(Thahaan)let the deep love out. [Episode 2]

Thank you everyone for supporting me..I know that I am not a very good writer but my love for thahaan made me write this fanfiction and your support gave me courage to write more…

(There is change that now sharadha and thapki are twins ,and Dhruv and Bihaan are twins.but they are not identical)…
So here goes the 2nd Episode of my fanfiction
“(Thahaan)Let the deep love out ❤

All 4 dhruv, bihaan,sharadha and thapki went to their class…dhruv and bihaan sat together on the last bench and sharadha and thapki sat together on the second bench…..
Bihaan:-thankGod sir.Raj didnt punished us for coming late….
Dhruv:-keep quiet else he will punish us for talking…
Bihaan:-I really hate him ,he’s so strict..

Sir.Raj saw Dhruv and Bihaan talking..
Sir:-Dhruv and Bihaan i have to change your seats now..
Dhruv:-sorry sir…we wont talk again..
Sir:-No Sorries!!!i dont want any disturbance during my class…so dhruv you come and sit with Sharadha…and Thapki you go and sit with Bihaan..

They did want sir,Raj said..
Sir;Raj:-so your assignment for this week is you have to make a 3D model describing the solar system…and its a pair work your partner will be the one sitting with you right now..after the mid day break you have to give me a 2D drawing of your model..during the mid day break you can discuss it with your partners.,is it clear..now Dismiss!!..
During the mid day break…
Dhruv and Sharadha were sitting on a bench..
And Bihaan and Thapki were sitting on the stairs….

Sharadha told Dhruv her idea of the project..
Dhruv:-wow!you are so intelligent….its such an amazing idea. .I’m sure we’ll win because of your superb idea…
Sharadha:-Thankyou …but i dont think we will be able to finish it in just 3 days as sir;Raj said that we have to submit it on Friday only 3 days are there…
Dhruv:-dont worry..we’ll start it today..you can come to my house after university and I’ll drop you home later…
Sharadha:-thats a good idea..we might finish it till Friday if start it today..
Scene shifts to the stairs..
Bihaan and Thapki were talking about there project…finally they decided what will they make..
Bihaan:-!!!woohoooo!!!i think our project will be the best..
Thapki:-hmmm…but we have less time..
Bihaan:-ufff madam…why do you worry we’ll finish it…I’ll take you with me to my house after university…
Thapki:-thats cool Bihaan…we’ll finish it soon…

After university…
Sharadha:-you go home Thapki I’m going with Dhruv for some work of our project.
Thapki:-thats what i was trying to tell you I’m also going with Bihaan.
Bihaan:-Thats great you sisters come with us..afterall we all have to go to the same house..
Sharadha:-okay I’ll inform maa…

Sharadha called maa..and after that they all went to panday Nivass..

Sharadha:-wow what a beautiful house..
Dhruv:-its more beautiful from inside. .come..

They went inside..they met vasu..
Dhruv:-maa this is sharadha..my assignment partner. .
Bihaan:-and maa this is Thapki my assignment partner…
Sharadha and Thapki took her blessings and vasu blessed them…
Dhruv:-come sharadha I’ll take you to my room and we’ll start the work..
Bihaan:-thapki you come with me too my A for Amazing and A for Awesome room..
Thapki smiled and went with him…
Dhruv’s room☆
Sharadha:-nice room.
Dhruv:-Thanks..so lets start..
Sharadha:-yes..first we’ll make a list of things we need…
Dhruv and Sharadha made the list..
Dhruv:-come we’ll go and get the things..

Dhruv and Sharadha left in the car….
Bihaan’s Room☆
Thapki:-cool room..
Thapki:-lets start the work…first we have gather all the materials we need …
Bihaan:-lets make a list then we’ll go the market nearby…

They made the list and went downstairs…
They saw the car was not there…

Bihaan:-maa where is the car..
Vasu:-Beta Dhruv and Sharadha went to get some materials.
Thapki:-ohh Bihaan now how will we go..we’ll get late to submit our project. ..
Bihaan:-dont worry thapki…I’ll do something…
Ummm will go with me on my bike…
Thapki:-but bihaan I’m scared of sitting on bike..
Bihaan:-no need to get scared I’m with you I promise nothing will happen. .come..

They both left on the bike..

At the shop☆
*they went inside*
Sharadha got a call
Sharadha:-dhruv you buy he things I’ll be back..
*outside the shop*
Sharadha was talking on phone suddenly some boys started teasing her ..they were coming closer to her..
She shouted:-DHRUV!!!!….
Dhruv came outside and scolded the boys and they ran away
Sharadha hugged Dhruv…
Dhruv:-sharadha are you okay…
Sharadha(crying):-yes I’m fine thankyou dhurv..
Dhruv:-no problem…come sharadha we’ll get things..
Sharadha realized that she hugged him and felt shy…they went inside..
On the road (on bike)☆
Bihaan and Thapki were on the bike…
Suddenly Bihaan speeded the bike…
Thapki was scared she held bihaan…
Bihaan increased the speed..
Thapki:-Bihaan slow down…
Bihaan:-i said na don’t worry nothing will happen….
Thapki held bihaan really tightly…it looked like she was hugging him from back…

After buying the materials…
They did some work together and then dhruv and bihaan dropped them home..

Ponaam:-ohh my girls are back..i was so worried…
Sharadha:-i told you maa we’ll come late…and don’t need to worry..nothing can happen to us till those 2 brothers are with us…
Thapki:-you are right di ….nothing can happen to us till they are with us…

Precap:-some moments of sharuv and thahaan during the project work…and the results of assignment.

I hope you like the episode and if you didn’t feel free to tell me in comments…..keep loving and keep supporting…thankyou…plz comment your veiws…next episode will be uploaded soon..


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