Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 1


Hai Thahaanians.. I am one of the fans of Thahaan.. I am Priya pursuing final year in engineering.. Currently Bihaan and Thapki were separated apart in Thapki pyaar ki.. So I made a fan fiction “Thahaan ( The Unknown Love For Each Other)” I like the beginning parts of Thapki pyaar ki very much.. So I have made the story from the very beginning.. According to the comments I am going to get I will decide whether I can continue as longer or not.
All characters and their attitudes were same as in Thapki pyaar ki..

The episode starts with,
In Agra, One fine morning, Thapki was praying to Lord in Pooja room in her home. Aditi came there. Thapki finished praying and turned to her.
Aditi : Good morning di.
Thapki : Good morning Aditi.
Aditi: Di, what wish you made to God? I knew you want to marry a good person very soon right?
Thapki: No Aditi. Already Maa aur Papa suffered a lot in finding a groom for me due to my stammering problem. So I will not make them suffer anymore. I want to fulfil one daughter’s duty to our parents.
Aditi: Then when you will marry di?
Thapki: I knew surely one person will be there in this world who will accept me with my stammering problem.
Scene shifts..
In Noida , In Pandey Nivas, Our hero B for Bihaan Pandey is sleeping in his B for Bedroom. Vasunthara is coming to Bihaan’s room by shouting Bihaan….
Bihaan wakes up and telling Good morning Maa.. and seeing her sad face..
Bihaan : I used to wake up late Maa.. Whether you are feeling sad for that ?
Vasunthara: Don’t try to make any comedy Bihaan. I am not in a mood to laugh.
Bihaan: What happened Maa..?
Vasunthara: I m worried about Dhruv.. He is never accepting for marriage..
Bihaan: Leave it Maa.. very soon Bhai will be getting married.. That day is not so far Maa..
Vasunthara gave him a fake smile and went away..
Bihaan’s Mindvoice ( I should do something to make Maa happy.. I can’t able to see her with the sad face..)

Scene shifts..
In Thapki’s home,
During Thapki’s and Aditi’s conversation, Poonam came there and ask them to have coffee.. Thapki took the Newspaper and started practicing her speech.
Then Krishnakanth came to home with the sad face.. Poonam seeing that..
Poonam: What happened hubby? Why you came so soon? And why you are looking so sad?
Krishnakanth remains silent.
Aditi and Thapki: What happened Papa?
Krishnakanth had tears in his eyes and told – My workplace’s owner told that they are having loss in their business.. so they asked the workers to discontinue the job.
On hearing this, everyone had tears in their eyes.
Thapki (crying) : Papa, don’t cry.. I ll never let you down your face like this ..Please have hope ..
Suddenly Thapki got a call.. While she was talking in a phone she became happy and wiped her tears . After cutting the call,
Thapki: Papa, Maa I got a call from 365 channel office. They told me I cleared all the tests and they invited me for the job and they are going to conduct a interview for formality tomorrow..
Krishnakanth (wiped his tears): But thapki, how you will..?
Thapki: I know your fear papa.. They allotted me in a report collection department. So my stammering problem will not affect my job. So, today we are going to depart from here..
Poonam: But Thapki..
Thapki: Nahi Maa.. I have decided.. That’s all..
Krishnakanth and Poonam agreed, Aditi smiles.
The next day In Bihaan’s home,
Bihaan came to the hall and saw Vasunthara is making a sad face and praying to God.. Bihaan recalls her words about Dhruv..
Bihaan’s mindvoice (Today I will talk to Dhruv and convince him to accept for marriage.)
Bihaan saw Suman and Preeti were sitting on the dining hall and cutting the vegetables. Bihaan came to them.
Bihaan: Bhabi, Whether Dhruv Bhai already went to office.?
Preeti: Arre Bihaan Devarji.. You always used to wake up late .. And you never used to see Dhruv in morning.. U forgot his office timings too?
Suman: Arre Badki.. Why are you kidding Bihaan? Bihaan devarji, Dhruv devarji already went to office.
Bihaan’s mindvoice ( I need to talk to him and make him convince at any cost .. Better I go to his office and I will talk to him)
Bihaan left from there.

Suman: Whether you became mad badki? Why are you raising your words against Bihaan devarji like this..?
Preeti: Arre Chudki .. What happened to you.. Even if our bade sasu maa came to know this she will not scold us ..because she used to like Dhruv more than Bihaan na..
Suman: But Badki.. Think in this way.. If Bhabuji came to know this..?
Preeti(screams): haaaann… He will smash us.. oh thanks chudki.. You saved me today..
In Thapi’s new home in Noida , Thapki got blessings from her Papa and Maa for her first day work..
Krishnakanth: I knew you will do your best Thapki..
Aditi: Di.. why are you looking tensed?
Thapki: There will be interview for formality today.. I am scared about it Aditi..
Aditi: Its okay di.. Do your best..
Thapki: Thanks Aditi.. Bye Papa ..Bye Maa..
In 365 Channel,
Bihaan entered inside and everyone greeted him as he was Dhruv’s bhai.. He then entered into Dhruv’s room. But Dhruv is not there. Bihaan surprised and thinking where is Bhai.. At that time, Sakshi entered the room..
Sakshi: Bihaan.. what are you doing here?
Bihaan: I came to see Dhruv bhai.. Where is he?
Sakshi: He had some other work ..he will come within 15 minutes. Please be seated there politely.
As Bihaan already knew about her attitude he told,
Bihaan: You need not to tell me where I have to sit? And where I need not to sit.. I can even sit on Dhruv’s place.. (He seated on Dhruv ‘s seat)..Go and do your work..
Shamily stares at him angirily and went..
Bihaan is rolling the chair and now he is facing backwards to the table.
To the outside of Dhruv’ room, Vivek is telling to Thapki..
Vivek: There are three HR’s interviewing today.. and you can go to that room (Showing Dhruv’s room)
Thapki nods and goes..

Precap: Thapki misunderstood that Bihaan is the officer interviewing her.. Bihaan kids Thapki for her weakness..
Later Thapki gets her life saved by Vasunthara.

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading.. Negative comments were also accepted. I assure that I will not make any mistake.

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