thahaan_game of fate (episode 1)

It was a stormy night. Bihaan was standing on the balcony when he heard a sad voice calling his name from behind. He turned to see. There was his life standing in front of him. Yes, she was his love. His first and last love. His thapki.
B: what are you doing here?
He asked in his sad voice

T: what are you doing here bihaan? Please tell me why are’nt you doing something? Please bihaan..
She asked with teary eyes. Her eyes were asking a lot of questions from his.
B: thapki, i am helpless.
T: love makes everyone strong then why are you helpless?
B: listen thapki, what can I do? You are know married with some one else.
T: do you think that it is a marriage? No bihaan, fate has cheated us, cheated our love.
B: and thapki we can’t change our fate.
T: we can change our fate bihaan.

She said hopefully
B: but how? You cant get divorce before six months. You have to live as dharuv’s wife for six months.
Yes, dharuv was the person who cheated both of them and married thapki. He did the same with bihaan that bihaan had done on his marriage night. He made bihaan faint and sat on the mandip in the place of bihaan. Once again thapki’s fate had played a game with her. This time she could’nt bear that

T: i can’t live with him. Please take me away from here. We will go far away from..
Bihaan interrupted
B: please stop this nonsense. Try to forget me and..
T: and what? Live with dharuv sir as his wife?
Bihaan didn’t answer.
T: i am asking you.
She held him from his shirt’s collar and gave him few jerks. He was not able to look into her eyes. Thapki sat on the floor and began to cry like a child.
Bihaan saw her. His heart started sinking. He also sat down near to thapki. He cant see her crying .He raised his hand to wipe his tears but suddenly something knocked at his mind that took him to flash back.
B: dharuv why you cheated us?
D: i couldn’t see my love with someone else. She was mine. I was going to marry her but you destroyed enery thing.
B: but know thapki loves me. She was happy with me then why did you destroy her happiness.
D: she is mine and only mine.
B: you can’t force her to live with you. I will take her away from here.
He was about to leave when dharuv called him. He turned back and was shock to see the scene in front of him. Dharuv was holding knife. He placed the knife on his wrist.
B: dharuv, leave this. What are you doing?

D: no, no. You can’t take my love away from me.
B: please leave this knife
D: bauji never loved me because of you. He loves you the most. You are not the son of this house. You came here to snatch my happiness and my love. First you snatched bauji’ love for me and know you had snatched my thapki. You don’t deserve her. You came from road. You are uneducated.
Bihaan was standing like a statue. He realised that he really dont deserve her.
D: today i will kill myself just bcoz of you
B: no dharuv please stop thiis nonsense.

D: i will kill myself if you ever tried to take away thapki from me.
Bihaan stood helplessly. His brother was standing infront of him and trying to kill himself. He was his best friend since childhood. He couldn’t see him like that.
D: please bihaan I beg you. I will die without thapki. Please don’t snatche my love from me..please….please….
Both of them were crying like a child and dharuv was begging him for his love. Bihaan didn’t answer
D: okay, then it is better for me to die
He was about to cut his vein but suddenly bihaan shouted
B: no dhatuv stop. I promise i will not take her anywhere…i promise…..please leave that knife.
Knife slipped from his hand and he rushed towards bihaan and hugged him. Once again bihaan has to sacrifice his life for his family. Once agreed to marry a girl he hate the most and know he has to live away from his love
He took his hand away. He stand up and ask her to stand up.
b : you have to live without me
T: is it your last decision?

B: yes.. last decision..
He wasn’t looking into her eyes.
T: then tell this to me while looking into my eyes..
he looked into her eyes and then looked down
B: thapki I can’t..
T: then why are you leaving me? I can’t live without you I only love you
B: look, at the beging of our marriage you used to hate me but know you love me. So you will also love dharuv as he was your first love.
Thapki was looking at bihhaan unbelievingly.His words hurted her very much. Her love was saying that her first love was someone else.
T: no bihaan. My first and last love is you. You and only you… ds was my ideal. I never had feelings for him.
B: you and dharuv loved each other but I came and spoil everything..
T: i never loved ds..

