Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 6 “MAHA EPISODE”)

Episode #6 (MAHA EPISODE)
Here it g●es.

Thapki is Sitting on sofa and lost in her thoughts.
Bihaan enters. He sees thapki.
BIHAAN:- Mrs. Thapki bihaan pandy..
She doesn’t respond.
BIHAAN (Twists his fingers):- oo. chuk chuk gadi.
THAPKI:- Oh. Sorry I didn’t listen.
BIHAAN:- what happend to you.. why are you so stressed.
THAPKI:- NO.. I’m not stressed. Actually I’m just feeling tired.
BIHAAN:- tired?? Why? Are you I’ll.
He touches her forehead.
BIHAAN:- yes you’ve fever. See you’re hot.
BIHAAN:- i..i mean you’re I’ll.
THAPKI:- I’m going to take bath.
BIHAAN:- But you took bath in morning.
THAPKI:- yeah. But I will feel relaxed after bath so please.
Thapki stands up. And start moving towards cupboard.
BIHAAN:- where are you going. Bathroom is here.
THAPKI:- i know. I’m going to take my clothes.
BIHAAN:- you go and take bath I’ll give you clothes.
THAPKI:- thanks.
She goes in bathroom

AFTER 15 minutes.
Thapki slightly opens the door of bathroom. And takes out her hand.
THAPKI:- bihaan?? Give me my clothes.
BIHAAN:- What are you wearing right now.
THAPKI:- huu? What? Which type of question is this bihaan.
BIHAAN:- First answer me.
THAPKI:- bihaan please.
BIHAAN:- Answer my question!
THAPKI:- towel.
BIHAAN:- OH wow. I’m coming.
THAPKI:- Oh no..
She closes the door immediately.
BIHAAN (laughs):- hahahah I’m just kidding. Open the door and take your clothes..
THAPKI:- NO Mr. Bihaan pandy. I know your intentions very well. So just put my clothes on bed and go out from the room
BIHAAN:- haha okay okay..
He is about to go.
Thapki screams.
He runs in bathroom. She is laying on floor unconsciously. He is shocked, takes her in his arms and puts on bed.
He closes the door of room. And sprinkles water on her face. She wakes up and hugs him.
BIHAAN:- Thapki?
THAPKI:- bihaan…bihaan.. you know what I saw..
BIHAAN:- what?
THAPKI:- noo.. she will kill me…bihaan
BIHAAN:- who? What are you saying.. what happend?? Can you tell me
THAPKI:- i can’t..
BIHAAN:- why can’t you?
THAPKI:- She … she is … she is horrible..
BIHAAN:- Okay calm down first..
He gives her water to drink.
She drinks. And sees her self in towel.
THAPKI:- Oh no..
She feels shy. Suddenly she holds her head.
BIHAAN:- you’re feeling sick na.
THAPKI:- . I don’t know what’s happening. My whole body in paining. I wanna sleep.
BIHAAN:- OKAY first wear clothes otherwise you’ll get cold.
THAPKI:- NO I can’t. My body is paining. I wanna sleep.
And she immediately falls on bed.
BIHAAN:- but… what’s going on. Thapki? No no. I should not disturb her. She has fever. I will change her clothes and then I’ll call doctor.
He truns off the light and changes her clothes. And puts blanket on her. He Kisses her forehead.

Doctor is checking thapki. She opens her eyes and sees all family members are standing.
After the chek up.
DOCTOR:- Nothing happend to her. She just has a fever. Take these medicines on time.
Doctor leaves.
VASU:- I think we should leave. Thapki beta you take rest.
DADI:- bihaan.. take care of her.
Everyone leaves.
Bihaan sits beside her.
BIHAAN:- How are you feeling?
THAPKI:- I’m fine now. Thank you bihaan.
BIHAAN:- thank you..?? For what my love?
THAPKI:- For being with me every time in every situation.
BIHAAN:- no thapki. Thank you! For being my wife. I love you.
THAPKI:- i love you too.!..
BIHAAN:- and never say thanks to me. Just give me 200 kisses per day.
THAPKI (laughs):- haha. You’re too much.
BIHAAN:- you looks beautiful when you laughs like this.. and now take rest I’ll be back in just half an hour okay..!
He is about to go!
She stands up.
THAPKI:- Bihaan.. stop!
He stops and turns towards her.
THAPKI:- You changed my clothes??
BIHAAN:- umm. Yeah! But promis I didn’t see..
THAPKI:- sure?
BIHAAN:- of course.
THAPKI:- you’re a gentleman that’s why I love you..
She goes to him and kisses on his cheeks.
BIHAAN (shocked) :- oh.. okay so now only 199 kisses left for today.
She smiles. He goes.

Thapki comes in hall room.
SUMAN:- akshay you know na what dhruv devar g said.
AKSAY:- yes. He said to observe thapki.
PREETI:- so awesome mission bhoot start.
ASHWIN:- WHAT bhoot? Mission?
SUMAN:- oh shut up.. this is Mission observing thapki..
Vasu comes there..
VASU:- What you all are doing ?
AKSHAY:- mission
VASU:- What?
ASHWIN:- He means we are observing thapki as dhruv said.
VASU:- Okay that’s good but don’t disturb her she has fever.
Vasu goes.
Everyone is observing thapki. Suddenly suman collides with vase and it falls.
PREETI:- oh no.. bhoooot again bhoot.
SUMAN:- shhh quiet.. no bhoot is here.. this vase fall because of me.
PREETI:- you scared me.. now you observe and I’m going in kitchen..
Preeti goes.
She searches for the food dish but doesn’t finds that.
PREETI (IN mind):- Where the dish gone. I myself put that!


Bihaan, Priest and ishan are sitting in store room. All lights are off only 4 candles are blowing around them.
BIHAAN:- will this work.
ISHAN:- definitely
BIHAAN:- What if something wrong happen?
ISHAN:- this is the only way to save your love, thapki. So you’ve to do.

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  3. Woooowww…thahan scene was nice!! Waiting 4 nxt epi…but how did ishan know about thapki’s situation??

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  4. Super episode…..
    Arruu..!! Next time please don’t write in Hindi. Because i don’t know Hindi.

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  12. Oh… I’m sorry. In previous episodes, you put some relations words. So thatwise i couldn’t understand.

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  14. Ummhh..i am so sorry for late cmmnt and i read it now voz whenever i was free my net pack finishes or TU was down so today i got the chance to cmmnt and read…i mean u nailed it arruu..i luved it…! Starting thahaan scenewas do cute and naughtiness of bihaan made it more beautiful … plzzz update next part and thands for the ff…really u r the best writer…keep writing and tc ??

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