Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 4)


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Episode 3

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Thapki is walking in the room restlessly.
Bihaan comes. He sees thapki.
BIHAAN:- Thapki?
She hold his hand and makes him sit on the bed.
THAPKI:- bihaan listen.
BIHAAN:- What? Why are you so restless?
THAPKI:- when I went to Komal aunty’s home to take my clothes from the roof. You know what happend.
BIHAAN:- Sit here and now tell me.
THAPKI:- first I saw Komal aunty was wearing sonali’s dress and then I went to roof I took my clothes and I saw a red mark on it.. then I listened a voice. And then I was about to leave from her house I saw Komal aunty in sadi. And she asked me that how I came?
BIHAAN:- really? I mean why she asked you that how you came.
THAPKI:- yes I’m thinking the same because she herself opened the door when I went there. And her behaviour was strange. She was wearing sonali’s dress. Unbelievable.
BIHAAN:- she may be missing her daughter.
THAPKI:- Okay then what about that red mark on my clothes.
BIHAAN:- Show me.
Thapki takes the clothes and starts searching the mark.
THAPKI:- where the mark gone.
BIHAAN:- there is no such mark chuk chuk gadi.
THAPKI:- NO bihaan i saw that.
Bau ji calls bihaan
BIHAAN:- Yes bau ji coming. I’m going with bau ji for some work and don’t worry it’s your whim.
THAPKI:- Okay.
Bihaan goes. Thapki starts thinking.
She Throws the clothes on bed. And goes out from the room.

Suman is busy in preparing food. Thapki enters in kitchen.
THAPKI:- bhabi. May I help you.
SUMAN:- NO food is almost cooked. Will you please make tea for badi Sasu ma. She asked me for tea.
THAPKI:- of course.
She puts bowl of water on stove and searches for sugar.
SUMAN:- What are you looking for?
THAPKI:- bhabi.. where is sugar?
SUMAN:- sugar is just in front of you.
THAPKI:- Oh yes.. sorry I dint see it.
SUMAN:- it’s okay.
She makes tea. Suman takes the tea and goes to dadi.
Thapki also leaves from there. She goes in her room

She enters in room and sees a big red mark on the wall. She gets shocked and closes her eyes. After few seconds she again opens her eyes and sees but mark disappears.
THAPKI:- what’s going on? I’m thinking too much about that red mark that’s why this is happening. Bihaan told me that was a whim.. okay so it’s a whim.
She goes to her bed and sees her clothes and red mark again on it. She sits and takes clothes in her hands.
THAPKI:- Again?? now I’ll show bihaan this mark. Why I’m feeling so tired.. I wanna sleep.
She falls asleep..

9:00 O’CLOCK
Bihaan comes in room and sees thapki sleeping holding her clothes in her hand.
BIHAAN:- ary wah.. chuk chuk gadi is sleeping.. but this time? It’s only 9:00.
She goes to her. Takes clothes from her hand and puts it on sofa. He takes blanket, puts it on her and kisses on her Forehead.
He goes out from the room.

Everyone is having dinner.
BAU JI:- Bihaan where is Thapki?
BIHAAN:- she is sleeping.
DADI:- sleeping this time.
VASU:- yes and what about dinner?
SUMAN:- she must be tired that’s why she slept.
BIHAAN:- when she will wake up. Then I’ll make her to eat something.

Bihaan comes in room. Thapki wakes up and sees bihaan.
THAPKI:- i was feeling sleepy so I just slept.
BIHAAN:- no problem. Come and have some food.
THAPKI:- yeah I’m hungry.
He goes to kitchen and takes food for her.
He again comes in room with food and sits beside her.
He Feeds her with his hands.

It’s night and everyone is sleeping. Wind is blowing. It’s raining heavily outside. Clouds are making noise.
Thapki is sleeping hugging bihaan peacefully. Someone removes her blanket. A Black lady takes thapki’s hair in her hands and is about to cut them. Thapki heard something. she wakes up and sees behind her. She is shocked and shouts. Bihaan wakes up and tires to make her calm down but she is not listening to him and she screams. He cups her face tightly and kisses.. she comes back to her senses and hugs bihaan tightly.

PRECAP:- Thapki is standing on tarrace in rain. A lady wearing a black dress her face is covered with her curly wet hair. He moves her hand towards bihaan.

Next episode will be updated on Saturday.

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Credit to: Arruu

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