Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 11)


Okay so its Last episode.. but not least for sure.
Hope you’ll enjoy this epi more than last one.
Link of Episode #10
Episode 10
Here is the epi 11
123 go.

Thapki is fainted.
Bihaan is crying.
PRIEST:- sorry to say but there is no time to cry. Take her to your room.

Everyone gets shocked to see thapki fainted in bihaan’s arms.
They all started to ask questions.
BIHAAN:- come to my room.
DHRUV:- so can we come out from this circle now?
PRIEST:- yes, you all can.

PRIEST:- There is one night left only now.
BIHAAN:- then?
PRIEST:- if we will be unsuccessful tomorrow to save thapki. Then you will lost her.
Bihaan weeps
DADI:- No no.
VASU:- please do whatever you want but save our thapki.
BAU JI:- sprinkle some water on her face to wake her up.
PRIEST:- dont even dare to do this mistake Because I want sonali’s soul in her body. if you’ll sprinkle water then she will wake up as thapki not sonali. And I can’t call a bad soul again again. It will be danger.
ASHWIN:- What about her food? And when will she wake up?
PRIEST:- she will wake up when I’ll make her. And I’ll do this tomorrow. And I don’t wanna tell you everything what I’ll do so just don’t leave her alone in room. Okay I’ll come tomorrow.
BAU JI:- Okay.
He goes
Komal and ishan also leaves.
Dadi asks all to go to their rooms and all goes.
DADI (puts her hand on bihaan’s head):- dont cry. Everyting will be alright

Bihaan sits beside thapki. He slowly rubs her head with his hand and sees her with teary eyes and love in it.
*music plays (agar tu hota to na roty hum) in backgroud*
After few minutes.
BIHAAN (puts his hand on her face):- Ghajab… you said that you’ll never leave me alone.. and you know what.. Mrs. Thapki you’re going to break your promis. But don’t worry.. I’m here. I’ll never let you go away from me. I love you so much.

And after some hours he also falls asleep.

BIHAAN (sleeping and murmuring):- you can’t.. you can’t take my thapki. I’m not scared of you. my love is not weak. you can’t take my love away.
He wakes up and breathes heavily.
BIHAAN:- bad dream.

Everyone is sitting silently on the chairs.
Suddenly they listens, bihaan is shouting and calling everyone.
They runs to his room.
Bihaan is standing like a statue.
AKSAY:- What happend
SUMAN:- bihaan!
Bau ji shakes him.
He comes to his senses.
BIHAAN:- Dadi dadi… thap…thapki
VASU:- calm down first..
BAU JI:- Preeti bahu.. give him water.
Preeti gives water to bihaan. He drinks it.
VASU:- now tell us
BIHAAN:- when I wake up. I saw….
He goes in flashback
“Bihaan wakes up.
BIHAAN:- bad dream.
He sees towards thapki. she is covered with blanket. He thinks that she was not covered at night then how it happend?
Then he removes blanket from her face and he freezes after seeing her eyes red and lips black. And 100 of scrathes on her. And she is laughing continously.
He shouts and calls everyone.


BAU JI:- but there is no such thing on thapki’s face!
He sees thapki..
DADI:- I think we should call priest.
BIHAAN ( calls);- you know.. what’s happening.
PRIEST:- shhh! I know everyting. You love thapki na then you’ve to face all this. And now don’t call me I will come at night. Till then you all pray and let me prepare for most dangerous nights.
DADI:- What happend beta. What he said?
BIHAAN:- He said to pray and not to call him again he will come at night. DANGEROUS night??

PRECAP:- Thapki is laughing and at the same moment he is crying too.. she is doing strange things
PRIEST:- tie her tightly with rope.
BIHAAN:- but she will feel pain..
PRIEST:- if you want her back.. then do as I say.
He ties her.

Next epi or last episode:- soon!°°

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG when i read last episode for a moment i thought is really last episode ?I almost got a shock but later phew ? And loved the epi 100 scratches ??and u know i love horror so much and is not easy to create so but ur ff is amazing i love it to the core and can’t wait for next epi

    1. Arruu

      Thankyou so so much..


    Nice episode….. Waiting for next episode..

  3. very nice arru thahaan forever no last epi plz

  4. Pls dont’t end this ff…pls continue … it is amazing…waiting for the nxt part..?

  5. Oh arru so much in one epi! I cant see thahaan like that btw i am sad as ur ending it but i know u will again come with another fabulous fan fiction … but i think this is the best ff i have read in all my life..filled with horror ,romance ,twists and turn , all in all PERFECT FANFICTION !!!

    1. Arruu

      THANKS ALOT everyone.

  6. hai…i just finish read all the parts..its really awesome…if possible continue it…thx for the wonderful part..

  7. so much horror….!!

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