thahaan (a true love) part 8

the episode start with bihaan asking thapki ” r u crazy sometime u become happy and sometime sad.” thapki said ” yes bihaan i m mad but i will not tell u the reason “. bihaan say” u need a doctor come with me .” thapki stops him and said “no bihaan i m just freshing up by laughing” bihaan say then i’ll also and they both laugh.

it is nite thapki ( in her mind) tommorow is propose day. u have to express ur love bihaan first. bihaan also thinks the same and ( in his mind) u will express ur love thapki first.
thahaan sleeps.

it is morning everyone is doing breakfast but thahaan is lost in each other eyes. thahaan come in their room both of them r angry from each other. thapki ( in her mind) bihaan today is propose day tell me ur feelings.first u will express then i. bihaan also thinks the same.
bihaan : oh thapki do u want anything from market i m going there . thapki replied “i also come with u .u r not a gud buyer.” bihaan say” so what u think what i m” thapki say.”dont waste the time lets go( in her mind ) u r gud handsome and caring husband bihaan. thahaan is on the way in car. suddenly they saw vasu lying on the road they cried and go near her. bihaan ” maa what happens” vasu said” shraddha throw me from her house “. thahaan brought her home and everyone is angry from bihaan . bauji ” why u bring her here. god is given her punishment she have to deserves this” dhruv agrees from bauji. dadi ma also scold bihaan and say:” how can u help such lady whu never accept u her child. who use u and thapki u also is taking her side. ” thapki said:” dadi ma bihaan is right and he do what a son has to do” bihaan look at her. vasu realised her mistakes and blessed thahaan.

bihaan comes in the room angrily and said:” why u take my side.why thapki” thapki said” first u tell me why u come with me when everyone is kicking me out. ” she also become angry. bihaan say angrily ” because i love u i saw truth in ur eyes understand”
thapki said” so i m also do it coz i love u too bihaan . i can’t imagine my life without u”.
BOTH OF THEM EXPRESS THEIR LOVE TOGETHER ANGRILY.Both of them is shocked and bihaan said” really thapki u love me”.( he get teary eyes. ) thapki also cries and said” yes bihaan i love u”. thahaan hug each other tightly and they both cried a lot.

precap: thahaan is spenting the whole day together and enjoy it.

frnds my net pack finishes. i don’t know when i post the next part.
please tell how is the episode

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  1. Nice episode.

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  4. Wonderful…….. Keep it up

  5. As usual amazing….
    can’t wait for the nxt part.

  6. Wow…finally they confessed…..awesome

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    I love it a lot

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