She shouted like a child to justify.. but bihaan was not ready to listen… he knew that thapki never had feelings for dharuv but he had to do this to keep her away from himself. He was very helpless. He couldn’t even stop her love. He had to behave rudely with her.
B: why you are not getting that i don’t want you back in my life..
Thapki was shocked
T: bihaan?
B: yeah thapki.. stay away from me. Go away from my life..
T: bih….

B: thapki please…. go away from my life…leave me alone
He shouted rudely.
He looked at her, her innocent eyes were requesting him something.
T: okay bihaan.. i am going away from your life.
She said with teary eyes. Tears also appeared on bihaan’s eye.
T: but bihaan i will always love you…you are my first and last love. Please say it for the last time that you love me.. i promise i will never come in your life again
B: thapki please.. there is no need.,,.
T: bihaan, please. Last time . I beg you..
Bihaan looked at her eyes. Her eyes were asking for love from him. He was lost in her eyes
B: thapki, i…

Thapki looked him hopefully
B: thapki, i hate you.
He shouted. His words had injured her heart badly.
A flood of tears came into the eyes of both of them. Suddenly thapki ran toward him and hugged him tightly .

T: but i love you bihaan.
Unknowingly, bihaan hugged her back. After some time bihaan came into his senses and they got separate from eachother. They looked into eachothers eyes. Thapki moved away from him. She started to leave. Bihaan was looking at her with teary eyes. His love was going away from him and the reason was himself. Thapki was walking slowly. She was about to leave the balcony when she turned back to see her love for the last time. Both looked eachother with teary eyes. After some time thapki turned and ran away. But he stood there for for an hour. He didn’t know that he will not able to ser her thapki again.

After an hour bihaan went to his room. His shirt was wet with sweat. He placed the shirt on the chair and went to the washroom with his night dress. Suddenly the door of his room opened and thapki walked in slowly. She had a letter for bihan in her hand. She opened the cupboard and placed the letter over there. She was about to leave when she saw bihaan’s shirt. She took the shirt with her and leave quitely.
Morning at pandey nivas
Bihaan was sleeping when dharuv came and held him from his shirt’s front
D: where is thapki?
Bihaan looked at him surprisingly.

Precap: bihaan is searching for thapki.

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  1. Juggu

    Its nice sam. I thought it is related to current track in tpk. Wer thahaanians are afraud fr d return of tharuv track.

  2. tamil ponnunga-kumutha (5)

    Soon sad bihan n thapki….pls unite thahaan plsssss sam…..

  3. Sam…its really too good.what a stunning way of writing yaar.I am eagerly waiting for to read next part.pls update soon.

  4. first i want to say its amazing

    bt why u Separate thahaan

    why bihaan behaves as mahan aatma
    How can he sacrifice his love ha

    & strange thapki married with dhruv bt she hugs bihaan
    Why she behave strange?/
    is it bcoz of true love

    update soon
    very nice
    precap interesting

  5. sam, i like this epi… and its track….and plz unite thahaan..their my fav jodi

  6. Thnks guys.. it is my first ff.. and yeah its about current track of tpk in which dharuv is turned into a evil villain.. ?
    sorry guys i forgot to write introduction but its about the remarriage of thahaan after there love confession.. but dharuv spoiled their marriage and himself married thapki.. hope you guys will like my story..

  7. rafay don kon


  8. Wow it’s lovely…i cried to read it n m afraid too it it happens in tpk but yes ur story is amazing update next part soon coz m eager to c bihaan’s expressions when he will hear about her departure….

  9. Lara

    It is very lovely

  10. go ahead…….!!!i m waiting….

  11. U have write same jasa serials mai hota hai …i hope u will unite thaan..At last Ds also realise thaan felling nd make them unite

  12. Plz next episode jalidi upload karna it

  13. It was so emotional…yet amazing!!!Great work sam…i just wanna was the best ff i have ever read…plz update the next part asap..

  14. It was so emotional episode… Love it…

  15. was awesome sam and am waiting 4 the nxt episode.

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