Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 8)


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Episode 7

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Everyone is sleeping..
Priest is reading something. Bihaan and ishan are sitting!
ISHAN:- sorry for disturbing you. But what will happen now?
PRIEST:- i said na keep quiet! Nothing will happen. If any bad soul is here in house then that soul will come in front of me and then I’ll ask her to leave this house and the reason behind her appearance. Now don’t speak a single word.
They both sits quietly.

Thapki is sleeping peacefully on bed. Suddenly someone scratches on her face. She shouts and gets up. And sees the face covered with hair. She screams! That soul turns into smoke and goes in thapki’s body through mouth! Thapki puts her head down and scratches the blanket. She stands up and starts running towards store room, opens the door of store room, bihaan ishan and priest sees her.
Bihaan gets shocked and stands up..
BIHAAN:- Thapki?
He starts moving towards her.
Priest stops him.
PRIEST:- she is not Your thapki right now.
BIHAAN:- WHAT are you saying?
ISHAN:- He is right..
Bihaan gets tensed.
PRIEST:- she is a bad soul.
THAPKI (face covered with hair):- you did a big mistake by calling this priest here. Now see what I’ll do to thapki
PRIEST (Shouts):- tell me why you came here.. go to your world
Thapki laughs in horror voice. She runs to roof.
Bihaan and ishan shouts and they also runs to catch her.
Thapki stands on the edge on roof and she jumps from there. But bihaan holds her hand in a nick of time. He pulls her up.
Priest also comes there.
PRIEST:- hold her hands tightly.
Bihaan holds her tightly.
Priest puts his hand on her head and reads something. Thapki screams in double voices and she faints.
All the family members comes there. Everyone starts asking questions.
PRIEST:- I’ll come tomorrow at midnight. Till then don’t leave her alone.
He gives a thread to bihaan!
BIHAAN:- what is this.
PRIEST:- tie this on her wrist. And do not seprate.
Bihaan nods. Priest goes.
ISHAN:- I’ll tell you all everything that happend here. Bihaan you go to your room with thapki.
Bihaan takes her in his arms and goes to his room

He puts her on bed. And covers her with blanket.
Bihaan sees scratches mark on her face. He does first aid and kisses her on forehead.
BIHAAN:- dont worry thapki. I’ll take care of you! I love you!
He also lays down beside her and hugs her.

Thapki is standing in front of mirror. Bihaan comes there.
BIHAAN:- you’re looking beautiful today.
THAPKI:- bihaan. This mark on my face? What happend to me?
BIHAAN:- Nothing. It must be your own nails. You scratched your face while sleeping
THAPKI:- How could I do this to my self?
BIHAAN:- you saw a dream and you did this while sleeping. So don’t worry.
BIHAAN:- everyting will be alright. Do not think too much. Okay I’ve to go for some work..
He is about to go but he stops.
BIHAAN (IN mind):- NO no! I can’t go. Priest told me not to leave thapki alone.
THAPKI:- why you stop?
BIHAAN:- actually work is not that much important. So I’ll do that later.
THAPKI:- OKAY so I’m going to bath.
BIHAAN:- I’m coming with you.
THAPKI:- hahn? What?
BIHAAN:- I mean you can go but don’t lock the door.
THAPKI:- but why? And what is this thread tied on my wrist.
BIHAAN:- actually you were sleeping that time when i tied this on your hand. Dadi maa gave this for your safety.
THAPKI (smiles):- Okay.
BIHAAN(smiles.. “in mind”):- Sorry thapki I can’t tell you truth.. otherwise you’ll get tensed!

PRECAP:- Thapki takes knife in her hand and attacks bihaan. Then priest asks bihaan to tie thapki with rope.
BIHAAN (with teary eyes):- I’ve to do this for you.

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  1. Arru ? What happened u updated the part so late ! I mean everything ryt ? Btw jxt love that priest part….it was scary and literally i was having goosebumps while reading it ?? … ! Keep it up arru ! And precap its so so sad !

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      Thanks.. I was busy with my work that’s why..

      1. oh ! nothing happen ! 🙂

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    Hy arruu itny din bd post kia but boht scs and scary too

    1. Arruu

      I was busy na.

      1. Where are you arruu . we all are waiting for your next part . I am silent reader I like your story line . I 1st time comments on your thahaan’s horror love story. I am waiting since one week . plx updated yaar.???


    Hi aruu..nice part….

  4. Truelove

    Really scary. ????

  5. My heart beats fastly……

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