Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 3

Thank you readers for commenting.. Thanks the silent readers also.. My heartful thanks to the readers who are commenting.. please do comment for every episodes.. Thanks for the support.. I will be encouraged only by your comments..As per the reader’s requests I guess I have made this episode a bit longer than the previous one.. Here Priya back with the third episode
The episode starts with at the exit of temple..
Thapki: Yes Mister.Rude.. Like you are having some in your body, I am also having some
Bihaan(surprisingly looks): Kya..
Thapki: I guess you are not having h..hear..heart in your body.
Bihaan: Eventhough you used to stammer, you are using super dialogs chuk chuk gaadi.. (Thapki looks on).. Tell me one thing.. Whether you have eaten any anchor(used to stop ship while sailing in sea) in your childhood.. May be that made your voice getting stucked..
Thapki got tears in her eyes..she stares at him angirily..
Thapki: Hello mister.. Mind your I never considered s..sss..stammering as my You need not to w..wo..worry about that.. aur haann .. You are the only one p..per..person whom I hate a lottt in this world. (Bihaan looks on)
Thapki looks at him angirily.. She turned to the temple side very fast. Because of that his hair slapped Bihaan’s face. Thapki started walking into the temple.
Bihaan recalls her tears,
Bihaan’s mindvoice (I think I talked too much hurting words with her.. I should ask sorry to her.. (he stepped forwards and then recalls her words) Nahi… She also talked too much..why should I..(he stepped backwards again)
Inside Temple, Thapki went to Lord,
Thapki(crying): My Lord, Why I used to see the persons like this.. Today is the most happiest day for me.. But he made me worry.. Please give me strength to face the persons like this..
Vasunthara praying to God by closing her eyes: Meri Bhagwan, I want my son Dhruv to be getting married soon.. Please make him to take a good decision and please show me a wonderful Bahu..(She opened her eyes and saw Thapki besides her)
Thapki started walking worriedly and her shawl was like cleaning the ground.. She did not notice it and diya which is placed on the ground. Suddenly her shawl gets fire by the fire on diya.. and it was about to reach her tops.. Vasunthara sees it and came fast to her and removed the shawl and thrown it far.. Thapki turned and realized what happened.. Vasunthara holds Thapki’s hands..
Vasunthara: Are you okay? (Thapki hugs her)
Thapki:…thank you maa..
Vasunthara thought she is stammering because of the afraid and tension she is having..Aditi came there and seeing Thapki’s condition.
Vasunthara: What betiya? Be careful na… what are you thinking and going..?
Thapki: Maa.. what actually..
Aditi: What happened to you di..
Vasunthara told everything to Aditi…
Aditi: Diiiii.. are you okay? Come with me.. let’s go to hospital.(She pulls her hands)
Thapki: I am fine Aditi.. I have to thank Maa..
Vasunthara: Its okay betiya.. you go with her.. that will be better for you..
Thapki understands what she is saying (as she is not having shawl) nods at Vasunthara. They went..
Vasunthara came to Bihaan and called him twice. But he did not hear it.. Vasunthara shakes him.
Vasunthara: What happened Bihaan? What are you thinking?
Bihaan: Nothing maa.. what actually I kid one girl who used to stammer ..I was thinking whether I have to tell sorry to her..
Vasunthara: Not needed Bihan..The people who used to stammer will have the wrong deeds in their heart.. Just leave it..come..( Bihaan nods at her )
Bihaan:But Maa why you took so long time today?
Vasunthara explains everything to him.
Bihaan: Gajab.. My Maa is B for Bhagwan for B for Bihaan Pandey… and now she became B for Bhagwan for that B for Blind girl also.
Vasunthara smiles at him and they started moving.
In Pandey Nivaas, Dhruv was talking to Vasunthara..
Dhruv: Maa, tomorrow anniversary function for our 365 channel.. There will be party in our office..
Vasunthara: Why Dhruv? You can give party to them in our home itself na..
Dhruv: No maa.. not needed.. Why you are stressing yourself.. ?
Vasunthara: Its okay Dhruv.. what is more important to me than celebrating my son’s success..
Dhruv smiles..

Vasunthara’s mindvoice (By talking with your staff members I can get to know what is in your mind)
The next day in 365 Channel, Thapki seeing the staff members wandering happily, Thapki gets surprised and asked Vivek,
Thapki: Where everyone is going?
Vivek: Whether you did not notice the van waiting outside.. Today our Company’s anniversary day..So Dhruv sir is giving party in his home..
Thapki gets glad and went outside and climbs up the van.. Later the van gets started moving.. Thapki was closing her eyes and dreams about the days she had nearby Taj Mahal..She feels the same happiness that she is having now..
The van reached Pandey Nivaas. Thapki gets attracted by the decorations and entered the house. Dhruv welcomes everyone. Vasunthara looks Thapki.. She got surprised.
Vasunthara’s mindvoice (Oh, this girl is working in Dhruv’s company.. I shall go and talk to her.. no ..she is looking like a good girl.. I ll find out her character by watching her from far..)
Bihaan on hearing more noise came outside the room..
Bihaan’s mindvoice( Gajab…Bhai’s company staffs came.. (he looks at Thapki) Oh.. chuk chuk gaadi also here..I think she got selected in the interview.. Whenever I am meeting her, it creates problem between us.. Today I should not meet her)
Vasunthara and Bihaan notices that Thapki is helping our family members and servants in treating the guests.. Vasunthara smiles.. Suman and Preeti were arranging the sweets and looking after it.. Sanjay calls Suman and she goes.. Preeti got a call.. and she goes away from the sweets.. Ram Pyaari came there and started eating the sweets.. Vasunthara saw this and started scolding Suman and Preeti for their carelessness.. Vasunthara called Bihaan there..
Bihaan: Maa..

