Thahaan’s horror love story (Last Episode 12)


Episode #12
123 g●

All family members including Komal are waiting for priest in hall room
Priest comes along with ishan.
He again makes a circle and ask all of them to stay in it holding each others hands and not to leave it at any cost!
They all do the same.
BIHAAN:- Thapki is in room. She is sleeping.
PRIEST:- that’s nice.
BAU JI:- will you both go to komal’s home again?
PRIEST:- no. She will go there herself. I and ishan have done all the arrangements.
He sits down in front of the candle and starts reading something.

Thapki gets up. And stands on the bed. She shakes her head and laughs. And starts moving to hall room with stiffed legs.

Eveyone is scared. Priest is sitting on floor. Bihaan sees thapki coming down.
PRIEST:- Come come!
He stands up.
Thapki comes in front of priest.
PRIEST:- why don’t you leave her body.
THAPKI (Laughs):- idiot! Hahaha Idiot!!!
Priest gives her an angry look.
THAPKI (shouts):- I’m here for revenge. And without taking my revenge I’ll not leave.
She takes a candle And pours wax on her hand.
Sees towards bihaan!
THAPKI:- can you feel pain! Can you feel it!
BIHAAN:- please don’t do this to my thapki.
He weeps!
She runs from there and reaches the roof of komal’s home.
Bihaan and priest also goes there. They don’t finds thapki there. Bihaan sees here and there. Suddenly she comes from back bihaan turns and he gets scared.
BIHAAN:- look please! You’ll not get anything doing this!!
PRIEST:- hold her!
She runs. But bihaan holds her hand tightly.
She jumps. Hits bihaan’s foot with her leg. But he doesn’t leave her.

Thapki is laughing and at the same moment he is crying too.. she is doing strange things.
Bihaan is worried!
PRIEST:- tie her tightly with rope.
BIHAAN:- but she will feel pain..
PRIEST:- if you want her back.. then do as I say.
He ties her.
PRIEST:- CLOSE YOUR EYES. Stand in front of mirror.
HE CLOSES. And stands in front of mirror.
Priest also closes his eyes. But suddenly they listens some kind of noise. They opens their eyes and finds thapki dissappear.
BIHAAN:- Where she gone
PRIEST:- this soul is so Stubborn! But bihaan now only you’ve to find her. Take this exorcist water and wherever you find her just pour this water on her. And she will be in your control!.
BIHAAN:- Okay!
PRIEST:- dont get scared she can’t go out from this house. I did all the preparations!
Bihaan walkes in out from the roof.
BIHAAN:- oh no! It’s so dark! No light here.
PRIEST:- you can’t switch on light. You’ve to find her in dark. And I’ll tell you reason when you’ll get her here.
BIHAAN:- Okay!..
He starts coming down from stairs.

Suddenly he listens a voice of laugh and cracking of something and he follows the noise. He enters in a room and sees thapki Sitting on the table her face is turned. And she is covered with a cloth.

Bihaan goes to her and without any fear he removes the Cloth and is shocked to see that her body is turned left side and her face is on right side..

He immediately takes the bottle of water and pours it on her head.

She shouts in horrible voice and faints!
Bihaan takes her in his arms and takes back to roof.
PRIEST:- very good. You know why I told you not to on light!
BIHAAN:- No!!.
PRIEST:- Because if you’ll on light then everything will be shown clearly And those things too that I putted there for your safety.
PRIEST:- Make her stand in front of mirror and read the same as I say and hold her tightly.
He does the same.
They start reading. Thapki shakes. She shouts and does all the things to run but this time she can’t because bihaan is holding her very tightly.
A black smoke comes out from her mouth thapki falls. And smoke goes up in air.

PRIEST:- congrats. Your love is back to you.
Bihaan Smiles and weeps too.
He takes her to home.

Everyone gets happy knowing that thapki is fine. He takes her to room.

Thapki wakes up and holds her head.
THAPKI:- uhh headache. Bihaan.. bihaan..He is not in room I think he is in hall room. I should take bath.. feeling so tired!
After half an hour she comes out from bathroom after bathing. And starts drying her hair with towel.
Bihaan also comes in room and sees thapki’s face covered with hair.
He shouts.
BIHAAN:- ahhh.. bhoot again!!!
BIHAAN:- are you thapki.. hushh! I thought she is back.
THAPKI:- what?? Who!
He goes to her and hugs her tightly!
BIHAAN:- No one! I love you!….
THAPKI (smiles):- i love you too.. but I don’t know onething why am I feeling so tired. I didn’t remember anything!
BIHAAN:- so you don’t know what happened.
THAPKI:- what happend?
BIHAAN (in mind):- i should not tell her. Umm yah.. I’ll tell her all in the form of story.
THAPKI:- tell…….. na?°
BIHAAN:- okay let me tell you a story .”a horror love story”
He Kisses her forehead •°

Episode ends
FF ends!

I hope you liked it..okh I know that I can’t write as good as real writers or other ff writers I think.. but still I really think that I gave my best.

Thankyou all who commented and red this FF.

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