(Thahaan)let the deep love out. [Episode 1]

Thankyou very much for you love and support…
I am glad and happy that you liked my idea…
So now i am starting off with the first episode of my fanfiction named “(Thahaan)Let the deep love out”…
***here goes the first episode***
It was a bright sunny morning a girls was seen sleeping her face was covered with her curly black hair …suddenly there was a knock at the door..a women wearing a saree walked inside the room and opened the curtains….
Women:-Wake up sharadha!! You will be late for university..
Sharadha:-5 minutes maa…
Sharadha’s mom (poonam):-okay but please wake up ..i am going to wake your sister up…
Sharadha:- yes maa..
The scene shifts to another room…
Here another girls was seen sleeping and she was fully drowned in the blanket…poonam entered..
Poonam:-wake up thapki… you will be late for university..
Thapki:-ohh god maa you disturbed my dream …i hate university i always have to wake-up early for that stupid university…I am really waiting for sunday so i could sleep peacefully…

(Here sharadha and thapki are sisters…and thapki is only 3 months younger than sharadha. They both are in same university ,same batch and same class…)

The scene shifts to another house…
A boy is seen exercising in his room…some knocks the door…
Boy:-yes come in..
Women:-Dhruv come for the breakfast…and please bring your lazy brother with you ..i am sure he is still sleeping..i am going to give the newspaper to you bauji…
Dhruv:-no problem maa ..you go to bauji I’ll bring that lazy brother with me..
Dhruv mom (vasundhra/vasu):-thankyou..ok i am going…
The scene shifts to another room a boy is seen sleeping covered with blanket…suddenly someone removes the blanket…
Boy:-whats your problem dhruv you always D for Disturb my D for Dream..
Dhruv:-ohh stop dreaming bihaan..come maa is calling for breakfast…

(Dhruv and Bihaan are brothers but no one is adopted they are real brothers..and are in same university and same class ,bihaan is only 2 months younger than dhruv)..

***After breakfast***
Sharadha and Thapki :- bye maa we are leaving for university…
Poonam:-ok my girls stay blessed…
She give them blessings and they leave..
***After breakfast***
Dhruv and Bihaan:-bye maa we are leaving for university…
Vasundhra :-okay my boys..stay blessed..
She give them blessings and they leave…
Scene shifts to the road…
Sharadha:-we are not getting any auto or taxi today…and we’ll be getting late for class..
Thapki:-Sir;Raj would definitely punish us for getting late…i dont want to be punished..
Sharadha:-Me too.. lets look for lifts…

They see a car coming and stops it..
(Its Dhruv’s and Bihaan’s car)..
Sharadha:-can you please drop us to the
“IKU university”..
Dhruv:-sure we are also going there..come in..
Sharadha:-thankyou so much…

Sharadha and Thapki get inside the car.
Bihaan:-so in which batch you guys study..
Thapki:-2nd batch Sir;Raj’s Class..
Bihaan:-Really..WOW..what a coincidence we study in the same Batch..
♡♡♡They all reached the university ♡♡♡.

PRECAP:-Sharadha sitting with dhruv..Thapki sitting with Bihaan ..friendship begins..
Keep loving keep supporting…if you like it please comments..thankyou….❤❤❤❤❤

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  1. how is possible? the real brothers age different is 2 months and real sisters age different is 3 months

  2. Deepwriter

    I know it’s not possible in real life. ..but i said in the intro its total imagination…
    You’ll get to read more impossible things in my fanfiction. …its totally a imaginative love story…

  3. Nice dr.& .plz write it bit longer..

  4. How is this possible the difference between the two brothers is 2 months and sisters =3 months &i also liked it plz write longer next time?


    superb episode…..

  6. Hi, please make them twins, 2 mins younger & 3 mins younger. That will be easy for imagine.. Any ways nice start, please continue

  7. Nice start..please continue

  8. One of the best ffs on thapki pyaar ki

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