thahaan (a true love) part 9

the episode start with thahaan r in each other arms. bihaan ;” oh dear thapki u give me a reason to live. u give me the most lovely gift today. i love u so much.” thapki said;” no bihaan u made my life. now i realise that what true love is. Dhruv sir show me how beautiful the love is but u make me realised that how can someone make his/her life beauriful with love. i love u too bihaan” she again hugs him. it was long time and still thahaan is in each other arms.
bihaan:” oh chuk chuk gadi its ok now u want that i will not do any work and stand here the whole day and keep romancing. leave me” thapki :” oh bihaan u r not so romantic ok go”. bihaan ;” oh u become angry i m just kidding lets us go and spent some quality time together” thapki smiles and bihaan say” gajab”

they goes. bihaan say:” ok tell me where will u go first my lady love.” thapki say ;” shopping” bihaan:” no way. u girls r like this. if a husband is in a romantic mood u spoil saying this that u want to go on shopping. no” thapki say:” so we will go…. oh bihaan its difficult i m not getting idea where to go.” bihaan thinks for a while and say :” do u want to watch a movie I heard the movie sanam re is gud so we will go to movie.” thapki agrees & say;” but after that we will go to mall as i want to purchase T shirt for u”. bihaan say”ok madam lets go”.
thahaan watch the movie. thapki began to sleep as she is tired. she sleeps on bihaan’s shoulder. bihaan smiles.Movie finishes & bihaan wokes her up and say” u missed the movie thapki.” thapki say;” oh why u not woke me up ” bihaan says;” coz i don’t want to disturb u in ur sleep.” thapki smiles and thinks how much u cared for me.

thahaan reached mall they spent whole day together and both r very happy but little tired. thapki said:” oh bihaan lets go i m tired” bihaan say ;” yes thapki me too.”
they both come back home and decided not to tell anyone anything.
it was night thapki is looking on the sky bihaan comes and say:” what r u doing thapki?” she replied “see bihaan twinkle twinkle thapki star is shining but today it doesnt looking so beautiful like everyday. ” bihaan smiles and say:” i know the reason its so because it jealous from me that today my beautiful thapki is looking so pretty” he kissed her on her forehead. thapki smiles and say ” may be u r true”
thahaan sleeps in each other arms on their bed.

precap: bihaan brings choclates for thapki as today is choclate day.
they both eat and smiles

how is today episode

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  1. Wow.lub u thathaan ….. So romantic ….

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    well done…

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  4. Vry nyc..n romantic

  5. Wow …so nice n update soon m waiting …

  6. Soo nyc episode.

  7. Oh!!!rose day gone and chocolate day came nice yaar……they both luv each cute and nice…..

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  10. awasam..anubhuti you are very intelligent.tanxs for a good ff.

  11. thanks to all for encouraging me
    i’ll try to update the next part soon

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