Thahaan’s horror love story (Intro)

Hey! Guys..
Guess who??

Arruu !
With dhamaka new FanFiction!
And this FF is is entirely different from other FF’s and real TPK!
I hope you’ll like my this FF too! As I’m fond of horror movies and stories so I thought to write one of my own..!
This FF is beyond your imaginations! it’s a horror + love, romantic story!
So here is the intro..
123 g●…

All the characters are same
Dadi maa:- head of the family, she loves all the family members.
Bau ji (Balwinder):- supports thahaan and everyone in each and every situation.
Maa (Vasundra):- she also loves all the family members now.
Dhruv:- same as in real drama.
Shraddha:- Same.. hates thapki and bihaan. Doesn’t respect elders.
Preeti:- awesome bhabi (hehe)
Ashwin:- He also supports thahaan
Suman:- supporter of thahaan.
Akshay:- supports thahaan

THAPKI:- same thapki… kind hearted, respect elders, loves bihaan. But in FF she feels scary when she is alone.
BIHAAN:- same bihaan… Loves thapki and he also feels scary when he is alone but never let others to know about his this weakness.

and thahaan’s story is also same.. that thapki married bihaan unknowingly. And now bihaan and thapki have confessed their love to each other.
But onething that is different is that..I added new characters in this.. A girl her name is “SONALI”.. she used to love bihaan in past but bihaan got married with thapki..and Sonali committed suicide (That wasn’t suicide actually, the real scene will reveal in coming episodes) ..bihaan didn’t know much about Sonali but the thing he knew was that Sonali used to be his neighbour..and he hates sonali because she was very bad girl.
SONALI:- sonali loves parties, she used to drink alcohol (injurious to health) she had many boyfriends in past later she wanted bihaan to be her boyfriend but bihaan married thapki! Sonali was crazy girl and a Jazbati type. She is stubborn also! !

Her mother:- “Komal” she is widow. Sonali’s father had died 3 years ago.
Her younger brother:- “ishan” he loves her sister, and he was present there where her sister “Sonali” died.
I’ll add more characters If it will be needed.

I also wanted to watch horror track in tpk but not illogical.. it must be horror..

This was the intro..
So you guys liked that?
As you all supported me alot in my previous FF! Please do support me again in this FF too. And comment below!

I know you motivates alot!
I’ll continue this FF on the basis of your comments..
So plz

“Thahaan on the tarrace. They heard some kind of voice and runs from there.. whole family runs out from the house and shocked to see something”

I have decided to write only 10 episodes of this FF. But your comments will tell me that I should increase episodes or not.

First episode will be updated day after tomorrow. Means on MONDAY!

Do comment please.

Credit to: Arruu


    • Arruu

      Umm.. well you can consider anyone is her role.. and thankyou for comment..

      -keep reading

  1. Suhanya

    hai arruu..!!!! i’m very happy to see your new FF. intro is awesome. ¤Good Luck..¤

  2. sweety

    Like to see a different story line…& nice 2 c u again…eagerly waiting for the epi…

      • Anjali

        That’s okay. It’s a common problem. You can rectify that as reading something with poor grammar doesn’t interest you.
        Else I am bookmarking it as I wish to know what might happen in this ghostly story. Make it creepy, spooky and scary.
        Good luck to you.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.