Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 2)


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Here is the second epi of FF “Thahaan’s horror love story”

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4:30 O’CLOCK

Akshay, bihaan and thapki reaches home. Dadi bau ji and all the family members are sitting on sofa waiting for them.

VASU:- They came.
BAU JI:- where were you? We were trying to contact you.
BIHAAN:- sorry bau ji actually we forgot our mobiles at home.
DADI:- so what? Can’t you make call from hospital’s telephone.
PREETI:- well leave it.. how is sonali?
THAPKI:- She is no more.
SUMAN:- What?
All are shocked and sad to listen this.
AKSHAY:- yes.. doctors told that. Sonali was almost dead when we took her to the hospital.
ASWIN:- So let’s go to her home.
BIHAAN:- No bhai This is not right time to go there. They’re already disturbed. It would be better if we will go tomorrow.
DADI:- but.. What about funeral?
THAPKI:- it’s done.
VASU:- What?
AKSAY:- actually, her mother was totally disturbed, and she was crying alot. So her brother and we did all the arrangements.
DADI:- Okay. Now you go to bath first and then go to sleep. You must be tired.
They were about to go.
BAU JI:- wait.
THAPKI:- yes bau ji?
BAU JI:- Did ishan and Komal ate something?
THAPKI:- yes we made ishan to take food and he will also make her mother to eat some food.
BAU JI:- Okay.. now you can go.

6:00 O’CLOCK
Thapki is standing in a dark room. A woman is coming towards her. Woman’s face is covered with black mask and her feets are above the ground..
THAPKI:- who are you?
No answer…
She again says..
THAPKI:- Who are youuu?
No answer!
Thapki sees her feets. And she is shocked to see that the woman is not walking on the floor. Her feets are Not touching the floor.
She shouts.
THAPKI:- bihaaaannn.. help
WOMAN:- all because of you.
WOMAN:- all because of you.
THAPKI:- noo.. keep quiet your voice is hurting my ears.
WOMAN:- all because of you. All because of you. (She is continuously saying the same sentence)
Thapki puts hands on her ears and she shouts..
THAPKI:- NO no no.. stop it stop it…

And she wakes up..
(this was a nightmare)

Bihaan also wakes up.
BIHAAN:- what happend? Thapki? Why were you shouting?
THAPKI:- bihaan.. I didn’t do anything. She was in the air her feets were not touching the floor. OMG.. no bihaan she will kill me.
He hugs her tightly to make her calm down.
BIHAAN:- no one will Kill you.. I’m here with you na. So.. you saw a dream?
She comes back to her senses.
THAPKI:- dream?
BIHAAN:- yeah.. you saw dream.
THAPKI (She takes a sigh of relief) :- ohhh no.. it was horrible.
BIHAAN:- What? Okay Tell me the dream.
Thapki narrates him the dream.
BIHAAN:- So what.. it was just a nightmare. Don’t worry.. forget it. Nothing will happen.
THAPKI:- Hmm..
BIHAAN:- sleep now.
THAPKI:- NO.. I am unable to sleep.
BIHAAN:- I said na don’t worry. I’m here.
THAPKI:- Okay..

Thapki hugs bihaan from back.
BIHAAN:- you’re still awake??
THAPKI:- yes. And you too.
He smiles. And gets up.
They both sits
THAPKI:- i was thinking something.
BIHAAN:- thinking about me?
THAPKI:- Of course….not haha sorry but I was thinking something else.
BIHAAN:- hehe. Very Funny.
THAPKI:- i was thinking about Sonali.
BIHAAN:- I’m sad for sonali’s brother and mother but not for sonali.
THAPKI:- why? I’m sad for sonali too I think she was just 22 years old girl and she died.
BIHAAN:- I don’t wanna say this but she deserves this.
THAPKI:- why are you saying such things bihaan. She had died now. Poor sonali.
BIHAAN:- you don’t know her but I know her for 4 years.
THAPKI (in anger):- Okay so tell me what do you know about her.
BIHAAN:- why are you getting angry on me?
THAPKI:- because you’re Bad-mouthing a person who is no more.
BIHAAN:- Okay okay sorry..!!! Now listen I’m going to tell you about ms, sonali (He smiles). 4 years ago. They shifted to our neighbours home. She use to drink, use to do parties and had many boyfriends. One day we called them in pooja. she and her mother came. And you know what she did.
THAPKI:- what?
BIHAAN:- she was drunk and she started to dance and I didn’t understand why her mother took her in pooja when she was not in her senses. When her father died she cried then I thought that she loves her father but just after one day she again goes to do party.
Thapki is shocked.
BIHAAN:- shocked na!
THAPKI:- yes. I thought she was a nice girl.
BIHAAN:- haha nice!! Nayy.
THAPKI:- whatever. Now she is dead na so we should not speak bad about her. I pray that may god forgive her sins.
BIHAAN:- yes you’re right. So now good night..
THAPKI:- see. It’s 7:00 o’clock now. No need to sleep.
He lay down on the bed. She pulls him and makes him get up.
BIHAAN:- no please. Let me sleep.
He pulls her back and she falls on him.


Thapki is taking off the washed clothes..
She collects all the clothes but her clothes are missing. She sees here and there. And suddenly sees on the roof of KOMAL’S home and she is shocked to her clothes there.

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Credit to: Arruu

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  1. really interesting

    1. Thanks alot.
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  2. so terrific
    I don’t like Horror
    & I m shocked as my friend love horrors story
    I m too afraid of this…
    Plz add thahaan scenes more
    ghosts scene less

    1. Hahaha.. okay I’ll add thahaan scenes.. it’s just a start..
      And I love horror stories.
      -keep reading if you want. :-*

  3. very thrilling..!!!

    1. Thanks.

  4. rafay don kon

    Wao yar full of horror suspence.

    1. Thankyou Rafy..
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  5. Interested on your creativity.

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  6. Arruu……..very nice……..

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  7. Juggu

    Terrific….bt want mpre thrillers,shocks n horror????

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  8. Truelove

    that’s so scary precap.

    1. Thankyou.

  9. Alisha

    Hey Aru! I just read all the episodes on your thrilling story in one go and they were superb. Thahaan scenes kinda add beauty to your story. You are too good at adding romantic scenes in between a ghost story. Btw, it was kinda scary and I don’t know why I read it at this time in night. ??
    Keep writing! Waiting for next episode.

    1. Thankyou SOOOO much arisha
      -keep reading

  10. I am always wairing for ur epi coz i always find it interesting & scary btw keep writing like this and 1 more request plz add more thahaan scenes then it will be a perfect fan fiction !! Take care .

    1. Okay thanks..
      I’ll add their scenes.
      -keep reading


    1. Thank you.

  12. Oh I like your horrer story .

    1. Thanks..
      -keep reading and keep commenting

  13. And arru mana tumara our bhi fan faction pari ha but sorry ma comments nahi kar shki .but tumna sahi kaha tha tum horrible story Bhut atchi likhi ho best of luck .

  14. Awsom..when will u update the next part??

    1. Next epi will be updated on thursday or Wednesday

  15. The reason behind sonali haunting thapki should be nice , not that she loved bihaan but thahaan got married.
    Well that was nice episode are balancing the horror and romance , awesome. Keep it up

    1. The reason is not what you’re thinking.. anyway.. you’ll get to know the reason soon.. thanks .
      -keep reading… 🙂

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