Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 7)


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Episode 6

Episode #7
Here it g●es.

Here Preeti is searching for dish..
PREETI:- chutki. (She calls suman)
Suman comes in kitchen.
SUMAN:- WHAT? Don’t you know I’m observing thapki.
PREETI:- you can do that later. First tell me where is dish?
SUMAN:- are you blind?
PREETI:- What are you saying chutki. I have my eyes.
SUMAN:- then you don’t have mind.
PREETI:- shut up. I didn’t call you here to insult me. Tell me where is dish? I know very well you hide that.
SUMAN:- it is just in front of your eyes!

She sees dish.

PREETI:- oh how? Why I didn’t see this.
SUMAN:- because you don’t have eyes. You’ve buttons!

She goes.

Thapki and bihaan are laying on bed.
BIHAAN:- why are you still awake! Sleep please you’ve fever.
THAPKI:- don’t know why but I’m feeling so restless.
He takes her in his arms! And puts his one hand on her face. They’re very close to each ohter.
BIHAAN:- see in my eyes.
She sees.
BIHAAN:-What you saw?
THAPKI:- love for me!
BIHAAN:- as you know bau ji says that eyes are the mirror of heart.
THAPKI:- yes! I’d know.
BIHAAN:-it’s not only love. There is care and madness for you..and if you’re in pain then I also feel the same pain. Please thapki listen To me very carefully now. Whenever anything wrong happens to you..even if you’re not in your senses. Anything or any power is forcing you to do anything wrong with yourself just think about our family and about me that if you’ll do wrong. I’ll die.
THAPKI:-shhh! What are you saying..if you’ll die then there will be no need for me to live. And I got your point. I’ll take care.
BIHAAN:- hmm good! Now sleep.
He hugs her.
And she falls asleep.
BIHAAN (in mind):- thankfully. I didn’t go out from the room yesterday when thapki fainted..!!
He goes in flashback
“THAPKI:- . I don’t know what’s happening. My whole body in paining. I wanna sleep.
BIHAAN:- OKAY first wear clothes otherwise you’ll get cold.
THAPKI:- NO I can’t. My body is paining. I wanna sleep.
And she immediately falls on bed.
BIHAAN:- but… what’s going on. Thapki? No no. I should not disturb her. She has fever. I will change her clothes and then I’ll call doctor.
He truns off the light and changes her clothes. And puts blanket on her. He Kisses her forehead.
He is about to go out from the room but suddenly he listens thapki’s voice. She is murmuring something.
He turns and goes towards her. He goes close to her lips to listen what she is saying.
THAPKI:- NO! No.. sona….sona….sonali! She will kill me.. I didn’t do anything no no!..
She is repeating the same sentence again and again.
Bihaan gets shocked. He run towards sonali’s home. Rings the bell. Ishan opens the door.
BIHAAN:- I wanna talk about Sonali.
ISHAN:- sonali?. Why You wanna talk about Sonali.
BIHAAN:- call Komal aunty.
ISHAN:- no.. she is already missing sonali so please it would be better if you won’t talk her about Sonali.
BIHAAN:- Okay then .. you help me.
ISHAN:- what is the matter? Come with me.
They goes to backyard of the home.
ISHAN:- have a seat and tell me what happend?
He tells everything to ishan that happend.
bIHAAN:- now you tell me each and every thing about Sonali.
ISHAN:- the only thing that I understood till now is…sonali loved you and she wanted you to be her i think after death she is back for revenge.
BIHAAN:- What! Why she loved me.. I’m not her type. Even i used to hate her. I only love my thapki. If this is the matter then please help to make thapki get rid of sonali. But I don’t believe.
ISHAN (in mind):- i can’t tell him truth!
BIHAAN:- I’m asking you something. What are you thinking?
ISHAN:- hu? Umm. Nothing! So I’ll call priest.
BIHAAN:- Priest?
ISHAN:- if you wanna confirm about this then you should meet a priest and tell him everything.
BIHAAN:- Okay take him today at my home.. when I’ll call you at night then take him with you..
ISHAN:- Okay..”


Bihaan sees thapki is sleeping.
He puts his hand on her face and kisses her on forehead!
He goes out from the home and calls ishan.
Ishan comes with priest.
BIHAAN:- very quietly.. follow me.
They goes in store room.
BIHAAN:- So let me tell about…
Priest interrupts.
PRIEST:- i know everyting..
BIHAAN:- What? How???
ISHAN:- i told him.
BIHAAN:- OH.. okay.

Bihaan, Priest and ishan are sitting in store room. All lights are off only 4 candles are blowing around them.
BIHAAN:- will this work.
ISHAN:- definitely
BIHAAN:- What if something wrong happen?
ISHAN:- this is the only way to save your love, thapki. So you’ve to do.
PRIEST:- Shhhhhh! Stay silent please.

PRECAP:- Thapki goes to tarrace and is about to jump from there. Bihaan runs to save her. Anddddd….. thapki jumps.

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      Thank you so much yar.
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