Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 5)

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BIHAAN:- What happend to you?
THAPKI:- I don’t know. Someone was about to cut my hair.
BIHAAN:- who?.
Before thapki say something. He interrupts.
BIHAAN:- well, leave it. It was the dream. Not reality. You need some fresh air. Come lets go on tarrace..
THAPKI:- Okay..
They goes on tarrace.
Thapki stands in corner.
BIHAAN:- wind is cold na.. but it’s nice..
Bihaan sees down from the tarrace.
Suddenly it starts raining.
BIHAAN:- wow, Rain.
He is still watching downwards
A lady wearing a black dress her face is covered with her curly wet hair. He moves her hand towards bihaan. Thapki sees this and she tries to shout. But her throat starts paining. She puts her hand on her neck. Tries hard to shout and finally she shouts.

THAPKI:- Bihaaaaan!!!
He turns back and nothing was there.
BIHAAN (scared):- What??
THAPKI:- move from there.
BIHAAN:- why?
THAPKI:- don’t ask.. she will push you.
He comes to her and holds her hand.
BIHAAN:- who thapki?
THAPKI:- She..
BIHAAN:- who will push me tell me.
She hugs him and closes her eyes in fear.
THAPKI:- can’t you see that lady.
He hugs her back and comforts her.
BIHAAN:- no one is here. See
She seprates. And sees everywhere.
THAPKI:- i saw herrr….Where she gone.
BIHAAN:- May be a whim?
THAPKI (In anger):- it’s not a whim..whenever I tell you anything. You declares it as a whim.. it wasn’t a Whimmm (shouting manner)
BIHAAN:- Okay chill. Come lets go to room.
He takes her in room.
They changes their clothes and lay down on bed
THAPKI:- Who Was she? Why I always see the same lady.
BIHAAN:- again thinking. Just keep quiet now. And sleep otherwise you’ll fall ill.
THAPKI:- But.. I wanna know I’m feeling so scared
Bihaan hugs her tightly.
BIHAAN:- now you’ll not feel scared anymore. Sleep..
She falls sleeps in his arms.

Eveyone is having breakfast.
Thapki is Sitting quietly.
VASU:- Thapki?
She doesn’t respond.
DADI:- thapki???? Are you listening.
She is still quiet.
Bihaan holds her hand and says.
BIHAAN:- Thapki. Dadi is calling you
THAPKI:- yes yes. Dadi. Sorry I didn’t listen.
DADI:- No problem beta.
VASU:- i think you’re not feeling well.
THAPKI:- yea.. I wanna take some rest. I’m going to my room
She goes!
BAU JI:- is she hiding something from us?
BIHAAN:- I’ll tell you.
He narrates the whole scene which happend last night.
DADI:- oh. And this happend last night.
BIHAAN:- yes. And she is also having some dreams of the same lady since few days. Firstly I thought these are whim.
VASU:- no.. it’s not whim bihaan.
BAU JI:- YES. She always sees the same lady in dreams and she saw her in reality too yesterday.
DADI:- call priest.
DHRUV:- I don’t think there is need for priest yet. We will observe her for one day.
SUMAN:- yeah! And if we will feel something different in her behaviour.
PREETI:- HMM.. then we will definitely call a priest.
BIHAAN:- i think they are right.
DADI:- Okay but bihaan and all.. don’t tell this to thapki she will feel bad.
VASU:- Okay maa ji.
Suddenly the jar of pickles falls from the table.
They all sees this shockingly.
PREETI:- OMG. Bhoooot.
ASHWIN:- Shhhh.. shh. Shut up. No bhoot Woot.. it falls mistakenly.
SUMAN:- but bhoot exists.
BIHAAN:- hahh.. whatever I’m not scared of such things.
Eveyone says:- yes. We too.
BIHAAN (in mind):- haha.. liars. I saw all of your faces when the jar fall. Well, what I’m saying. I also got scared.. Oh.. save us!

PRECAP:- Everyone is observing thapki. Suddenly vase falls. Preeti searches for the food dish. And supernatural things happens in pandy mansion.

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  1. Suhanya

    Arruu…!! i think you’ll start much horror in your next episode. You know, after reading every episodes, i got scare.

  2. jessie

    sorry for late comment .. i was busy so i read it today .. omg u almost scared me to death , it was mind blowing … hahah last dialogue of bihaan almost made me laugh 😛 plz arru dont stop writing it coz i only open tellyupdate for this ff <3 btw i jxt love the precap and curious to know what will happen next ! take care

      • jessie

        arruu jxt keep writing like this coz ur ff is jxt 2 gud btw is this ur first ff on any drama or u have written any ff before ..?
        p.s: from now onwards i wont comment regularly coz my school is opening so i will be busy in that but dont worry i will cmmt when i will get time but i will read it when u will update it so u jxt keep writing like this 🙂

      • Arruu



        Yeah.. I wrote 1 more ff on thahaan story.. “Secret love” 30 episodes.. prhna ap..

        And that’s okay.. whenever you’ll get time just comment like this.. coz it’s really motivating. And thank once againn

      • Jessie

        Well i have read that ff 2…it was also 2 good .. yrr how do u write so marvellous ff ?? Well i will be reading arruu ! 😊😉😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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