thahaan (a true love) part 7

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the episode start with it is morning and thahaan wakes up they say gud mrng to each other and (both of them has realised their feelings for each other but still both behave normally) thapki: bihaan firstly i will go to bathroom as i have to do pooja and all the arrangements relating to today’s shanti pooja.” bihaan” oh MAHAN AATMA u r trying to show me that u woke early and i m late. no way i can’t let u succeed.” thapki” bihaan u never change i thought u r gud” bihaan comes near her and said” so u want to say that i m gud. this bihaan pandey is gud”. she close her eyes and bihaan is about to kiss her but she goes rapidly inside the bathroom and say” see how intelligent i am” and close the door. bihaan( in his mind) u r so beautiful thapki it doesn’t matter who is more intelligent but its matter the most how much one can sacrifice for other. bihaan stoods up and go in the garden and pluck out a rose and say “today is rose day thapki but how will i give u” .thapki also go in garden and pluck a rose but she also confused how will she give him.

thahaan is in their room both r confused. bihaan” thapki i want to give u something”. thapki” bihaan i also want to give u something. ” bihaan:” ok u give first as ladies first”
thapki give him rose and say” i m just giving it to u as i want to thank u to help me ok”. bihaan also give her” take it i m giving it to u to say thanks to u as u have forgive me. take i m going to bathroom” .saying this bihaan goes in bathroom. thapki smiles and say” thank god he doesn’t know that today is rose day but why did he give me the rose. Its mean he also love no thapki u r wrong how can he love u .I m thinking much”.Here bihaan also thinks the same and say”is she began to love me no no how can its possible . i am a moti budhi”.
everyone is doing puja and dadi ma thanks god to reveal the truth of evil vasu & thapki safely can live her life and can go from here with everyone blessings. thahaan become sad as they don’t want to get separated.

everyone is doing breakfast dhruv is sad. all of them try to console him but dhruv go sadly in his room as he still can’t believe that her mum will ruin his life.
thahaan is worried for dhruv they both go in his room and bihaan say”dhruv if u want then i will bring maa here”. dhruv said:” no bihaan that lady will not come here she is not my mum he ruined my life thapki life and ur too. please go from here it take sometime but i will become normal( turning toward thapki) thapki we can’t change fortune now bihaan is ur everything accept him and i’ll sure he become most lovable husband and he is the most careful and loving guy”. thahaan look each other (na na na plays) dhruv(in his mind) i know u both love each other may god bless u both.

thahaan come in their room thapki said” bihaan i m worrying for maa.shraddha doesn’t care her.” bihaan say” u r right thapki i m also thinking about her. she is my mum i have to do something to bring her here.” thapki( in her mind) what kind of u man bihaan u love that mother who doesn’t loves u but i m sure when she realised her mistake she began to love u as i love u bihaan and she smiles. bihaan say”what happen chuk chuk gari ?” “nothing bihaan “thapki reply.

precap: thapki (in her mind)” oh bihaan today is propose day why u not expressing ur feeling. i will not propose u first but u will.bihaan also thinks the same and says”i will not propose u first but u will.

tell me how u like today’s episode

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  1. Arae yaar…wat , do they have ego problem…I think like rose they will propose at same time na…it will be superb..but u update urs….awesome…. Do continue…..

    1. puppy u r rite they will propose to each other together & it will unique

  2. Awesome as usual

  3. Nice..

  4. anubhuti my friend. what can i say
    it’s wow!!!
    Thahaan scene was really cute.
    can’t wait for the nxt epi.

  5. Haha such a cute episode I liked the fact that Dhruv understood thahaan love each other and also united them 🙂 and looks like you are going to make ur ff in rose day, proposal day, teddy day, chocolate day style that is quite cute ,
    And yes please don’t be angry I m actually working on episode 6 now so I will defiantely publish it tonight but you may get to read it tomorrow

    1. hey fatarajo u r right i will make my ff on whole valentine week
      and ok i’ll not be angry

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