Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 10)


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Episode 9


PRIEST:- I’m making this circle around you all except bihaan because he has to stay here with me and remember not to come out from this circle whatever happens but have to be in and do not seprate hands.
He makes a circle with white powder. And gives a paper to bihaan.
BIHAAN:- what’s this?
PRIEST:- anything can be happen to me because now I’m the biggest enemie right now of that bad soul so she can do anything to me.. so you’ve to finish this work.. the sentences which are written in this paper you’ve to read those words and that bad soul will leave from here.
PREETI:- sooo easy!
PRIEST:- it’s not that easy! Bihaan have to hold thapki in front of the mirror and then he has to read that sentences and she will definitely not allow him to read this because this will give pain to soul.
ISHAN:- there is one more thing that I didn’t tell bihaan.
BIHAAN:- What you didn’t tell me??
PRIEST:- yes please! Everyting should be clear.
ISHAN:- Bihan must be thinking that Sonali jumped from the roof and she attempted suicide.
BIHAAN:- exactly!
ISHAN:- not true! She didn’t do suicide!
BIHAAN:- then what
ISHAN:- actually that night I was standing just behind her and she was watching you and thapki on the roof you were talking very lovingly to her. She was staring at you both in jealousy.

“ISHAN:- come on di. What are you doing here. Leave them.. i know that you love bihaan but no use of this love now. He loves his wife na and we can’t make our life sad because of anyone!
SONALI:- OH! Shut up my idiot brother! I’m not that type of stupid girl who makes their life hell because of anyone.. and by the way who told you that I love bihaan.. I’m so much happy with my life my friends and DRINKKKK! So i am definitely not in love with him I just like him. See he’s so cute naa. But this thapki.. ughhh!
ISHAN:- this is the most bad habit in you. Well you’re so much spoiled. I’m your younger brother that’s why I’m telling you please stop this drinking habit can take your life!
SONALI:- OH well! Whatever will happen.. but ill never let my Awesome life end because of anyone. And if I will die because of anyone then he/she will have to pay for it even after death!.
She is walking ahead while watching thapki. And suddenly her leg slips and she falls from the roof ishan tried to hold her but she falls.

BIHAAN:- then what is thapki’s mistake in this. Why is she doing this to thapki.
ISHAN:- she never tells but I know she was jealous of thapki.
PRIEST:- so this is the real matter. And it’s obvious because sonali said that she will not leave a person if she will die because of that person. And she fall while watching at thapki. It was her mistake only but whatever it is.. she is just back to take revenge of her life she thinks thapki is a culprit.
BIHAAN:- Okay so should we start. As I want my thapki back.. I can’t lose her
PRIEST:- no wait. Now we got the real matter so we have to go to the place from where she fall mistakenly!
ISHAN:- let’s go to my house.
KOMAL:- yeah. Let’s go.
Everyone was about to move.
Priest stops. And tells them that no one of them can come out from this circle. They have to stay here. Only he and bihaan will go!
They goes to roof of komal’s home.
Blow 2 candles there, puts mirror rope and knife. Bihaan is puts paper in his pocket which priest gave him.
PRIEST:- ready!! Be careful! I’m gonna start.
He reads something slowly!

Thapki is sleeping. Suddenly bed start shaking. She gets up and shouts..
THAPKI:- what’s happening!!! Uahhhhhhhahhhh??? Bihaan? Where are u???
BAU JI:- Thapki bitia is shouting. I should go there.
SHRADDHA:- NOOOOOO bau jo no plz.. I don’t want to die.
PREETI:- What?
SHRADDHA:- I mean priest told us not to leave hand and we have to follow what he said otherwise not only us. Thapki bihaan they both will also be in danger. So plz.
DHRUV:- I think she is right.
DADI:- just pray my children!

Thapki is still shouting. She tries to open door bur door is jam. She gets scared.
And turns around.. and she sees a face covered with hair. Suddenly the wind blows. window breaks. The soul’s hair moves from the face and thapki sees a face with scratches on it. She has no pupil in eye. Thapki tries to shout in quaver voice.
And she faints.

VASU:- no voice?
SUMAN:- yes? What would be happening there?
AKSHAY:- can’t say anything.
DADI:- will you please be quiet!!!. Let me pray.
They all keeps quiet.
ASHWIN:- oh !
SUMAN:- what?
ASHWIN:- see up on the stairs!
They all sees..
Thapki is coming down from there, face covered with hair. She comes near all the family members. They all are shocked to see that she is wearing bihaan’s cloth. Jeans and shirt.
THAPKI (horrible voice):- i don’t know how this thapki wears this long dresses. I like this.. Pents and shirt.!
Dadi starts praying.
Thapki sees up and laughs..her hair moves from face they sees her face and everyone gets scared because of scrathes marks and no pupil in eyes..
THAPKI:- shut up you budhiya!
She runs from there towards komal’s home.

Priest is continously reading. Thapki reaches there.
BIHAAN:- Thapki?
And starts moving.
Priest stops him. Don’t move from here. She is not thapki okay!
He nods.
THAPKI:- You saved your thapki that day.. but today.. you can’t..
she runs to jump from there. But priest pours some exorcist water on her. She screams in pain.
And . Thapki takes knife in her hand and attacks bihaan. Priest hold her hand tightly. She does drama
THAPKI:- ahh.. bihaan. See I’m in pain I’m your thapki. Save me my hand is paining.
Bihaan feels pity on her.
PRIEST:- dont even dare to help her i already told you that she is not thapki right now.
priest asks bihaan to tie thapki with rope.
BIHAAN (with teary eyes):- I’ve to do this for you.
He ties her. But
She Throws knife and it slightly cuts bihaan’s hand.
And she flies in air.
THAPKI (in double voice);- you’re wife will be no more.
She falls from the air.
But priest reads something and she stops in air and slowly comes down. Then he ties her with rope.
Thapki faints. Bihaan weeps!


Well I must tell u that I was about to end this FF just in 10 epis. But now I’ve extended this to 12 episodes. HAPPY.

HOW’S THE EPI. I always tries to make it in the manner that you can easily imagine it!
So tell me

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