thahaan_game of fate (episode 2)

What are you asking? He asked worriedly
D: you know very well that what am i asking. Now tell me that where is thapki?
B: thapki?
D: yes, thapki! Tell me where is she?
Bihaan couldn’t understand anything
D: i will kill you bihaan. Tell me where have you hidden her?
B: i can’t understand anything dharuv.
D: thapki is gone.
B: gone?
It felt like a slap on bihaan’ s face. He ran bare footed and searched every corner of pandey nivas but didn’t find thapki.

Everyone was sitting on the lounge sadly. Bihaan entered the house quietly.
Dadi: bihaan betta?
Bihaan stopped and turned to face her.
Dadi: do you find any…
Before she could complete her words bihaan shook his head and ran towards dharuv’s room. Dharuv was sitting in his room, crying. Now bihaan held him from his shirt’s front.
B: where is she gone?
D: stop acting bihaan..
B: acting? Do you really think that i am acting? I sacrificed my love for you and…
He broke down into tears.
Dharuv hugged him.
D: she is gone..
Bihaan pushed him away.. bauji came there and asked them to come to police station with him..
B: lets go bauji
Bihaan was still in his night dress and was bare footed
Bauji: first go and change. I am waiting for you

Bihaan rushed towards his room. He opened his cupboard. While he was looking for his clothes he found a letter there. He picked it up and opened it. His world seemed to end when he read first line
” bihhaan, i am going away from you and this house forever.”
Something cold pressed his skull. He sat on the floor numbly. He again looked at the letter to read it.
” i won’t come into your life as you wanted. I do not know where i am going. I couldn’t live away from you while living in front of you. So i decided to leave this house and this city. Yeah, It is the game of fate. I have to leave you just for your sake, just because i can’t live with someone else and Of course i can’t live without you so, i am not alive bihaan. You killed me,my heart and my soul when you said that you hate me. Takecare of your self . Good bye.

Poor bihaan, fate has really played game with him. He sacrificed his love for his brother and now he has lost his love forever. He couldn’t understand what had happened with him
he was sitting on the floor cursing his fate. Everything around him has seemed to be making fun of his misfortune. He struggled to stand up but his legs were not supporting him. He sat there for a long time starring the letter unbelievingly. Thapki’s words had killed him from inside.

Time stops for nobody. Thapki and bihaan were separated. But there was somethingbetween them that had connected their soul, their love for eachother, true love. They weren’t alive but their love was still living in their hearts. Six months had passed. Bihaan was turned into a serious person who forgot to smile. He was still searching for thapki everywhere. He had searched almost half of the country but unluckily he didn’t find her. Dharuv realised his sin of separating two true lovers and had apologised bihaan for the same but bihaan leaved the room without answering. Sharadha came back to pandey nivas.
One morning he was going outside when he saw sharadha standing on the door in front a postman. He was about to pass ignoring her when he heard the postman saying that “i got a notice of court for dharuv pandey. Its from Vaani Chuttervedi”
Bihaan stopped suddenly hearing the name ” vaani chuttervedi” ,his thapki.
He asked the postman to give him the letter but he refused and told him that it is for dharuv pandey and only he cann recieve it. Dharuv came there. He opened the letter and told everyone that “it is notice for divorce from the court. Thapki has claimed for it”

Precap: bihaan reached thapki’s lawyer’s office

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