Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 3)


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Okay guys..
Here is 3rd episode.
123 g●..
Bihaan pulls Thapki and she falls on him.
They have an eye lock. Her hair covers her face. He moves her hair behind the ears by his finger and puts his hand on her face. Moving his lips towards her slowly. She closes her eyes and holds his shirt tightly. His lips just touched her lips and just then someone knocks the door. They falls on floor from bed. She feels shy and opens the door..
SUMAN:- good morning thapki.
THAPKI:- good morning bhabi.
SUMAN:- arey! Bihaan devar g what are you doing on floor?
He starts behaving like he was searching something on floor.
BIHAAN:- actually bhabi. I’m searching Thapki’s ring.
THAPKI:- Do you want something bhabi?
SUMAN:- I just came here to tell you that me Preeti, and Sasu maa, are going to Komal aunty’s home with breakfast for them.
THAPKI:- I’m also coming with you.
SUMAN:- NO. You prepare breakfast for all .. please, dhruv devar g and bau ji are sleeping but when they will wake up so then you’ll give them breakfast.
THAPKI:- Okay bhabi..
Suman leaves.
Bihaan locks the door.
THAPKI:- bihaan please not now.. I wanna make breakfast.
BIHAAN:- you can make breakfast later. But see nobody will disturb now. Bauji dhruv and others are sleeping and bhabis and maa have gone to Komal aunty.
THAPKI:- so…? (She starts moving backwards)
BIHAAN:- I love you. (He starts moving towards her)
Thapki Collides with the door of bathroom. She opens the door, goes in side the bathroom and tries to close the door but bihaan also goes in bathroom and he locks the door.
THAPKI:- bihaan plz listen..I wanna…
Bihaan puts finger on her lips. And takes his hand behind her back and opens the shower..
THAPKI:- OHH.. what are you doing??
BIHAAN:- shhh..
He puts his right hand on her back. And hold her hand from left hand and starts moving towards her lips. She holds his hand tightly.
Suddenly thapki seprates.
BIHAAN:- What now?
THAPKI:- Someone is knocking the door.
BIHAAN:- No excuse please.!
Bihaan also hears the sound of door.
BIHAAN:- Someone is on the door.
THAPKI:- i was saying the same na.
BIHAAN:- why they always disturbs me yar.
Thapki smiles and goes out..
bihaan opens the door.
BIHAAN:- Bau ji?
BAU JI:- yes. Me? First tell me why are you wet?
BIHAAN:- Thapki.. (he stops).
BAU JI:- Thapki.?
BIHAAN:- umm.. actually.. i was not waking up so thapki pour water on me.
BAU JI:- Okay where is Thapki?
BIHAAN:- she is on bathroom. You want breakfast?
BAU JI:- yea..
BIHAAN:- she is coming in just 2 mins..
BAU JI:- Okay..
He goes.
Bihaan closes the door.
BAU JI (in mind):- wait!!! But.. if thapki pour water on bihaan to wake him up then why his was not wet? Hmmm.. leave it. (He smiles)

Thapki is serving breakfast to bau ji and dhruv.
Vasu and all comes.
THAPKI:- maa you’re back?
PREETI:- yes.. we made Komal aunty to eat.
THAPKI:- nice.. have breakfast.
VASU:- yes we will have it but first you go to tarrace and take off washed clothes. It could be rain.
Thapki nods “yes” and goes to tarrace.

Thapki is taking off the washed clothes..
She collects all the clothes but her clothes are missing. She sees here and there. And suddenly sees on the roof of KOMAL’S home and she is shocked to see her clothes there.

She goes to komal’s home, rings the bell.
Komal opens the door and thapki is shocked..
THAPKI (in mind):- What happend to her. She used to wear sadi but why is she wearing sonali’s jeans shirt today?
KOMAL:- What happend thapki?
THAPKI:- aunty my clothes are on your tarrace.
KOMAL:- Okay you can go and take them.
She goes.
Thapki goes to tarrace..
THAPKI (in mind):- she didn’t ask that how my clothes are on her tarrace..
She takes the clothes. And sees red mark on her clothes.
THAPKI:- Red color? How?
A VOICE:- Shhhh!! You did.
Thapki gets scared. She turns and sees who made that voice but nobody was there.
She runs from there with her clothes. She was about to go out from komal’s home. But komal stops her.
KOMAL:- Thapki? You, here? Do you want something?
THAPKI (in mind):- why is she asking this.. she herself opened the door when I came here. And she changed her clothes?
Komal is wearing sadi now.
KOMAL:- oh no… I forgot the food on stove.
She runs in kitchen. Thapki goes from there and she is fully confused.

Thapki is sleeping hugging bihaan. Someone removes her blanket. A Black lady takes thapki’s hair in her hands and is about to cut them.

Next epi will be updated on Monday.
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Credit to: Arruu

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  1. Lovely epi like this episodes are nife having both love nd horror. Pls keep it like this only

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  2. It’s nice. don’t know what will happen next. waiting for next part.

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  4. Truelove

    u r doing really nice. i m really scared. love thahaan moment.

    1. Haha thanks and don’t get scared.. it’s imaginary..

  5. nice…….
    waiting for next episode~~~~~~~~

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  6. Manyasa29

    Superb yaar….too good !
    I m really scared …plz next part soon.

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  7. thanks arru for this scary and lovely fanfiction (i hope in real tpk they show such romance but its just a melodramatic nowadays -__- ) . i almost read it 3 times and want to read it again coz ur writing skill is just too good , hats off !!!!!!!!! cant wait for what will happen next . Btw take care and update soon <3

    1. Thank you so much. Well, you’re appreciating me alot. But I’m nothing it’s just God gifted. Keep supporting and commenting
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  8. rafay don kon

    Oh lve+ horror but horror is more interesting.

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  9. Arruu one confusion.. first Bauji ask Bihaan why are you wet? then Bauji tell(in mind) why Bihaan is not wet?

    1. No.. bau ji tell in mind that if Bihaan is wet then why his bed isn’t wet..

  10. I love today episode best of luck .

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  11. arru my friend why r u scaring me so much

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    1. Write your story and submit it..
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  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow aru u r rocking loving it. I love this ff a lot as I m a big fan of horror. I hope u remember me

    1. Thankyou so so much..
      I’m also fond of horror stories.. and yeah.. I remember yuh..

  15. Sooooper words to appreciate your writing.. I really love it a lot

    Eagerly waiting for next episode and please continue this friend. ATB

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  16. Sooooper words to appreciate your writing and I really love it a lot friend. ATB.

    I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode..

  17. thanks Arruu for clear my doubt…
    but in your FF you miss word “bed”. (SEE YOUR FF) So i got the confusion.

    1. Oh.. I’m sorry for that..

  18. thanks Arruu for clear my doubt…
    but in your FF you miss the word “bed”. (SEE YOUR FF) So i got the confusion.

  19. This is kind of scary and cool at the same time

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