thahaan (a true love) part 6

the episode start with thapki asking paan why did he call her.He said” bhabhi till i m bound by bihaan bhai but now i will reveal the truth. whatever happens in pandey house is only because of vasundhara balwinder pandey.she forced bihaan bhai to get married with u see the photograph.” he show the photo to her. she shatters He explain” bhabhi when u bring the photo to make it large in the studio i made a copy and keep it bihaan bhai burnt the original one as he is forced by vasu aunty.” thapki cry a lot she recalls all the incidents and cry she said” oh maa if u have problem with me u had to told me i surely left dhruv sir and returned to agra but u ruined 3 lives my & bihaan and dhruv sir also.oh dear bihaan u r so gud u care for me. u bear all my humilations. i m sorry”

she goes. bihaan is worried for thapki and saw her returning he try to ask her but she doesn’t pay attention he repeat his words she said ” oh sorry bihaan i m wondering about aditi so doesnt pay attention. she goes bihaan found it strange and said ” what r u hiding thapki?” suddenly roshni come and informs bihaan that she get proof against shraddha and now her thruth will come out. bihaan say ” yes now k 4 khel k 4 khatam of dear bhabhi g” he go in the room and try to know the reason of her sadness.he said” thapki we r going to pandey nivaas let come with me.”
thahaan reached pandey nivaas all r there and thahaan enters vasu try to stop them but they doesn’t . without saying a word bihaan plays the video in which shraddha thanking lord to help her and accept all her crimes and laugh and say now dhruv is mine. thapki goes and bihaan went free what a stupid family. Everyone shocked and scold shraddha. Dadima say ” u made thapki bad in our eyes u cheater” balwinder also scold her.

suman preeti also shout at her. dhruv say ” u r so bad shraddha”. they all say shraddha to go out from the house but she say” i m not actual culprit mummy g is also with me give her punishment also. vasu fears and scold her but suddenly roshni come and show the photo to all. they all shatters and shout at her.dhruv faints. everyone called the dr. and dr. check him when he wake up he shouts” vasundhara balwinder pandey leave my house u can’t be my mum u r a cheater. left the house at once with ur bahu. ” they r going and thapki stops them and say ” please forgive maa & shraddha give them one chance.” but they doesnt listen to her and let them go. vasu & shraddha left the house sadly.

it was night and thapki come to the room and say “please bihaan forgive me i spoke so harshly with u without knowing the truth please forgive me” bihaan” its ok thapki and gud nite.
thapki say gud nite bihaan.

precap: thapki give rose to bihaan on rose day and bihaan also give her.

friends please comments and give ur views.

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  1. I liked it alot anubhuti
    plzz update the nxt part as soon as possible

  2. Superb keep it up

  3. Awesome episode
    Awww the precap is so cute
    Well done

    1. fatarajo i m angry with u
      still u not post the thapki pyar ki ( a loving pat) part 6

  4. Nice…

  5. thank u dear frnds for ur comments i writing this ff only for thahaan cute love story.

  6. Anubhuthi,super dear………….i think next part you will make some surprising moments of THAHAAN…ANYWAY GOODLUCK.

  7. thanks pooja for ur comments

  8. Its real story

  9. dhristi its just a fan fiction

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