Vasunthara: Bihaan.. go and get the sweets from the sweet shop..
Bihaan: But maa, we used to serve the guests with the home made food and sweets na..
Vasunthara: I knew Bihaan.. But what I will do with this idiotic Baahus.. go and get it from shop
Bihaan: Ji maa, I will come within 15 minutes.
Bihaan and Vasunthara left there..
Suman: arre badki, Even you can’t able to maintain the sweets properly?
Preeti: This is not my mistake Chudki.. You did the entire mistake..
Thapki on seeing their fight came there and asked what happened.. But they refused to tell her.. On seeing their conversation Thapki understood the problem and telling..
Thapki: Don’t worry mam.. Just give me the essential ingredients ..I used to prepare the sweets very quickly..
Preeti: Nai..Nai.. not needed…
Suman(stopping Preeti by holding her hands): Its wished to prepare right.. you can prepare.. everything is in kitchen.. you can get it there..( Thapki started moving.)
Preeti: why you allowed her? If bade sasu maa came to know this..?
Suman: We will tell to her that we only prepared it.. (Preeti nods)
Thapki prepared the sweets really fast… Vasunthara sees it from the upstairs.. Suman and Preeti thanked Thapki and asked her to join the party soon.. When Thapki was about to exit the kitchen Bihaan was about to enter to bring the sweets and sees Thapki and he hides as he don’t want to meet her.. Thapki did not see Bihaan and joined the staff members.
Bihaan’s mindvoice( What this chuk chuk gaadi is doing in our kitchen)
Vasunthara came there and asked Bihaan: Whether you brought everything?
Bihaan: yes Maa.. I brought everythi…
Suman: Not needed Bihaan devarji.. In order to make bade sasu maa happy, we both put more effort and prepared the sweets by our ownselves…
Vasunthara’s mindvoice(These stupid bahuss started their acting)
Preeti: Haan.. bade sasu maa… we…
Vasunthara signs them to stop their acting..
Vasunthara: I knew who prepared the sweets.. how dare you allowed the guests to do home’s work
Preeti and Suman: Sorry bade sasu maa..
Bihaan: who prepared the sweets maa..?
Preeti: Bihaan devarji.. it was prepared by the girl who used to…(she was about to tell that the girl who used to stammer)
Vasunthara stops her and showed Thapki to Bihaan and she left..
Bihaan’s mindvoice( Oh..this chuk chuk gaadi … she used to deliver the sentence very late but doing the other works very fast… gajab..)
Then he entered the kitchen for keeping the sweets and sees one bag there..Bihaan took that and seeing what is inside the bag.. he saw mango pappads, small notes, pens,etc., atlast he find one photo which is Thapki’s family photo..

Bihaan’s mindvoice( Oh.. this chuk chuk gaadi left this here while preparing the sweets .. how I will give this bag to her..but I should not meet her.. )
Bihaan: Bhabi.. I think this bag is hers.. (showing Thapki) can you go and give it to her..
Suman: Nai..Bihaan devarji… because of that stammering girl only we got scold from bade sasu maa…throw that bag away..
Bihaan(bit angirily):Stop it bhabi.. she helped you.. but you are pointing out her weakness (Suman and Preeti looks on shocked)
Preeti: But devarji… why are you getting anger on us?
Bihaan realized his reaction and told: Bhabi… ye… wo… am sorry..( he left there..)
He sees Ashwin and asked him to give the bag to her..
Ashwin:Bihaan… I have lot of works to do.. you can give the bag to her by your ownself na.. (Bhabuji called Ashwin .. Ashwin went)
Thapki started searching her bag and she came near kitchen.. and sees Bihaan is holding her bag.. she came to him..
Thapki: Thum…how dare you are? I you were born only for h..hur..hurting others.. but now I realized you are meant for s..ste..stealing others things.. (Bihaan looks on angirily) You are not an em..em..employee but you came to Dh..Dh..Dhruv sir’s room.. and now without you came to the also..
Ashwin came there and sees them
Ashwin: You can do this before itself na… why you are asking others to give this bag to her.. (saying this he left)(Thapki realized her mistake)
Thapki(feeling sorry): oh..actually am…….sorr….
Bihaan signs to stop it..
Bihaan(angirily): I thought I should not meet you.. but fate made me to meet you again..Don’t take too much words on your mouth.. You are not worth for telling those words.. From now onwards.. you should not come close to me..stay far from me.(saying this he left)

Precap: Staff members playing game for finding their dance partners.. Vasunthara makes a drama for making Dhruv accept the marriage.. Bihaan gets worried on knowing that Thapki is going to be married..

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading.. Negative comments were also accepted.
Possible doubts:
Whether Vasunthara will get to know that Thapki is having a stammering problem?
Whether Dhruv will accept for marriage?
How Thahaan is going to be united?

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