my body heart is bleeding..and you can never realise that thapki.and I will not reveal my feelings to you thapki…bihan suddenly takes the jaket he kept on bike and wears it.
..thapki smiles… she sits on his bike..bihan starts the bike…..on travelling thapkis hair strands fall on bihans face….o n that cool nyt..bihan made a wish that..this journey will never end….
They both reaches thapkis house..every one was waiting outside.. thapki comes out from the bike .poonam runs toward her and hugs her…thapki consoles her..
Thapki:iam fine maa …don’t worry…
Poonam; thank are safe
Thapki;really we have to thank bihan …if he was not there..i don’t know….what will happen to me..
Poonam comes near to bihan…
Poonam:thanks beta..i don’t even know who you are but we will prey for you…
Thapki: maa bihan is dhruv sirs brother.
Poonam:sorry beta.. come inside..
Bihan: maa aap thanks bolne ka koi saroorati thapki ko kuch hone nai doonga..meri matlab he ki..its my duty to protct her..
They all come inside thapkis house..aditi gives them something to drink..
Poonam :beta bihan it became too late and its not fair to go alone in this situation if you don’t mind you can stay here today..
Bihan: actually maa… everyone in home is tensed about me …so I have to go now…
Poonam: I know beta..i will call vasundhara ji..she will understand all you need now is rest..
Aditi: no more arguments bihan ji.. you have to stay here..
Thapki’s papa: sach he beta..pls agree..
Thapki looks at him…
Bihan nodes his head….
Papa:you go and become fresh..ill give you cloths..guest room is not clean so you can use this room points to a room
Bihan goes to a room.. it was thapkis room….
Thapki goes to aditis room.she changes her dress .she goes to bed for sleeping.she cant sleep that night aditi slept aside her.thapki rises from the bed.she rememberd she has forgotten to take the cloths from wash room.she goes there and took dress she sees blood stains on the cloths and wonders..this much blood….i think bihan is having a serious injury..but no one noticed it ..why..? May be he was wearing a jacket which was kept on the bike… she came out of the room ..on the floor she saw blood drops..thapki become shoked..oh my god he is bleeding this much and is hiding it from us..
She reached on the door side of her room ..the room was not locked ..she comes inside ..bihan was liying on her bed .he was sleeping.he found his cloths it was wet with blood..she become more tensed that jacket hide the blood had also the blood stains inside .she sit aside him and looked where that injury happened.. he was sleeping on his belly.thapki found blood oosing from back of his shoulder..she remembers bihan huged her and protected her from goons attack..she removes the bed sheet and get shocked to see stab injury ..
Bihan gets up shokingly..he takes his shirt on position.and looks at thapki..
Bihan:what r you doing here ..why did you come here..
Thapki:holds his hand tightly.and pulls him..come lets go to ill call papa..i have seen your injury its serious bihan..come lets go..
Bihan:how did you come to know this thapki..
Thapki:I don’t know y did you hide this from us..may you think iam nothing to you…you saved my life..iand I have the right to save your life too just come on..i will call papa..
Bihan:ok I will go .you pls don’t disturb him .hospital is near naa I will go..

Thapki:disturbance…!!! What r you thinking of us bihan..we ill never…
Bihan:I know thapki..not in that sence…be practical…hospital is very near I can manage it alone..
Thapki:who will let you go way
Bihan:then you come with me..
Thapki and bihan goes to the hospital…on the bike
Doctor cheks him and make stich on the wound..
Doctor:nothing serious ..some sort of blood loss happened will be corrected soon by the body itself have to drink lots of water and eat foods with rich iron content..
Thapki:ok dr ..i ill take care..
Bihan:are you happy now…oh god this girl bring me to hospital and spoiled my sleep
Thapki:oh you are afraid of….do you remember you asked me the same ques when I got injured…
Bihan:oh madamji..pls use every chance to tease me
Thapk:you are also like that … so..why shouldn’t i… she laughs…
Bihan:iam ok now. shall we go to home now…
Thapki: as you bihan pandey…
They both travell on bike through beach side rode,….the sun is about to raise…the sky had done marvellous paintings…using clouds… bihan slows the bike to watch it…
Thapki: shall we watch sun rise bihan…?
Bihan nodes his head…they both walk towards the sea shore…..
Bihan looked on the horizon and thought about his birthday..on the very day he saw thapki… the evening he wached the sun set and thought about her… every single moment..came across him… he looks on thapki..she was also looking on horizon… she accidently looks on his eyes..bihan was unable to take his eyes from her…he looked deeply on her eyes..(na na ma plays) he felt the real sun rise is on her was beautiful than the paintings on the sky… suddenly..he came to reality..and become guilty to look at her like this..he decided to talk some thing to justify his action…..
Bihan:(comically) madamji.. sun rise is not on my face… look at the sky..
Thapki: you were looking me not me…
Bihan:me ohh r misunderstanding me… any way I dint have any such plans
Thapki:I don’t mean that…
Bihan:(comically) mean what..??
Thapki:it is better if your tounge got injured instead..
Bihan:oh what a cruel you are..
Thapki:haa iam soo cruel …
Bihan smiles..thapki also smiles…
Bihan on found out the injury on my body and healed it thapki…but you cant do any thing to my injured bleeding heart…bihan hides his teary eyes…

Precap:thapki cries on remembering bihan..

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