Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 1)


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It is night, a stormy, windy night. The windows, doors and tress are moving and making noise because of the pressure of wind..
An old lady, wearing a saadi having stick in her hand, she is dadi. Comes in hall room and speaks….

DADI:- bihaan, thapki, Preeti bahu.. and all of you come down..
THAPKI:- G dadi ma.
SUMAN:- yes badi Sasu maa..
PREETI:-omg!! today the weather looks stormy.

All other family members gathers.
DADI:- I know Preeti bahu.. that’s why I called you all here.. all of you move fast and close all the windows and doors. It’s windy today.
BIHAAN:- Okay dadi maa.
All are busy in closing the doors and windows..thapki is going towards her room to close the window there. Bihaan sees her. He holds her hand and takes her on the tarrace.

THAPKI:- what are you doing.. why you took me here? Dadi asked us to close the windows and doors..
BIHAAN (puts finger on lips):- Shhhhhh…
He pulls her closer..
THAPKI:- leave me bihaan.. see the weather. It’s too much windy.. let’s go down.
BIHAAN:- exactly na.. I took you here to show you this beautiful weather.. let’s stand here for few minutes.
THAPKI:- Okay it’s beautiful but you know na it can be rain we will get wet!
BIHAAN:- enough! You’ll not speak a single word now! Stand here with me!
THAPKI:- but bihaan….

He stops her and hugs her.
Thapki tries to seprates but he hugs tightly.
Then she also hugs him and said..
THAPKI:- i love you..
BIHAAN:- I love you too..
After few minutes
Someone shouts..
They separates.
THAPKI:- Did you hear something?
BIHAAN:- ya.. Someone shouted.
THAPKI:- the voice came from right side.
They looks down from the tarrace..
BIHAAN:- OH no.. Someone is laying on the road.
THAPKI:- let’s go down. I think someone had an accident.
They both runs.
DADI:- thapki bihaan. Where were you. You both are fine na.. I heared a voice?
BIHAAN:-we will tell you that later. Come lets go outside
THAPKI:- Someone had and accident.
They all goes out. And sees a girl laying in front of their neighbour’s home (“KOMAL’S”) home. Blood is coming out from her body. A boy is crying aloud watching all this. (The boy is her brother.. his name is “Ishan”).. and a woman is sitting quietly beside the dead body of girl and crying. (The woman is mother of the girl. Her name is “Komal”)..
Thapki and all are shocked.
SHRADDHA:- oh .. What happend to her.
DADI:- leave all these questions, go and call the ambulance.. fast!
THAPKI:- bihaan come with me.
BIHAAN:- Okay.

They both goes in corner.
THAPKI:- see her family is crying.. I’ll make her mother calm down and you go to her brother.
BIHAAN:- you’re right.
Thapki goes to Komal.
THAPKI:- aunty calm down. Everything will be fine.
KOMAL:- Nothing will be fine now.. my daughter…. (She cries loudly)
ISHAN:- please save my sister..
BIHAAN:- Listen.. calm down first. See ambulance came. Your sister will be okay.
AKSHAY:- you all stay here only me and bihaan will take her to hospital.
ISHAN:- I’ll also go..
KOMAL:- me too!
THAPKI:- I’ll also come with you all.
BIHAAN:- oky
They leaves.
(Wind is Still blowing..)

Doctors take sonali’s body in Operation theater.
Ishan is walking restlessly. Komal is praying for her daughter’s life. Bihaan goes to ishan and asks him..
BIHAAN:- How all this happened?
ISHAN:- Thap….
BIHAAN:- thap…? What thap? Are you trying to say thapki?
ISHAN:- no no.
BIHAAN:- then what?
ISHAN:- i don’t know.. how she fall from the roof.
He goes from there.
BIHAAN:- but listen. Where are you going.
(He doesn’t listened bihaan and goes from there)
BIHAAN (thinking):- What happend to him! And Sonali fall from roof? How?
After some time Doctors comes out from operation theater.
DOCTOR:- we’re sorry. the girl was almost dead when you took her here. But still we tried hard to get back her..but
KOMAL:- but???
DOCTOR:- but we are sorry.. she is dead.
He goes.

Komal sits on the floor holding her head.
Ishan comes.
ISHAN:- mom.. why are you sitting here like this? Sonali di is fine na? Why are you not saying anything. Say something mom.. bihaan you tell me? What doctors said? Why you all are silent!! (He gets furious).
THAPKI:- calm down ishan.
ISHAN:- What calm down? Tell me what I asked.
AKSHAY:- your Di (sister) sonali is no more.
Ishan is shocked and falls down.

Akshay holds him.
ISHAN:- NOOOOOO!! Diiiii.. Sonaliii. (He shouts and cries).
Bihaan goes to him.
BIHAAN:- ishan. Listen. You’ve to take care of your mom now.
Thapki also goes to him.
THAPKI:- yes, he is right. If you’ll cry like this then who will take care of Komal aunty. Your mom.
AKSHAY:- exactly! First make sure that your mom’s health shouldn’t get effected by this accident.
ISHAN:- you’re right. I’ll take care of my mom first. I have lost my sister and I don’t wana lose my mom. (He wipes his tears).
Ishan goes to Komal. He sits beside her.
ISHAN:- mom.
Komal doesn’t reacts.

ISHAN:-mom…. you’re listening na?
KOMAL:- ishan do something. Take my daughter back to me. Plz
ISHAN:- this can’t happen. And you’ve to accept this truth. Sonali has died.
KOMAL:- no no no. Sonali is my daughter. And she will definitely come to meet me!
THAPKI:- aunty plz. This can’t happen. You’re in depression at this time. She can’t. Come back.
Komal shouts and cries with loud voice.
KOMAL:- I’m sure that she will come back.
Ishan hugs her.
Thapki makes her calm down.


PRECAP:- Thapki is standing in a dark room. A woman is coming towards her. Woman’s face is covered with black mask and her feets are above the ground..THAPKI:- who are you?
No answer…
She again says..
THAPKI:- Who are youuu?
No answer!
Thapki sees her feets. And she is shocked to see that the woman is not walking on the floor..

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